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In God We Teach

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“In God We Teach”  tells the story of a high school student who secretly recorded his history teacher in class and accused him of proselytizing for Jesus. The teacher, in danger of losing his job strenuously denied it. The specifics of this controversy speak directly to the church and state issues that are being heatedly argued this election year.

With Stephen Colbert, Alan Dershowitz, Neil deGrasse Tyson and others.

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Vic Losick

In God We Teach, 2.8 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. metalsusa1 says:

    Any documentary that includes exposing Bill O’reilly for the ignorant lying pile of shit he is has got to be worth watching.

  2. metalsusa1 says:

    Next time Matthew needs to call Eugenie Scott at the National Center for Science Education.She’ll come in there and fuck shit up.

  3. metalsusa1 says:

    The dummies in this video are tough to watch.

  4. metalsusa1 says:

    36:27 this kid is only moral because he’ll get a reward at the end of his life. It never dawns on him to do good and be kind to others without there being something in it for him. He even states if you don’t believe in creation why don’t you rob, steal, and assault people. Is his way real morality or just going through the paces till you get your reward?I’ve always maintained the Bible contains no moral precepts, just do this or else.

  5. metalsusa1 says:

    At 26:00 into this video he claims to be fulfilling the “Great Commission”. Most people refer to Matthew for that verse, but Matthew (or whoever the author was) borrowed it from Mark 16:15. Interestingly, Mark was the first dated gospel and the last 9 or 10 verses in chapter 16 are not contained in the earliest copies of the New Testament (fourth century).Scholars have known for a very long time that this passage was added to the text much later. Jesus never uttered those words.

  6. metalsusa1 says:

    The separation of church and state is part of the highest law of the land. You can not as a teacher, administrator, or board member preach any particular religious sentiments in a publicly funded school, period. Case closed.

  7. getitup100 says:

    36:26 amazing, this young man is so misguided, so many wars are supported around the world in the name of religion, To believe that humans need religion, a story book or any form of superstition and are incapable of making positive, loving or moral judgments is delusional. Religion is the core of so much misery through intolerance, violence and false teachings. I give no respect to any organization, group, religion or government that feels its ideology is righteous and above all others.

  8. DaDaDers says:

    the teacher fuckin compared himself to jesus in the first 20 minutes. I just wish i could suck this editor’s dick. Especially letting that christian hack bury himself while technically getting the last words in. Brilliant.

  9. DamienWar says:

    Not knowing the rules completely if public school is allowed to have religious club or not, I maybe could understand. But it is clear what the idea’s of the club were madet from beginning so not like anyone joined without knowing what it was about, and if didn’t like just don’t join club/ or leave club.

  10. DamienWar says:

    enjoyable doc, and love the illogical teacher that had so many great quotes. I a may have not been paying close enough attention, but did the kid have one on one talks with teacher. To let him know what he is doing is against law, or show him tape from guys own words how it is biased teaching. I mean if after going through all that and teacher doesn’t understand then I could understand why had this whole mess. But ending I was more on the border about the club and school ending.

  11. wander099 says:

    Those people are practicing an immature morality – the morality of a child. A child obeys based on reward and punishment, without thought, without understanding. Obeying God is no different – if fear of God is the only reason one acts morally then a) that person lacks any ethical/moral development and b) that person is not a good person because they act out of self-interest based on personal consequences (no altruism, no good intentions, no good will etc.)

  12. wander099 says:

    Imagine that the teacher was Muslim, do you think for a moment any student complaint would be treated so negatively? Of course not. He would be publicly condemned and this documentary would not exist.Christians get a free pass because their beliefs are widely supported and institutionalized. In actuality, religious freedom ends at the point at which it violates the rights of others, the point at which it harms others. Christians need to learn this and respect others.

  13. fundie2008 says:

    because that bronze age fantasy can solve global poverty. First primitive christians solved poverty thousands of years ago.Modern secular people can manipulate sub-atomic particles yet can’t solve poverty in 2012 even in USA and Europe.

  14. My retort has always been “If all that is keeping you from raping & killing is your religion, then you should stay on your knees.”"If people are good only because they fear punishment & hope for a reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.” — A. Einstein

  15. You live @ the bottom of gravity well. There’s an ongoing nuclear fireball burning 149.6 million km away. It takes 8 min, 19 sec, to see its effects. Other lights in the sky are fr millennia ago.The device you’re using to read this message operates by manipulating sub-atomic particles to facilitate a planetary communications network.So why would I bother with a bronze age fantasy? I’d rather explore reality.(2/2)

  16. GreatG0dOm says:

    36:26 That young man is concerning that he would want to steal and assault people or not care about the disabled without his religion. I’ve run into others like him who say they are only good to anyone because they fear punishment from their overseer god. One guy looked at a pretty woman near by and say “I’d rape and strangle her, if there wasn’t a god”. ACK! Get away from me! Sad, but I’m glad they have some reason that keeps them in check. They are scary people!

  17. Kindly explain how man was fully formed as is, specifically, in “his” image per Gen 1:27 & then explain how all 46 of our chromosomes virtually mirror the 48 of the chimp, ape & orangutan. Both, by your logic, are facts. Only one requires faith. The other is true regardless.Now, if your god required multiple revisions before settling on this model, pls explain why an omniscient deity would require the use numerous, nay, any revisions.Show me how your Christ teaches critical thinking.

  18. Paul LaClair says:

    That’s not true. If an atheist observes that there is no evidence to support the existence of a god, or that theistic belief tends to divide one religious group from another, to name only two points that an atheist might make, that atheist is making an empirically verifiable statement. Atheism does not necessarily imply a fact claim that there is no god; it can also be an observation that there is no evidence of a god or the mere absence of belief in a god or a focus on other matters.

  19. wrongwayup says:

    The burden of proof is always on the side of the person that claims something exists. Religious people claim there is a god, we as atheists say ‘Oh really? I have seen no evidence so far to support that claim, so until such evidence is available it is illogical to consider that concept’. That is not expressing a religious opinion at all, that is rational thinking and scepticism. The same kind of scepticism / rational thinking everyone applies to other claims for which there is no evidence.

  20. If an atheist lives their life without religion and just happens to be an atheist and maybe just wants say separation of church and state, that’s fine. But when an atheist goes out of their way to attack religion they have moved into a religious opinion which they have no proof for. They are then preaching their religious opinion to others just like any religion.

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