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Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?

Science|30 Nov, 2012|3 Comments |
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There is something very strange happens in space – something that should not be possible. It’s as if large parts of the world are being ravaged by a huge and invisible celestial vacuum. Sasha Kaslinsky, the scientist who discovered the phenomenon, is understandably nervous: “We left very upset and nervous,” he says, “because this is not something we planned to find.”

The accidental discovery of what is disturbing is called “dark flow” not only has implications for the fate of a large number of galaxies – it also means that a large number of scientists would have to find a new way of understanding the universe. Dark flow is the latest in a long series of events that have threatened to rewrite the textbooks. Do you announce a new era of understanding, or which simply means that everything we know about the universe is wrong?

14 billion years there was nothing; then everything exploded into existence and the universe was born, but a new generation of cosmologists are challenging this theory. Cosmologists have built a replica of the universe through the use of equations, is called the standard model of cosmology and is the reason behind the Big Bang theory, however, this model is not in doubt. The theory of Professor Alan Guth challenges Big Bang, saying that the universe started small, allowing the temperature everywhere, even before large-scale expansion.

Stars closer to the edge of a galaxy is moving as fast as the center. This cosmologists think that the gravity necessary galaxies, but the only way to get more serious was to create it. Astrophysicist Dan Bauer is hunting for dark matter half a mile in the dark plains of Minnesota in order to locate and record more effectively. The discovery that the universe is accelerating, suggests that a new force is capable of powering the universe. This force is called dark energy, and cosmologists have no idea what it is.
The combination of the question of the standard model, inflation and the darkness has given way to a new theory called the dark flow. The nature of this theory could prove that our universe is not unique. The standard model of cosmology has endured much criticism, therefore, the stronger the theory, however, still could be completely wrong.

Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?, 3.2 out of 5 based on 15 ratings
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  1. devils advocate says:

    ” i always wondered why everything, atoms,
    solar systems, galaxies, all rotate. why not a universe that rotates.”

    Rotation is a property describing the motion of an object in relation to a framework, space, within which the object is embedded.
    In the case of the universe, no external frame of reference exists within which the universe could be said to rotate..

  2. ATLOR MERJO says:


  3. richard schutte says:

    wonderful information. i always wondered why everything, atoms,
    solar systems, galaxies, all rotate. why not a universe that rotates.
    its the physical property of all mater to rotate in some form or other.
    could there be a galaxy of galaxies all rotating around a central
    core. this could explain to this layman that we only see the
    part we live in no different than we only see the part of the galaxy
    we call milky way. could it be that the red shift we see in stars
    assumming they are moving away is really a red shift from all the
    gravity of the universe curving it and redening it.??? i am sure
    there is much more i am far removed from knowing but it is natural
    for all matter to be in motion around some larger mass. why in
    this physical world should not the universe follow its own laws.
    we are not talking quantum physics here but the physics of the large.
    i am obviously not a member of the community that believes in the
    big bang as explained. there has to be something we are not
    getting. i am much too old to be pursuing this but if i were younger
    i know now what i would like to have been and that would have been
    in the astronomical field. we are so ignorant and yet we think we are
    so smart. relative to other animals we are intelligent but maybe not
    smart. ??? we have come a long way in such a short time and we
    find ourselves wrong at many turns. typical of any learning experience.
    so wonderful to be able to hop on a computer and observe such
    wonderful programs. too bad man in general does not appreciate
    what has been accomplished. what is really too bad is the lack of understanding and the desire to know. so many have been left
    behind. we are so advanced it is really not possible for the elderly
    to catch up if they have just been living day to day. we spend so
    much on trying to get a grasp of things that really are not for the
    average individual. we have massive drug problems, lack of meaningful work, and the populations of the unknowing just keeps
    growing. we need to slow down and let the world catch up somehow.
    to some of us this is exciting and thought provoking. my god is the
    energy of the universe, the power of the atom, not the man made gods
    of man and myth. i can understand the struggle of man to get where
    we are today. ice ages, catastophies, near extinctions, all involved
    while we evolved. must have been absoutely horrible as thousands
    of unknown events shaped their lives. its no wonder they needed
    gods to comfort them. from many gods (even human gods) to one
    god to resolve the issues of so many gods to answer to. really we
    need to face reality and take control of the the many things wrong.
    where are our real leaders. no wonder we need gods?????

    thanks for the great programs.

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