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Into the Fire – Full Film

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Into The Fire is a citizen media based documentary film that takes place during the G20 summit in Toronto, Canada in the summer of 2010. On the weekend of the G20 Summit, in Toronto, there were tens of thousands of activists who showed up from all over the world to protest the G20 and the policies it enforces.

The Documentary really takes to task the police presence and the methods used to secure areas and the feelings of those people who are adversely affected by this massive security exercise. You might find some of the interface between both the police and the protesters could be seen as fractious or confrontational but the message is still pretty clear.

There are many amusing elements to this feature documentary.

The massive police presence in the city that weekend resulted in the
largest scale mass arrest in Canadian history and the largest single round of Charter violations against a civilian population.

This film follows the events as they unfold from the perspective of a small
independent journalist cadre named “Press For Truth”. Through their lenses we are witness to some of the most blatant violations of civil rights ever perpetrated in a civilized nation.

The stories from the people who were victims of their own government’s abuses are a chilling reminder of the importance of our human rights and our responsibilities as citizens.

For more from the “Into the Fire” team goto

Further information on the G20 you can visit this site..

The whole world is watching.

Into the Fire - Full Film, 3.3 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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