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Jesus Camp Documentary

Religion|06 Jun, 2012|34 Comments |
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Jesus Camp is a shocking and disturbing look at a pentecostal summer school for kids who spend their summer learning about their “prophetic gifts” and being taught that they can be as bad as other religious extremists by conditioning them go to war for America in the name of God. Those in the US may find this pretty disturbing. Those outside the US should find it even more so…

Jesus Camp Documentary, 3.5 out of 5 based on 17 ratings
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  1. Bradley says:

    I find it interesting that Ted Haggard, leader of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) from 2003 until November 2006 (he was the guy that condemned “homosexual activity” and met with young Levi towards the end of the film), was removed from all of his leadership positions after he admitted soliciting a prostitute for homosexual sex & methamphetamine in ’06. Initially he denied even knowing the prostitute, but as a media investigation proceeded he acknowledged that some allegations, such as his purchase of methamphetamine, were true. He later added “sexual immorality” to his list of confessions. Since then Good ol’ Ted has been receiving therapy to give him the tools to help to embrace his heterosexual side.

    Furthermore, in 2005, Haggard was listed by Time magazine as one of the top 25 most influential evangelicals in America & this documentary said that he met with President bush every Monday…

    Yeah, I think the Evangelicals got something right: This world is sick.

  2. Clint says:

    It’s interesting, I can see some beauty in what they are doing, as I have experienced some things which they are experiencing, in the pure openness and the innocence, but at the same time, the adults pervert that with their own opinions and beliefs. Belief is an individual thing, there is no one Truth. While the children are experiencing something valuable, at the same time they are being robbed of the ability to make their own decisions about the world. I don’t know, I just know that this is not how I will raise my children. I have no right to speak badly about other people, so I won’t say that they are wrong. But I do have the right to say that this is not what I agree with.

  3. jane says:

    This beautiful, innocent, children are getting their lives thrown away! These pure, wonderful, amazing beings are feeling guilt, crying, feeling pain because they are dirty? They think dirty thoughts? They aren’t pure? They’re not praying enough? They are children! They don’t need to think of government, guilt, or sin! They need to think about having fun, running around, playing! Not “Am I pleasing God?”! They need imagination! Exploration! Not brainwashing cruelity! I cried watching this…because it’s throwing the most happy time in their lives away for their “GOD”! These kids need love, encouragement, and support to find out what they believe! And not now when they’re children! When they grow up! Parents need to expose them to everything! They are brainwashing the ones that can see! Children can see everything! Children are the future and these physcopaths are leading them down the road of filth! Christianity is filth! It is hypocriacy! They say “A man shall not lie with another man” and I say that a disgusting biggot wrote that thousands of years ago because HE thought it was wrong! The preacher who said being gay was wrong also had sexual affairs with a male prostitute, hypocriacy striking again. And…
    They force their kids to devote their lives to Christ before they have time to think about anything else. How can people be so cruel?!? These are CHILDREN! Stop this! Stop these disgusting people! They are ruining lives and childhoods! D’:

  4. Ashlie Steward says:

    These kids are being deprived.

    No Harry Potter?!

    I think their hearts are in the right place. Unlike the Westboro Baptist Church, they are not preaching hate. They strongly stand for life, and they are trying to instill positive values into their children. However, the extremeness to which they take it may have repercussions.

  5. Richard says:

    I’ve been to hell and back several thousand times. The funny thing is I keep wanting to go back again and again and again. No one was ever harmed in any one of my journeys, not a single soul. My trips have always been conducted in the highest regard to all I encounter, I’m respectful of all else and everything else people may want to do. It’s all been interesting, fascinating really. I’ve encountered the Jesus movement en masse. All wanted to hang my soul on their belts, in a manner of speaking. Frankly I’ve never understood ‘speaking in tongues’ or manifestations like ‘slain in the spirit’ It appears to me the great master of the universe gave us speech to understand one another and gave us consciousness to be aware. Pardon me but it all appears very strange and about silly. The little Jesus kids remind me of well indoctrinated Palestinian youth. They too have been are well versed in the politicks of martyrdom. They too espouse powerful sayings that mean nothing and lead to nowhere. The star of Jesus Camp is Ted Haggard. His subsequent dramatic fall from grace adds another dimension of the story that continues well beyond Jesus Camp. Jesus Camp is a fine documentary and those who made it should be proud.

