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LSD To Cure Cancer – Medical Research Documentary

Drugs, Medicine|17 Sep, 2012|22 Comments |
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An amazing and inspirational documentary covering what research is currently being done on using LSD to treat the secondary effects of terminal cancer patients. Not everyone will agree with this but it’s an amazing story all the same.

LSD To Cure Cancer - Medical Research Documentary, 3.2 out of 5 based on 17 ratings
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  1. Leberkrebs says:

    Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all folks you really recognise what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Please additionally talk over with my web site =). We could have a hyperlink change agreement between us

  2. The “Drops” they mention are irrelevant. LSD is a crystal, but can’t stay exposed to air, or it will quickly decompose. So it’s suspended in ethanol or water. 25 micrograms are enough to notice effects. So the “drops” depend on how concentrated the solution is. 250 micrograms would be a typical dose for a decent trip.

  3. There seems to be large amounts of data to support that LSD is theraputic for emotional and some physical ailments. I belive the use of it should be legalized for prescribed users, used in a clinical supervised environment. This is a medication that can help people.Having used it myself, several times, I can tell you it’s not as harmful as our culture belives. If enough of us take action and lobby for it, maybe politicians will listen.

  4. KKCvids says:

    No, high doses of lsd can kill you but only very hight doses. there are reports of people developing pre mental disorders… if your are sane you’llprobably stay sane just don’t do it too often you can lose the awarness of when are your triping or not.

  5. Francis Crick told a fellow scientist that he often used small doses of LSD then an experimental drug used in psychotherapy to boost his powers of thought. He said it was LSD, not the Eagle’s warm beer, that helped him to unravel the structure of DNA, the discovery that won him the Nobel Prize.

  6. perceived moments of genius.”Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. LSD shows you that there’s another side to the coin, and you can’t remember it when it wears off, but you know it. It reinforced my sense of what was important — creating great things instead of making money, putting things back into the stream of history and of human consciousness as much as I could.” – Steve Jobsperhaps perception is indeed reality;)

  7. exitzeroone says:

    our society is really messed up. i will not advocate any drug, because i know potential, both good and bad that drugs can have. the fact is, certain people should never take drugs. but how can you justify giving someone a felony that would destroy their lives just for trying it? our laws are so hypocritical.if i start a grow house or have hookers working for me, the fbi will come and send me to jail and ruin my life.but if i cut uncle sam in on the profits i can perform both activities out west

  8. hhaidar90 says:

    Don’t defend what you said. People DO NEED this drug in order to see how they really are unless they have been brought up in a very spiritual family. Those of you who think they know anything about the world need to OPEN YOUR EYES because there are things you have no idea about, especially if you have never experimented with psychedelics. REAL LOVE is rarely felt in our everyday lives. It is covered up with hate, resentment, and passive aggression. Mark my words… LSD will change the world.

  9. unicursalhex says:

    Today young men on acid realize that all matter is merely energy condensed into a slow vibration. There is no such thing as death and life is a dream in which we’re the imagination of ourselves, here’s Tom with the weather

  10. evanandodd says:

    yes, I knew all that. But if you’re gonna go there that gets into philosophy rather than science, like perception vs reality and mind vs brain. In this, to find real truth you have to look beyond physical limitations and into the higher mind. read Plato and Aristotle, they talk all about this. One things for sure though, truth/reality is not something triggered by some random chemical ingested for a cheap thrill

  11. nikos95 says:

    I would just like to point out that half of these YouTube arguments are so poorly written and put together that I feel it helps perpetuate the common idea that drug users are all uneducated idiots who just want more drugs. I understand it’s the internet but lets be honest here.Also, stop trip pushing, everyone has a different perspective going in and different reasons, that’s going to effect the trip itself.This is better than that? How about the reality, this is different than that.

  12. guckenberger says:

    I had a terrifying experience on mugwort. Its an hetb, a dream amplifyer. Some of the induced dream trip was interesting and amazing but o fo noy know if o can easily forget that one vision. I’ve had natural licid dreams that werr bad and wonderful.

  13. renzokata says:

    yes, i heard lsd is different however. with lsd, it is made in a lab, there is no life to it, the doors are opened but there is no path. when you take peyote, you have a guide, and there is a profound nature to the signifigance of what we experiance. with peyote, there is life, and a spirit.

  14. jonoce633 says:

    Im pretty sure LSD takes you into your past experiences where they are experienced again in order to cleanse you. We all carry our past experiences with us, those called negative and positive. Some, especially the negative, are not fully experienced and so stick with us until they are experienced.

  15. renzokata says:

    NO, but i’ve taken peruvian torch bazillions of times. most of the beautiful trips were by myself. when i started intoducing mescaline to my friends and tripping around them is when the bad trips start to happen. why? because not only your reality, but the realities of many are brought to bear and it can get out of control. also, the distraction of others, i notice, takes away from the ability to DEEPLY dwelve into the experiance.

  16. renzokata says:

    there was a lot of progress being made. this one guy, stanslov grof, healed a guy from his schizophrenia using lsd in one night. there are a lot of talented minds in this world who can use psychdelics to accomplish unbelievable things. the dangers ARE still there. i’ve had some of the best and transcendental experiances in my life on mescaline, and some of the worst where i felt like i was literally going to die. i’d recommend everyone try it at least once.

  17. Look LSD is like everything else in the literal world, take too much or take it at the wrong time and you may have very heavy consiquences. But if you seek enlightenment and are ready and informed…this drug can change your life in the most beautiful of ways. In suttle ways by that, one does not simply become deraged or abnormal one learns about ones self and about the wold he or she is surrounded by.

  18. andygunth says:

    i didn’t say anyone needs a drug to feel that way. you’re putting words in my mouth. take some lsd. tell me you don’t feel full of love and acceptance. i’m not saying you didn’t before, but once you trip and feel that connection and understanding you see it as a whole, and the best way to describe that whole is ‘love’. be the change you want to see in the world. makes you wonder what kind of people who are? lsd users? you should be more concerned with famine & war than acidheads loving life.

  19. NekoReiChan says:

    Okay, love comes from inside us? From the soul or somewhere! Better now? And I find it strange that anyone would need a drug to feel open minded and tolerant and accepting or to have “an open and embracing perspective of mankinds whole existence”. Makes me wonder what kind of people they are and just how horrible our society really is that those emotions and feelings are shunned.

  20. maglewood says:

    where the hell does the (u.s. at least) government get off telling me that I can’t mix a couple chemicals together to make myself happy. After two semesters of organic chemistry I already know how to make this stuff and I can say for sure it should not be illegal. RON PAUL 2012

  21. Jade says:

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  22. Protus says:

    - You are such a gifted seltytelorr. The gesture of the hands series show so much love, what a beautiful focus. That photograph of the bride’s lashes is absolutely stunning. Love the slow shutter speed of the bride dancing with her dress. Simply beautiful.

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