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Madness in the Fast Lane

Social|25 Nov, 2012|68 Comments |
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In 2008, the BBC cameras filmed two Swedish sisters throwing in traffic on the M6. When shown on the BBC, nearly 7 million viewers were glued to their screens, and millions more saw it later on YouTube.

The twins met in Ireland before traveling to England. After his strange behavior caused them to be left at a service station M6, ran to the highway numerous times and were struck by oncoming vehicles, which Ursula be disabled. Sabina medical assistance was refused and attacked a police officer, when he was arrested.

The images were shocking. A preview wrote in no way miss this documentary. It opens with what is perhaps the most extraordinary material I’ve seen on television.

However, this amazing material was only part of a story even more amazing, one that could not be counted upon for legal reasons.

Two years later, this documentary reveals the complete story of the hours just before the cameras captured images of the highway, and even more chilling story of what happened for 72 hours, which left one of the fleeing sisters a crime scene after a man was stabbed in the chest.

Madness in the Fast Lane, 3.1 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  4. vizion24 says:

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  6. alexsmith926 says:

    well not that im defending captain bigot here cuz tbh i think hez a douche and a disgrace to good christian ppl everywhere, but that guy that rapes virgen girls and murders etcc… has to truly repent with all of his soul to be forgiven even if its in his very last moments of life and most people like that wont u know?

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  12. And yet, the Mayan’s have fulfilled prophecies also. Keep your faith to yourself; no one wants to hear about it. Fair enough if you believe that’s true, but is there any way to really know? I am a woman of Science, and believe in nothing but Science. Does that make me correct when I say there is no God? No, and I’d never tell someone with a strong belief that He/Her wasn’t real. You have no right to claim a religion you know nothing about is wrong.

  13. jline43 says:

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  14. HikaruAio2 says:

    And once again our justice systems let us down. She was released a DAY after acting crazy in traffic? And then she only has to serve FIVE years for killing a man? Ridiculous. Her sister also should have done some time for her ‘puff of madness’ phase too. Or at least paid a fine, community service or SOMETHING!

  15. vizion24 says:

    @jline43 Jesus also said to his friends (not even His enemies) to fear God who can destroy both the body and the soul in hell. He is also said wide is the way which leads to destruction. I’m just relaying what the Bible says. The word of God is offensive to the world.

  16. jline43 says:

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  17. Twiruto2 says:

    @vizion24 Youtube really isn’t the place to speak of such religious beliefs. I’m an agnostic, does this mean I’m going to Hell? I think that God really wouldn’t approve of you telling other people that they’re gonna go to Hell. That’s God’s job. I have nothing against religion, I just hate it when people speak of it so closed-mindedly.

  18. vizion24 says:

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  19. bachelorfox says:

    why was there no real mention of what was in the bags when they were at the service station, or if the policeman searched them before letting them on their way?why did they let they let the surviving sister go back to sweden without seeming to get any information out of her/assess her psychologically?

  20. @vizion24 You have no right to force your faith on others. The Wiccan faith is actually a peaceful one, with white witches (from what I understand) only ever acting to help people. If your God is willing to send unsinful people to hell, just because they don’t believe in him, then is he really all that good?

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