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Marijuana Inc: Inside America’s Pot Industry

Drugs|08 Oct, 2012|59 Comments |
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Although it cannot be exchanged on Wall Street anytime soon, marijuana has turned out to be a thriving hard cash harvest.

CNBC drives in the background to investigate the innermost mechanisms of this mysterious industry, aiming on Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, currently the marijuana hub of the U.S.

In this picturesque pocket of America, the pot commerce, much of it is lawful in state rule, currently produces as much as two-thirds of the native financial system. Northerly California’s Mendocino County – A picturesque part of the west and the spot of a provocative, moneymaking and progressively more aggressive criminal operation … the marijuana industry. Officials assess that Marijuana contributes to  two-thirds of the regional financial system and creates up to $1 billion per year.

Marijuana Inc: Inside America’s Pot Industry, 3.5 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. A few reasons why Harry Anslinger pushed to make cannabis illegal in the 1930′s: “…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races;” “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men;” “Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death.”This is largely what pushed our nation to make cannabis illegal. Meanwhile, people are losing their homes, children, careers, etc for cannabis use while we give billions to cartels.

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  3. nysh35 says:

    lol every stoner that uses youtube is gonna know who cindybin she’s gonna “educate” us about how its worse than meth she told me. SHE TOLD ME WEEDS WORSE THAN METH!!!!! a lady who collects dolls and acts like there real is gonna give me that advice lol. everyone switch to meth its better than weed matter of fact ima start shooting up today sounds safer and cheaper LOL.

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  5. Edgewater2 says:

    Big brother WILL loose the war on drug, they HAVE lost it allready…just spasmodically hold on the mask they are so afraid of to loose..drug laws are based on reducing harm, you have to actually know what kind of harm they cause. Government policy, especially a health-related one like a drug law, should be grounded in factual my case in your face babylon!

  6. cindybin2001 says:

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    Oh for heaven’s sake. Women like you set us back 100 years. We will NEVER get the guys to understand that a gentleman shouldn’t swear in front of a lady, when ladies swear. And think of the type of man a woman is going to attract if she uses such language. Don’t you want to attract a NICE guy? Someone who will be a good father to your children someday? Don’t you deserve that? Of course you do.

  8. Djovovic says:

    I am seriously reading some of these comments? I mean are some of you really that RETARDED? JailPotHeadsForLife is a guy I wish I could meet in MY country…we would see how far you would get with this attitude. Trust me, you would get two to three bullets through your forehead. And cindybin2000 wtf are you from 10.000 B.C?

  9. I don’t catch bullets,but I do catch potheads & make citizen’s arrests. In fact, when making a citizen’s arrest, we’re allowed to use “reasonable force”, so I make sure I do that, every time. I love to squeeze the heads of pot addicts until the evil squirts out, like puss from a pimple.

  10. cindybin2001 says:

    AARGGGHH! it is TERRIBLE you use profanity! how crude and offensive! Do you realize there are ladies on these boards?? I am a woman! And yet you would use language like this?? How di dyou get started using profnaity? Afraid your friends would call you a goody goody or a nerd? Well you are more of a man if you DON’T swear! And it is TERRIBLE you would put me down for saying we shouldn’t use drugs to get high! Didn’t your parents teach you any better than this??

  11. that simply pur lady is a liar! if you know what your doin you can get 8oz – 16oz per plant and those prices for denver were before medical was medical. when it was still underground/blackmarket. now its 250 at th most per oz and you can even get them for 100-150 on the cheaper end per oz

  12. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT1) On Friday, April 20, members of P.A.P. (Patriots Against Pot) will converge to protest at targeted medical marijuana grow-ops across the USA. Link with your local rep. I know we can count on your support. Bring weapons to protect yourself. In consultation with our legal counsel, I’ve been informed that under the law, we can use “reasonable force to protect our life & limb.” If we have to club a few potheads over the head or pepper spray them, no one’s going to mind.

  13. 2) I’m proud of the action that members of P.A.P. took last year when we conducted a similar offensive strategy. 17 medical marijuana grow-ops were permanently closed. This year promises to be even more productive. -Ben Winkler, West Coast Regional Coordinator, P.A.P.”Working towards a marijuana-free America!”

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  15. I look forward to the moment in my life when I look back on prohibition and laugh at it’s stupidity. I pity the fools that still consider this herb that has been used as a medicine, food source, and textile for thousands of years, to be dangerous.

  16. the pharmaceutical companies keep pot illegal. the tobacco lobbyists keep pot illegal. the alcohol industry keeps pot illegal. THE LEGALIZATION of marijuana would destroy the profit margin of these industries and they spend millions on lobbyists so they don’t lose billions in sales. There is no medical reason for the laws against it, there is no logical reason, there is no HEALTH reason, THERE IS NO REAL LEGITIMATE REASON for the laws against marijuana. THERE IS ONLY A SELFISH REASON: GREED!

  17. MrParris2 says:

    im tired of the media always saying medical marijuana is an excuse to get high, and yes some ppl do that but i dont want medical marijuana i want decriminalization, so i can use it recreationally i dont drink or take any pills for anything( much more dangerous) so why cant i smoke something that will most certainly never kill me, why are people so stuck on stupid, shout out to ron paul we need that guy for real

  18. ThaiBox2007 says:

    “Herbal medications make me uncomfortable.” LOL Heavy pharmaceuticals with unknown ingredients and well known dangerous side effects being shoved down my throat by a doctor without a second thought, makes me uncomfortable.

  19. hows ky worried about weed what about all the meth heads, pill heads and drunks making moonshine. i lived there for years and saw that garabage everywhere in ky so sick weed is the last of there worries and problems if anything it would help not only the ppl gettint off that other junk but alcohol sales and drunk driving would decrease also they would profit from the money dispenseries make and have to give to them and would help schools,roads ect.yet they dont look @ it that way do they now

  20. so stupid you know how much the state and federal govt.makes off this 100 upon thousands of dollars but instead of actually using that money to better the economy no those greedy pigs put that money in there pocket and let ppl suffer and then crack down on the ppl who’s putting that money in there pocket. theyve been using weed since the 1920s for paper,clothes,medicine ect. yet they made it illegeal because the govt.wants us hooked on there drugs and not mother natures pure cure.

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