  6. Campoy says:

    this is really scary. the religious fanatics are everywhere but somejust are happy giving the money they earned to a institution or a little violent when you say you dont believe in those things but this is in other league, this is dangerous this “don’t think, just believe” wayof life is like in 1938 germany youcan tell this kids kill your mother, is the word of god with obvious results

  7. Mark Knight says:

    Mass hypnosis? kids speaking in tongues? declaring war and rcruiting kids for it? you can hear the pastors words coming from kids mouths? worshiping bush? wtf~?

    Is this free? good? productive? right? acceptable?

    as the larger lady says- she wants to see our kids ready to lay down their lives like muslims.

    if there is a god – please sort this lot out cos no good can come of this

  8. Chaos Theory says:

    Some quotes from the people in the documentary:

    “Most americans are fat and lazy” — I would ask the speaker to take a look in one of those reflective surfaces called ‘Mirrors’, might need 3-4 to show her fat ass. I’ve met some pretty fit and active Americans, I think the ones in your congress do fit your description (a pan of the camera proves it), oh and add stupid to the list too. Most of the smart, fit and active Americans are following other useful pursuits.

    “Science doesn’t prove anything” — Says the woman surrounded by high-tech gadgets. Hey lady, the next time you’re sick please don’t go to the hospital (they use science and technology) .. got to church. I try to maintain a tolerance and respect towards everyone’s personal beliefs but I fly into a rage when some idiot who barely managed high school slights the accomplishments of some of the greatest minds to ever exist on earth.

    “How should I train my daughter” — Your daughter is not a dog that needs to be trained to co-habilitate with humans. Your child needs unbiased information, yes even religious information from various sources (even though it’s almost invariably biased) and let them make up their own minds .. of course they’ll go through some confusion before settling down but it’s nothing compared to filling up their heads with one’s own brand of religious excrement and having it explode when they’re faced with other options and choices later in life.

    What’s up with all these 9 and 10 year old girls acting so mature, every parent should instill humility in their child, there’s a huge vast world out there that they know nothing about. Reading a 2000 year old plagiarized book doesn’t teach you jack.. It teaches you dumb arrogance that you’re somehow better than even freaking Einstein, this arrogance will ultimately lead to their downfall later in their career when they can’t keep up with the cultural open mindedness and constant learning required in today’s corporate America.

    America is not where it’s now because of ‘Jesus’ or some megalomaniacal invisible man up in the sky,
    it’ s because of it’s technological and scientific superiority and take a look at the people who congregate at or lead these crackpot religious conventions, tell me how many Curies, Boses and Oppenheimers do you see?

    35:35: This part is so ridiculous that it’s funny, come get purified with the ‘Holy Dasani’

    To all religious evangelists:
    Does it feel good to accuse a child of a crime that he/she never committed? Is it fun to tell them that ‘reading harry potter’ is equivalent to the sin of murder? Do you revel in their tears and sorrow? Does it make you sleep better at night knowing that you’ve successfully destroyed their imagination and natural curiosity? Is it comforting to know that the next generation is going to be an army of mindless, hateful and bigoted drones?

  9. Kate says:

    this is wrong, but it is only seen wrong to mainstream viewers, or people like us. Because we grew up in a different environment with different beliefs we see the things they do as strange or abnormal. but to them, we are the abnormal and strange ones. it just depends on our values, beliefs and the way we were raised by our families, friends and society

  10. Sarah says:

    Makes me think of Hitler Youth. Slogans, group singing, group solidarity, exceptionalism, etc. It’s a systematic attempt to dampen children’s critical thinking skills.

    Yes, the U.S. was founded on Judeo-Christian values (because everyone who founded it was Christian, though probably not by the definition of the church in this video), but it was also founded on the principles of the Enlightenment. Secular government, humanism, using our God-given reasoning ability over simple emotion to find truth, etc.

    I can pretty much guarantee, though, that there are at least a few children there going through the motions because they have to, but not really buying it. (I was one of those kids) The kids I’m most concerned about are those being home schooled. The home-schoolers I’ve met were never taught that such a thing as the scientific method exists, for example.

  11. Cecilie says:

    I think this is great, I am born again Christian; we need more people out there who would lead kids and adults to Christ believe it or not who is going to teach the children even children need to inherit the kingdom of heaven, believe it or not I know people who know about the lord but their children have no clue I was one of those people my kids were like that I sat them down and ask them what did Christ do, they had no clue but they knew what the line up on nickelodeon was they knew every alien creature of Ben10 they knew all the latest dance move shame on me so I teach them read to them the bible and go to church with them so they can hear the word of god and if there was camp like this you betcha they will be there too cause the god of this world the devil with a small g would be more than glad to fill their heads with junk, children are going to be exposed to the ways of this world, so why not send them to a camp like this? As they grow they make their own choice we can say what is right and what is wrong till everyone has satisfied themselves and felt good with what their opinion is, in the end both Big and Small (adults and children) will stand before GOD not one person on earth who I will take their judgment seriously the one that I want to hear from is Christ saying well done thy good and faithful servant.

