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Illuminati and Michael Jackson’s Death

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So is there a connection to Michael Jackson and his death from the infamous Illuminati? This brief documentary seeks to present Michael Jacksons stance and draws many parallels to symbolism associated with the Illuminati.

Michael Jackson and his family maintain that he was none of these things but of course there are few in this world who know of Michael Jackson and who do not hold their own opinion…rightly or wrongly.
The point in question is whether the Illuminati sought to disparage Jackson’s fame and influence because he blatantly flouted many of the Illuminati principles and did they as a group use their immense power to influence the general public?

Jackson spoke repeatedly that he was going to be killed through a conspiracy of those would branded him with many labels including :

Child molester
Drug user
There is talk of the Illuminati embedding satanic lyrics into Jackson’s songs and seeking every opportunity to discredit him….and he claims to have been infected with vitiligo by them.

Did the Illuminati then orchestrate Michael Jackson’s death…murder him?

Perhaps we will never know but this documentary does make one think…if only for a while.
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Illuminati and Michael Jackson's Death, 3.3 out of 5 based on 18 ratings
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  1. eisfresh says:

    I don’t believe with the theory. But I do find it believable that only black celebrities are subjected to certain bias behavior by the media. Look at James brown, Michael Jackson and other black celebs that was labeled as crazy by the media.

  2. Lee Angel says:


  3. Iranunified says:

    They killed Michael at the right time, in June 2009 right at the peak of the Iranian Green Revolution… Why? To distract the world’s attention from it, as for them it was not the right time for a regime change in Iran, that would mean CHANGE in the whole world, just like the 1979 revolution when the Shah who was the cause of stability for the region overthrown, the whole world became a subject to terrorism and insecurity up until now. IRAN has always been key to the World’s stability.

  4. mkygod says:

    Michael bleached his skin in a effort to even out the patchiness in his skin caused by Vitiligo. Bleaching is a common treatment for masking Vitiligo, but at the cost of total de-pigmentation. It is usually done through body creams. Autopsy reports confirmed that Michael did in fact suffer from the disease.

  5. Aerisbuild says:

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  6. znmo0nlight says:

    As an illuminati employee, at no point have we ever employed Michael Jackson on any basis. I think the problem with him was that when his hair was set on fire, it also set part of his brain on fire. That’s why he showed a bit of a decline afterwards. I also have to say that we have no link to that incident. Please enjoy your day folks.

  7. Shething10 says:

    What I want to know is that why is it that every time a known and popular celebrity (I.E: Bob Marley, Tupac, Biggie, Left Eye, Aaliyah, Melanie Thornton, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston) dies this “Illuminati” has sometime to do with it???

  8. I dont care if YOU are a God believing person or not but these Illuminatis Zionists do follow Satan and are very much in to Satanism,Kaballa and occult.YOU need to ask your self why is that.Christians Muslim Atheists Budists no matter what is your faith we all must unite against this Evil or they will take us down one by one………..911 ✡ ✈ ▌▌…………Down with Zionism and their evil Banksers.

  9. the only thing that killed michael was those 2 evil familys and the rest of the devil touched people hating him for no reason. michael was hurt in 1993 but broken/destroyed in 2005. we love you michael, im sorry for the pain mankind caused you, angel

  10. How can u see connections that don’t exist? Alot of sense was made in that sentence smh. Let me ask u this, have u decided 2 research this topic or ANY topic about secret societies in hollywood? It really sounds like you havent at all and then to speak on it is called ignorance i hope you know. VALID POINT “people are too damn stupid to keep secrets”-THIS IS Y THEY ARE BEING KILLED by NOT keeping these secrets. Tired of being manipulated so they decide to reveal the truth. Death is the penalty.

  11. 99bleeder says:

    michael was in an occult he sold his soul to the devil yes he did!!! he then tried to do good deeds to regain his trust and spirit back in the good graces of the lord so the master and demons saw michael going against them and they framed him and then ultimately killed him when they seen he was turning his back on them and was about to expose them for who they really were The illumanati is real and they worship their master Satan

  12. Sigh.How come whenever a celebrity dies all their rabid fans always scream murder, but whenever a regular person dies the very same way nobody suspects anything?This video better be a joke. I am sick and tired of all the fools and idiots out there who scream conspiracy, murder and satan’s work. Believing that such things exists is the first sign of mental illness. Lock them all up!

  13. kattskrall says:

    this is just seeing connections that doesn’t exist. There is one simple point of why there isn’t any secret societies, very much less so in “hollywood” – people are too damn stupid to keep secrets, it’s the human nature and whoever see connections as putting black guys in dresses and secret societies should really slow down on the reefer.

  14. vickinickel says:

    In my Heart where God resides, as God is within US All, I know this man was a man of Peace & Love for All, and only those that have lost their Sight, will not SEE this Man for what he was, a Beautiful Human Being, with the Sight to Know that Love will bring Truth & Truth will bring FREEDOM for ALL :)

  15. people who beleive this also probaly beleived the Y2K thing.he was a junkie,they dont live to see old age.examples Joplin,Hendrix,Morrison,Elvis,Whitney.Keith Richards should donate his body to science,he seems to be invinceable.

  16. pat kruz says:

    Likewise, the Dave Chappelle show had undergone the very same internal and external pressures that turned his show from a one man skit of pure antics and really what was going through his mind, to an overbudgeted comedy act that shared the minds of writers, producers, etc. In a nut shell, the jokes were just not him, he was playing fictional characters that he truly didnt believe, which as a result, broke his mind body and spirit. in the end he just needed to get away from the politics of it all

  17. pat kruz says:

    they noticed the trend in the demographic viewership of dozens of ‘catch phrases’ left in Dave’s wake. The barriers that hundreds of shows currently and in the passed have had to go through in terms of script, line, wardrobe, message and storyboard editing, were imposed by both the audiences reactions and feedback, and the shows producers and execs. For example, take Smallville, many viewers disliked the ‘freak of the week’ aspect of the show, so it turned more into a drama-action.

  18. pat kruz says:

    the royal family in notorious for ‘keeping it in the family’ that way their kin is of pure and royal bloodline. If a bottom feeding, presumably disease infested prostitute mothered the baby of royal decent there would be unmeasured upheaval and a massive chink in the armor that is the royal families integrity and system of rule. NOW, Dave’s situation is interesting and intriguing to look at, but not over analyze about. The producers of the network that fund his show and gave him his millions…

  19. pat kruz says:

    now onto this mess of facts squished together: you see the illuminati was an underground occult of religious fanatics that would mame, torture, and kill those that would not prescribe themselves to their beliefs. This was in the Medievil and Elizabethan days where the bourgeoisie ruled the lands but governed the laws. Jack the Ripper was infact hired by the royal family in order to dispose of the ‘tramp’ that got knocked up by a prince and heir to the thrown. As a result he went on a spree.

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