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Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

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‘Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging’ is the story of big money-drugs that fuel a $330 billion psychiatric industry, without a single cure. This documentary film contains more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves, exposing the way in which the disease as well as the drug for the disease is branded by the industry for the treatment of a disease that did not exist before the industry made the disease.

These drugs kill around 42,000 people every year and the death count keeps increasing; but still this brutal industry is thriving in the lack of a concerted action against it.

Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging, 3.7 out of 5 based on 19 ratings
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  1. PalovbsItch says:

    Without the legal profession, the psychiatric scam would have been stopped in its tracks and buried as a bad idea. It’s entirely fraudulant and therefore unlawful. Only regulations ‘acting’ as law protects the whole shebang from being sued out of existance. Only the outlawing of natural freely available herbs and rightful use of land enables the poisoning of our foods by Monsanto and Big Pharma.

  2. PalovbsItch says:

    It’s the pretense/denial of parents, teachers, doctors and priests who have ‘adapted’ to the insanity of this assylum that screws children up. This past 60 years has been dynamically explosive with the rapid accelleration of technologies, media bombardment, OCD of 9-5 shopping mall fast food TV/computer/cellphone existance that has caused people to disconnect. You feel sad, suppresssed – that’s bad – take a pill, take a drug – have a thrill. Nature is the cure and nature is under attack.

  3. PalovbsItch says:

    Mind Control. It’s like the insurance industry; it had to start somewhere. No Fire? Start one! Sure-fire way to get people to insure you don’t. Play on their fears, make it tangeable. People want to feel safe and should feel safe. From womb to tomb, however, a child is under constant bombardment – attack. Everyone in the warzone is pretending nothing’s up – it’s just one big party. The mind can rationalise but the senses feel the bullets on emotional, physical, spiritual and perceptual level.

  4. kidguns7 says:

    Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful mannerFollow the Holy flow of hyper synchronicity.Escape the exposure to radiation.Stop pain.Get healthyGoogle: David Wolfe’s Earthing Experimentmore info:Earthing. The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clint Ober

  5. Lisa Miller says:

    Yes there are several unwanted consequences in the over prescribing of these drugs, some made up diagnosis and drs who have conflict of interest but major depression is real, schizoprenia is real and many cases of severe shyness is very real. Over hundreds of years there have been thousands of suicides from depression BEFORE we had these huge pharmaceutical companies and these huge profits. So yes, there is abuse going on but major depression is not a made up diagnosis. See this clearly.

  6. Kay Cee says:

    WOAH! Okay, I know these drugs are VERY harmful: that’s a fact. But this docu is ridiculous! Bi-Polar disorder is having a predictable rhythm of over-activity and a walking-on-sunshine attitude, right down to almost killing yourself! Social anxiety is NOT just shyness, Major Depression is someone on suicide watch, panic attacks get mistaken for HEART ATTACKS until they get the tests back, and PTSD is all too common among veterans. The problem is over-diagnosis, NOT fictional conditions!

  7. Look up the 1992 Prescription Drug User Fee Act. The pharmaceutical industry pays the FDA to approve drugs. Additionally, leaders in the FDA are often strongly tied to pharmaceutical companies and vice versa – sort of a “revolving door” policy, with officials moving bock and forth.Search for Prescription For Disaster video documentary by Gary Null. Watch it and then wonder no more about how dangerous drugs are sold by pharma. I believe Dr. Null has his own website.

  8. Over the last ten years hundreds, if not thousands of respected scientists and doctors agreed a number of popular drugs are the cause of SJS.Recently, FDA halted production of children’s attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder drug “Sparlon” and acknowldged that reliable clinical trial data revealed at least 4 participants under study developed SJS, as opposed to previous std rate of occurrences. FDA determined rate not safe, and thus requested further safety before approving the drug.

  9. 2 in a million is THE MORTALITY RATE. BTW, did that come from a pharmaceutical study that mfg. drugs?The average reported mortality rate of SJS is 1-5%, and of TEN is 25-35%; it can be even higher in elderly patients and those with a large surface area of epidermal detachment. More than 50% of patients surviving TEN suffer from long-term sequel of the disease.