  12. Katie says:

    This film made me cry. Not in ” the name of Jesus” but for what is happening to our nations children. As a young women this movie made me never want to have kids in fear of the society from which they will have to live. A society, if ran by these extremist, would mean giving up the freedoms promised in our Constitution.
    In this film the youth pastor talks of Palestinian children being sent off to camps and given weapons of destruction; isn’t that what they are doing to these children? They send them to camp and instead of physical weapons they arm these kids with one sided, brainwashed beliefs as to the will of god. What makes these children different from Palestinian children? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Give them some weapons and send them out on a plane to a non christian nation and we will see a reenactment of 9/11. because in the words of the little boy Levi “A lot of people die for God.” yup makes me sick to my Stomach.

  13. Nathanael says:

    The funniest is when the BECKY says in the beginning sermon that there are too many FAT LAZY americans that cant pass up a good meal and she is a very FAT n LAZY American. LOL also I think Levi and his little friend make a nice combo and could probably have their own movie but too bad their parents will never let them out of their dungeons.

  14. Arielle says:

    This is and will not be a guys world, God is GENDERLESS!! God did not say “hey guys in charge, women are inferior and must obey men”, they only assume man because of Mary, but DUH, God is a supernatural force, not male not female.
    I feel bad for those brainwashed kids! This has GOT to be one of the scariest things i’ve ever seen. And ‘dead churches’ do not exist, they maybe boring, but you just have to be reverent and loving for God, you dont need to be estatic about God for him to love/notice you.

    this camp and way of life is so wrong!!!

    and I also loved it when the kid said he wasnt allowed to watch harry potter and watched it with his dad, and all the kids gave him funny looks!! :) favie part!! :)

  15. Brian says:

    I used to BE one of these people. Now, on the outside, it is so clear how destructive all this is, especially for those kids.

    I’ve done some looking back on my childhood, and 99% of all my regrets are based on my beliefs about the Bible. I can’t believe it anymore, and I want my kids to have the childhood that I should have had.

  16. Emily says:

    well these people probably won’t like me – i’m a jewish, democrat, thats pro-choice.
    i think its nice that they believe in god but i think they are taking it a little overboard and its not really nice how they are treating the kids, let them think for themselves and believe in what they honestly want to believe in and not make them think that just because they like to watch harry potter that they are going to go straight to hell.
    its not fair for them

  17. julie says:

    Some of these things seem very over the top because of the editing of the video. The flavor of this video is shaped by its editing. If these same precepts were digested in small chunks, week by week, as in a Sunday School class, I bet there would not be any shock value at all. Most Sunday School classes get a lot of the same information, it is just less intensive, and so much more palatable to the common person. Condemnation will turn children away from spirituality, while Love draws forever.

  18. Paul Rivas says:

    Dear Friends and Brothers in Christ:

    These are the last days, as the Bible says so. Many things that are happening we might not understand, as we do not know all the mysteries that God has witheld from us. we must place our Faith in Christ Jesus and with the gift of discernment identify what is of God and what is not.

    We must kneel unto the Glory which is God, and ask Him if: “these children also need of you?”.

    What father or mother would not want for their little ones to be loved and feel love and who beeter than Jesus Christ.

    But just as we have been blessed with the Anointing of God, the next generation will need of the Holy Father and they will need to “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil”. Ephesians 6:11.

  19. Aaron Shoemacker says:

    “President bush has really brought some real credibility to the Christian faith. He’s been blatantly open…”

    That lady is absolutely crazy. Hundreds of thousands of children are being led into this incredibly immoral way of thinking. I am a Christian and this is just astonishing. Please understand that not all Christians think this way.

  20. Lilly Leavey says:

    Absolutely shocking. I don’t understand how parents can allow their children to become indoctrinated into this Christian pseudocode-cult. Do Christians endorse this sort of thing?

    Being a mother I am extremely concerned that this is happening.

  21. JP says:

    I hope you don’t have any children. Your ignorant drivel just makes me feel sorry for you, and angry at the community that indocrinated you so severely.
    Im not going to bother to convince you, because logic is just purely raped and useless when dealing with you ‘slaves2jebus’ types. Just don’t breed… please.

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