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Into The Fire

Social|05 Dec, 2012|308 Comments |
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Press for Truth presented in the fire. World leaders and activists from around the world gathered at the Summit of the G-20.

With more than 19,000 police officers and security personnel on hand, the results lead to more than 1,100 arrests, martial law in downtown Toronto, and the most massive violation of civil liberties in Canadian history.

Here’s an interesting comment from YT: So they spend billions? dollars to protect 20 types. These 20 guys could have stayed home and use Skype or something. Meanwhile, discuss how we are going to take money from ordinary people to keep the system running.

Into The Fire , 2.4 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
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  1. DenRiotNYC says:

    Police Officers only have authority bcuz WE ALLOW them to have authority over us. If the people get fed up the power structures authority & countless laws that they break themselves they WILL NOT have any power.When a peaceful protester or person who smokes a harmful healthy drug like marijuana instead of protesting at the police stations we should protest in their neighborhoods until non violent people are let go.

  2. TaylerKnox says:

    Over and over and over again – in this video – I keep seeing the same thing – peaceful protestors and violence started by the police – when it happens over and over again – it is a program – planned from the very first day they announced the meeting – even before – the G20 meeting is a mechanism of instituting militarization of domestic police forces – this is the rule of the few – over the vast majority

  3. How is it possible to be as stupid as those thousands of cops defending the G20 scum. What is the reasoning in their minds. Asking people for ID in the streets like in Nazi Germany and making illegal arrests. How pathetic do you have to be to allow yourself to be like that? The message is clear, dont question authority, dont protest when your civil liberties are broken. Comply.

  4. boogyshoes20 says:

    This is one of the greatest docs I have ever seen, very well edited! Three cheers for the spider! Thanks for committing this work to the public record! Your efforts will be remembered for a long time. I’m not a film maker but, I can just imagine how long it took to piece together all the footage. It really shed light on this so-called “Black-Block”, they always ruin a peaceful movement like a g20 protest! Thanks again.

  5. ljmullins says:

    Sure I am pretty certain am I an atheist to someone somewhere as well.I totally accept that no one can prove anything to anyone who wants to, and has the rights to, believe otherwise. I simply don’t think any good comes from fueling the fire of us “good” guys and them “bad” guys and this documentary seems to me to do just that. But I don’t have a solution either.

  6. ExHeVoRaZ says:

    minute 42:46 a fake croup of ” PretenderS” are destroying a car put it there to generate public violence . . .in my country why burn every thing . .included that people that take our arms and put it in our asses and kill our families . . please .. have the decency to by real protesters . .they are committing genocide just for paper with ink . .i wish all of you awake sun . . do it well so they cant get a martial law . . and any of you learn what is happening in the rest of the world . NOOBS !

  7. What is the breaking point for humans to just say screw it and break these chains of slavery being ushered in on us.The human spirit and nature is nonviolent but human preservation is much stronger.We must soon stop documenmting and start to fight back.The courts are rigged the police are brainwashed, the people have no other recourse than react as the cornered rats they make us out to be.Our way of life is no more.Our rights are mere priviledges they can take away when they see fit.Peace.

  8. eldouyet says:

    SOME WORDS NOT TO USE WITH POLICE=(BLACK LAWS DICTIONARY)never say;(citizen=fictive person,habitant is corect)(country=fictive person,freeland is corect)(person=fictive and human,human or man is corect)(police=fictive person,peace keepers is corect)(employe=fictive person,worker is corect)(tax payer=fictive person,community member is corect)never say your a person to police,-HI PEACE OFFICER! IM ——–of the family———-i dont conscent to any reserche sir!im freeman on the land!

  9. MrDuffajohn says:

    The guys who made this have to get their point across, their argument if you like which is theoretically correct, what they are saying is correct. But they have to balance out their argument with alternative, alternatives. Otherwise , ? yeah looks very silly

  10. I cannot even fathom the negative response’s that I see some left, it was a refreshing view point aimed at getting to the TRUTH. I salute you an condemn the act’s of violence any of you suffered in the making of the film. TRUE HEROE’S!

  11. jaybubs35 says:


  12. TheCatalunya says:

    at 1/30 no one will touch this because you sorry we are fighting some very very powerfull people here believe me and unless you wake up its all downhill from here ..i asked some friends to watch this and they were more interested that some film star had had a divorce so that tells you everything sad but true… a brainwashed society for sure and you have to say they have made a good job of it ….

  13. TheCatalunya says:

    listen my friends it was not to long ago german soldiers through women and children in gas ovens and when asked why said we were following orders ….these brainwashed fools would do the same if told to do so …how easy to control people ….

  14. johnh23 says:

    Take a good look people …. this is what rules over us and in the Future the unthinkable will unfold with these willing participants. Toronto ? …. what a shameful disgrace that has forever tarnished the city and Canada.

  15. djnero78 says:

    its the bankers get the bankers says charles, dont pay atttention to the lawyer-judges above the them in the food chain, this is how you know he is dumb ignorant inbred prick & a fraud and anyone else that says the same probably minus the inbred bit. bankers obey some laws you know! and are yet another layer of human shielding in the power structure

  16. djnero78 says:

    when people are done attempting to “wake” up (what can i say, these people and thier metaphors) and try to “wise” up instead, they are going to slowy, probably at a snails pace will remember people who associated themseves with charles vietch.

  17. djnero78 says:

    hugging people you just meet, naaaaah, “love” police haha biggest joke out of all this in the last five years or so, if the name escaped any reason you have left in your personal chemistry set >< Love is not joy never has been, love is a word, joy is a state of being end of argument, and charles is oligarchy so more then likely inbred, reality tv show girlfriend =D “the “love” police are my own personal feudal army ” yes very fuedal minded people bleating they are sheep no more, they are worse

  18. If there were NO ONE filming these idiots, in their “private” company, and EVERYONE was GONE during their “meeting” then they wont have any excuses to their stupidity. Let them prove it wasn’t them doing any damage.. since it isn’t YOU guys wanting riots (I hope you don’t) and doing anything wrong.You obviously can’t see they are building a Berlin Wall there in the land. But do what you want..keep spending money on USELESSNESS so they have an INCOME. Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

  19. Chessiah says:

    What is shocking, that many people in Canada are not aware of this, let alone the world.and when I tried to show this to some friends of mine that live in Canada, they simply ignored it and didn’t care about it. How can u close your eyes to such Truth. Sometimes I just simply am left without words by human beings.

  20. I have had this video , for a while . I thought it was appropriate to add it to my Film and Doc’s play list today ! ..In the light of YT format changes .. my channel is crap for the moment ! ..I hope to restore it and hope all see your documentary ! Cheers and good luck ! Awesome job here ! =) gus

  21. Eskil says:

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