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How Will We Love?

Social|26 Nov, 2012|43 Comments |
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How Love, filmmaker and composer Chris Brickler, explores the human experience of romantic love and modern dynamics that challenge long-term commitment.

In 2004, Brickler interviewed their grandparents after his 63 anniversary with the aim of creating a DVD of the family to carry out his legacy.

This view of the relationship lasting grandparents – now 68 long years – took him to ask others about their opinions and feelings about the compromise.

He said he opened a wave of dialogue that could not be contained in a story or a song.

How Will We Love?, 3.5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. louisemweir says:

    I think this is a hugely informative and beautiful film. A lot of problems arise from the ´new´ families away from the communities! and I feel that we all need to work on ourselves a lot more. It is NOT fair or good for the children involved to hate each other. see John Demartini. I am divorced and ended it because there were a lot of Emotional and mentally abuse and i HAD to get out if my children had to carry on having a mum. check out John Demartini´s work abt relationship work..<3

  2. millionseas says:

    what is worth living for… and what is worth dying for…ONLY LOVE

  3. latinamega17 says:

    im 22, the sooner we watch this, the better :) very beautiful, there’s few like us who can make the difference, I agree, comunication and honesty is the key … and it’s way more awesome to realize about how great you want your love to be that we come here searching for better ways to love …thats right, starting by us.

  4. I’m on the same boat at the moment! cool feeling a bit better now hahalovely video and i shared it with a few friends..really great =]

  5. you quoted exactly what i would say

  6. Romantic love is an extremely overrated & promoted notion in society compensating the factual status of most people, namely that of disscociated resources in the economic process.Romantic love is rarely if ever based on actual discernment of the other, is essentially neediness, narcissism, hopelessness & despair transformed into something sublime.There is no love without loving truth & life enough to face up to the reality we are functioning in, rather than obsessing with feelgood fantasies

  7. lovelplants says:

    marriage is an everlasting love..

  8. TDOTEMPIRE says:

    @ 17:00, yes keep the grandparents with the grandkids! my grandma stayed with us and have many cousins, having extended family really makes it more homely

  9. meatjucifer says:

    I thought of myself. True love it lasts forever.

  10. Great documentary, beautifully presented and great to know how it started by wanting to record his grand parents, they are lovely. Its wonderful more and more people are creating expressions of love to unite us at this time through awareness and unity. Thanks guys

  11. medoo400 says:

    why we always remind ourselves of what we don’t have and maybe will not have at all,heart breaking fact

  12. marcos5200 says:

    Wow this most def stirred up some emotions

  13. Kilotip1 says:

    This is by far my favorite video. I’ve watched this multiple times and it never gets old. I share this video with my friends whenever I can. Congratulations on such a wonderful movie and thank you.Any plans for a future movie? Would be interesting to see a documentary of this quality comparing the qualities of love between older generations and the new generation, particularly among college students–single, married, or romantically involved.Love this movie!

  14. kolofrap says:

    Thumbs up, if you thought of one person through the entire movie <3

  15. jourdane says:

    Thank you so much for this. I just couldn’t help myself from crying. Even if a lot of people find this documentary bland, i find it extremely moving and i think i understand what you are trying to say. I couldn’t add up any commentaries because you pretty much showed me what i’ve been dying to search for a long time. If fate brought me here, I am thankful because i got one hour of learning from what you made more than a year. I wish you all the best in your married life, Thank you so much. :)

  16. bravohotel10 says:

    1:10:18 The most beautiful part of this movie, when he expresses to his wife his the ‘flame’ he see’s surging from her and the look of total love and vulnerability that showers over her eyes when he says it. Brings tears to the eyes.

  17. MrVikas07 says:

    Staying together has never been a problem in India.Wife respects husband as god. And husband serves his wife and family with outmost responsibility.Spirituality is key to happiness in any relationship. Body and materials changes with time… if you love the body… well it will change. If you love soul… you will stay together forever. No even “Death will do us apart”

  18. tubekunitg says:

    Thank you so much for this video, I adore it… I used to share true love with my best friend… She was murdered just recently and there’s a massive part of me missing but I’m happy to have felt love in my life like what I had, I really wanted to show her this video, it’s a shame I didn’t do so in time.

  19. Rockin2Baby says:

    I really wanna thank you for this incredibly beautiful and moving film. I have never seen such a great and authentic movie in my life (though I’m only 18). Your grandparents are great :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful project. Spread the love! ;)

  20. lzhhng says:

    This video really had came to me at the very right time… thanks for the video and it not only make me cried but more importantly it made all clear to me what will I need to do next…. Guess it’s faith that brings me here… a beautiful video it is… much thanks again…

  21. Abigail says:

    1. The extremely high cost of poeple that prolong their life and the cost of it , and that the doctors dont sit down and discuss witht the patients and give them options.2. One dilemma i found intresting is the cost of care to patients who arent getting better, but rack up these high cost for the their hospital stay and that if it wasnt for these that the health care wouldnt be in soo much debt. Also that 30% of hospital stays arent even neeed is rediculous. 3. This is a great piece to show how much money is wasted for treatment and care thats not even needed. To find out 30% of hospitals stays arent needed and thaat the patients just there is staggering when that room could be available to someone who needs it. Its also amazing how they deny someone coverage(insurance companies) but let poeple waste insurance money to just die. With a illment that already secured their death almost.

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