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Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia

Crime, Drugs, Social|22 Sep, 2012|195 Comments |
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Louis Theroux, our favoritereporter goes into Philadelphia to document the horrors the residents and officers see daily. This intriguing documentary shows the public what life is like in a very real and non-glamorized way, something we rarely see in American news outlets.

Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia, 2.9 out of 5 based on 17 ratings
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  1. Really ‘Nevada’? Philadelphia is an extremely dangerous city! Just because our population is the 6th biggest city in the country our per capita rates don’t represent how dangerous a city is. I guarentee you that certain neighborhoods in Philly are the most dangerous in the country, like Kenzo, Strawberry Mansion, Nicetown….etc. For example Camden is right over the bridge, it’s basically part of philly. Their per capita has labeled them the murder capital countless times. True story.

  2. and u know that it is FACT that philly hasnt even made the top 30 of the most violent city’s per capita in america list, in the past 5 years? lol…like i said…philly isnt nearly as tough as u philly kids want us to think it is :)

  3. matter of fact…of the top 30 most violent palces per capita in the nation for the past 5 years…every single year michigan has had a minumum of 9 of those places…peaking at 11 of em. 11 out of the 30 are in mid to lower michigan. haha. 3 of them in pa…at the peak. philly NOT one of em. looks like michigan is BY FAR more bad ass than multiple pa’s combined.

  4. every single thing u said was INCORECT. metro area OR even city limit wise philly is NOT 3 X larger population OR geographic wise than detroit. and of the past 5 years…every single year, 5 of the most violent areas of the u.s. per capita were in michigan, saginaw, flint, detroit, pontiac, inkster, WITH PHILLY NOT EVEN IN THE TOP TEN…haha…looks like “google” has been lying to u, thee ONLY national crime stat philly got “1st” place in was cop’s being killed. thats it. FACTS. dont bother…

  5. phillyrida91 says:

    not at all philadelphia is most violent big city in america google it worst than chicago,la,and new york period and detroit is like 3x smaller than philly so their not even in same category im talkin big city population wise philly is far worst

  6. LewyRawr says:

    I don’t hate the U.S actually. I just hate the disgusting products that happen like you. There are some people from America who are respectable and intelligent, and I have no problem with them at all. That’s because they’re intelligent and don’t have this superiority complex with their country.I bet you haven’t been in the Army or been in any state to contribute to your country, along with that you’ve probably never even left your the US.You spit insults with no real knowledge behind you.

  7. phillyrida91 says:

    not true at all Philadelphia is worst most violent big city in america period google it …..and nobody said anything about 2004 im talkin present day stop living in da past detroit is way smaller than philly so it might be remotely dangerous but philly has massive areas with full fledged violence i would know imma product of north philly

  8. phillyrida91 says:

    sorry but murder rate wise philly is worst than chicago ..chicago population is 2+million and their homicide rate is 10.5 philly has 1.5+million people and has a murder rate of 15.7 …philly is the worst big city in america period

  9. Geoff900 says:

    You must be American with your stupidity, they are both British, Ross was an Actor on a drama, and Louis is a reporter, they both a different approach to their interviews.If you don’t like him, don’t watch his videos then simple really. Anyway last time I talk to you, since your an troll with nothing else better to do than to troll on youtube…I have to bed to work now, peace.

  10. rogerver says:

    The cop at 11:20 is a non-thinking criminal. He should be ashamed of himself. I hope he has to find honest work some day. End the war on drugs! If you want to do drugs, buy them on the silkroad with Bitcoin, and avoid the gangs, and police.

  11. humphrey6000 says:

    In West Philadelphia I was born and raised On the playground is where I spent most of my days. Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin all cool, And all shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school. When a couple of guys who were up to no good, Started makin’ trouble in my neighbourhood

  12. saw see says:

    Theroux yet again offering the tyica Tavistock Institute-BBC
    demoraization op ‘documentary’.

    —And as usual omitting ANY discussion, indeed, any mention
    of the ON RECORD fact that ‘sex n’ dope cuture’ —indeed, ALLL
    ‘POP’ culture is NOT grassroots at all —-but engineered, funded, implemented
    and directed from the TOP, from the ‘Big Boys’ (ie Rockefeller/Ford/Carnegie
    Fundations/RIIA/CFR/Tavistock Institute/ Stanford Research et al).

    Working for the elite Fabian state propaganda arm BBC —Louis
    certainly knows this.

    DO check out: ALAN WATT ‘Neo-Eugenics War Against Humanity’ on youtube.

    SEE through Theroux.

  13. Rene says:

    It’s amazing how they can buy jewelry costing hundreds to thousands of dollars. Why aren’t they worried someone’s going to kill them for their bling?

    They had a pretty good number of white people in this vid as prostitues,junkies,etc. Shows it’s not just black people.