  10. “Stevens Johnson Syndrome Not So Rare”Washington, DC: SJS may not be as rare as the drug makers would have us believe. The Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation has posted on its website hundreds of reports from SJS victims, most of whom suffered this horrific illness due to an allergic reaction. LawyersandSettlements alone has received complaints, mainly regarding SJS & its association to meds such as Ibuprofen in Advil, Children’s Motrin, the antibiotic Ketek and the anticonvulsant Dilantin.

  11. I see that most people are unaware of the fact that synthetic drugs (pharmaceuticals) do not “cure” anything. They only treat symptoms while also, due to not being from Nature’s kitchen, cause horrific side affects and affect every system in the body. Most of you need to do a great deal of study concerning the physiology and links between every component of a living body.You might during your study found out why the chemicals put in our food, water, and air are causing the extreme ills in us

  12. This documentary underlines the horrific beast that is Capitalism. The use of Psychotropic Drugs for commercial gain and not the cure / health of the population along with how the FDA regulates Cancer research and treatment makes me not want to bring children into this world. @ Andrew Webster you make me afraid of Physicians, you’re comments are not as funny as you think.

  13. Being delusional and displaying ignorance as you just did make me doubt your are a physician or have any sociality value.Andrew comments from a 1 day old account=”Mr Nolan thank you…”would you please allow me to suck your Oscar worthy penis?”"Not that I’m into bestiality…but …”".. she is about to start urinating…I’ve got an erection just thinking about it”"self flagellate yourself .. whip after you jerk off saying “forgive me God I am an impure, disgusting, loathsome human being”

  14. 1234scann says:

    I tend to agree this doc is a bit extreme… although I feel that a lot of mental disorders are likely over diagnosed, some really do exist and medication can help some people. It is important to inform oneself about side effects and other adverse reactions to any medication.

  15. mrskaylina says:

    Here is my two cents. My cousin had dramatic results treating their dreadful anxiety after going to KickAnxietyByFriday (site is a dot com). Now benefiting from a new outlook on a blissful life. Positive you will see for yourself.

  16. mydc4marios says:

    That are happening inside us at every moment we live. God provided the way to complete health in the Bible. Simple laws of health. Whenever man thinks he can improve on what God created there is nothing good that can come out of it. We all want to abuse ourselves, eat crap that is called food that has been processed to offer zero nutrition, eat tons of artery clogging fat and then we want to be able to just continue doing unhealthy things and be able to take a pill that will make it all OK.. NOT

  17. mydc4marios says:

    I must say that the biggest problem we all can fall victim to is medicating the symptom and not getting to the root cause of that the symptom is there to get you to address. In our impatience we want a quick fix. But good things come to those who wait is a very true saying when applied to our health. There are Dr.s who believe as I do that the diseases that plague so many are sourced in what we give our bodies to nourish and protect and support the incredible chemical and biological processes

  18. That Scientology and CCHR are Antipsychiatry is represented by “paid trolls” as a (non-rational pseudo) argument: These groups are going to great effort to speak out against the APA. These groups can’t be trusted. Therefore: APA Psychiatry must be Scientific and Just Great! The BOOK – Psychiatrists — The Men Behind Hitler. The Architects of Horror by Röder, Kubillus, Burwell 1994 ought not be dismissed with that manipulation ploy! See video: 1. Peter Breggin, MD – Psychiatry and the Holocaust

  19. The behavior modification (including sweeping media control) has been the larger component of their mass, group and individually targeted mind control. Fluorine in the water and the drugs, the fake psychiatry, of the APA (Psychological word-test, Clinical Interview and DSM Labeling as Psychologically abnormal permanently – and quote, “Medical Model” Treatment with Patent Drugs to “control Symptoms”) are important to dumb down and intimidate. But this is mundane as are most their manipulations.

  20. Google – “Wayne O. Evans” Stress America – the seeming spontaneous ‘counter culture’ of the Sixties in fact a planned vast behavior-modification experiment in a targeted sector of the population.The Evens quote at .35 leads by googling to other quotes suggesting sophisticated mind control by chemicals. Fluorine chemical Prozac and other Halogen chemicals to Drug brain function (instant Psychology, keep drugging and their behavior and “mind” stay changed) as Risperdal are not sophisticated.

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