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Kurt Cobain: About a Son

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Kurt Cobain: About a Son a documentary by Gus Van Sant talks about the life of Kurt Cobain. The feature plays more like autobiography than documentary.

The film begins with the narration by Cobain. However no pictures of the alternative icon are shown until the end.

The filmmaker uses still and time-lapse photography in the film to explore Cobain’s Northwest, i.e. Aberdeen, Olympia, and Seattle. These specific locations illustrate his words. The music written by Cobain and the absence of any picture generates a feeling of absence. The soundtrack combines an ambient score from producer Steve Fisk and Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and his favorites like David Bowie.

About a Son nowhere suggest that it will provide a definitive portrait of Cobain. But at the same time Schnack’s rigorous avoidance of convention provides an experience far more dream-like than depressing.

Kurt Cobain: About a Son, 4.8 out of 5 based on 15 ratings
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  1. PerplexTV1 says:

    what’s the song at around 0:19:55 ?

  2. david Sosa says:

    “so that song polly, you beat’n that bitch!?” “yes I am…” haha

  3. Jerson niño says:

    por cosas como esta es que vale la pena vivir..

  4. RideMyBMW says:

    Last of the rock stars…

  5. RideMyBMW says:

    min 13:50 “Why are my parents getting divorced? Something´s not right”Late 60s early 70s…Hmmmm.

  6. misslauralaw says:

    It was a rush to judgement. Who knows what happened. Anyone with a history of depression who use drugs, keeps unsent letters in his journals, and is in the process of making marital + career changes would be a prime target. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most depressed person and the heaviest drug user, you can still be killed. Kurt Cobain wasn’t.

  7. Wil Fan says:

    That’s an expression too. He wasn’t very literal if you haven’t noticed, but personally, I think she added it on. There was a handwriting practice sheet her lawyer found the week after his death in her backpack. She even said she thought it was someone else tracing over his writings.

  8. Wil Fan says:

    Murdered. And she still kills his legacy. Sad.

  9. Kurt Cobain- it is not over…Justice will prevail in time…we all see it “more clearly” now…We are sorry your $750 million to $2.2 billion in estate assets are missing by parties paid to protect it…WE LOVE U AND YOUR FAMILY…FOREVER…

  10. what a beautiful work of art… I’m in love… with death

  11. rebal2281 says:

    he was jus fed up with evryone and disliked sooo many ppl

  12. manb4arpig says:

    is cobain spanish?no dumb fuck.-.-

  13. manb4arpig says:

    dude why couldnt have you uploaded this in come on fuck spanish peices of shit

  14. that alien stuff, wow, is the same for me, any other adopted aliens out there?

  15. steckmaster says:

    1:27:27 holy shit that’s exactly whats happend

  16. needler267 says:

    He said in his suicide letter he’s waiting at Frances and Courtney alter.

  17. smsphl says:

    yes that’s fine, but im glad you corrected me and now i actually know the truth, what im saying is instead of being rude and calling bullshit to someone a few times, just correct the person

  18. mafiamitzy says:

    I got my facts from being fucking obsessed with Jim Morrison for a year or so,watching and reading every bit of information I could find about him. In ´When you´re strange´ It´s said The End was a song Jim Morrison wrote for his Ex gf that he broke up with in highschool. My first comment I was genuinely interested. I asked for evidence regarding you´re statement, not an elaboration, ´I once read somewhere´ Is not evidence and so I call bullshit.

  19. tobiivokes says:

    the song that in 50:00 mins sounds a bit like in your honor from the foo fighters

  20. needler267 says:

    He wasn’t weak even with the drugs. Man read the lyrics man read them.

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