  14. Christo930 says:

    Everyone blames drugs for this in Kensington, N. Philly, fishtown… But the real problem isn’t drugs, it’s prohibition. What the video doesn’t show is the traffic of cars from outside of this poor neighborhood from surrounding areas that drive in, buy drugs and drive out. They leave their money behind to fund the guns and the violence and they would never stand for the drug dealing in their own neighborhoods. If not for prohibition none of this would be possible. Nobody in that neighborhood could afford to buy illegal guns, but with drug money, anything is possible. The gangs are all supported and held together with drug money. Money that is only possible because of prohibition. Black markets create huge profits and there is no way for anyone to legally force contracts or anything, so it’s all handled with guns and violence. That is the only difference between pharma drugs and street drugs. When there is a problem of some sort with pharma drugs, it’s handled in courts. Nobody wants to admit that prohibition causes far more problems than any drug could ever create. One day, people are going to look back on this era and ask “what were they thinking, didn’t they learn their lesson from alcohol prohibition?”

  15. Ann says:

    Trust me, there is nothing glorified or made up in this movie to increase its shock value. If anything, they left out the most heartbreaking scenes you pass while driving and walking through North Philly, Kensington, Olney and the “Badlands.” Gunshots are a part of everyday life now in most sections of the city- except the wealthy areas. Blood stains on the sidewalks do not phase us anymore. They don’t show you how the small children run up to cars passing through, as many as 6 or 7, seven to 12 year olds all throwing their hands in your car window yelling “Whatchu want bro.” “How much how much!” And making the ‘run.’ And the cop that said he can’t lie about not caring if the “bad guy” is shot and killed- its pretty much the mentality of all of us who try to do good, raise our children right, work hard and stay out of trouble. One less drug dealer. The drug dealing has killed my city. The Sergeant is correct. These drug dealers wearing $25,000 diamond chains prey on the sick addicts who turn to petty theft and prostitution to feed their addictions. Imagine how he could have used that 25K differently. That’s a down payment on a nice single home in a good safe neighborhood in South Jersey. Yes it is the mentality. And it is not primarily a “black thing” not to snitch in Philly. A true Philadelphian-no matter what their race- will never snitch. First off- we know better. Its for our own safety. We want to live. We don’t want our cars set on fire. Secondly, we know how ineffective the legal system is and how lackadaisical they are with sentencing. Often times, especially when it comes to the drug trade, crimes against neighbors are taken care of by the neighbors. For people who do not live in Philly, I can see how on this film it can look like a third world country. Yes, people live in those shells once called homes. That’s the badlands. 20 minutes from that area we have million dollar homes, fancy overpriced universities and yes, the liberty bell. There is no simple solution to the learned apathy and hopelessness that has been bred in these areas for nearly three generations now. I do know firsthand, that drugs, unemployment, mental illness and poverty were the catalysts for this decline of a once united city, The City of Brotherly Love- Killadelphia. Back in the day it was only called Filthadelphia. Although I have since moved to Jersey to raise my own children, I am fierce about the pride I have for my city which also has so many wonderful amenities. You just have to know the law of the streets. The harsh mentality is called survival mode. This ain’t Kansas Dorothy. Great film. Very true portrayal of a city where the cops are hunted and killed and the thugs spread their disease.

  16. sakara says:

    now allentown and reading pa are as bad as philly—thanks to the philly scumbags moving into allentown and reading.

    all the lowlife criminals in this doc are happy to be lowlife criminals; has nothing to do with being poor.

  17. Stubbs says:

    WOW!!! Its ashame how children are being born into this kind of povert and having no other choice then to go to the streets. There has to be a change. Everyone focusing on the homeless, but how about we do something while they are younger so that they may avoid poverty.

  18. Donald says:

    Its a jail mentality to not snitch primarily a ( black issue ). People that live with a community ideal FOR EXAMPLE. I will treat as I want to be treated do fine. Greedy self serving unrealistic people will empty there car trash in public parking lots and on side walks and not care about it!!And feel that someone else will clean up after them. And its allways the neibors kids not mine!

  19. Yank says:

    >Western Europe has nothing that is remotely comparable.


    Four times more crime in Oslo than New York

    [N]umber of rapes in the Norwegian capital Oslo is six times as high as in New York City

    The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S.

    Simple fact, more poverty, more lower class citizens/immigrants, more crime.

    That said…
    Completely with you on Big Brother/American Idol/Britian’s Got Talent etc.

  20. bruce says:

    The level of poverty in this documentary is remarkable, especially considering the filming location – the richest country in the world! Western Europe has nothing that is remotely comparable. Instead of forcefully spreading their political ideology around the world, maybe the United States should consider applying the Scandanavian model of socialism to their own economy. But anyway I really love Louis Theroux documentaries – they are always insightful and interesting, giving the viewer the chance to immerse themselves in a completely foreign and bizarre world. How often do we get this kind of honest exposure on television? Instead the TV channels churn out programs like Big Brother or American Idol.

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  25. Mourad says:

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  26. Jorge says:

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