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How Weed Won The West

Drugs|18 Jul, 2012|32 Comments |
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How Weed Won The West is the sequel to ‘American drug War’ and an iconic mainstream documentary film based of the marijuana anti-prohibition movement.

It opens viewer’s eyesto the detrimental economic, social and human ramifications created by marijuana prohibition.

It delves deeply into the culture and commerce of cannabis featuring California’s ganja growers, medicinal marijuana patients and law reform advocates.

It features Kevin Booth’s vivid document from behind the front lines of the “war on pot”, blowing the lid off a multi-billion dollar industry on the verge.

It takes the viewer through a journey of real life stories involving the relatively new California legal marijuana industry using a stimulating angle which does not focus strictly on the medicinal value of marijuana. The widespread responsible consumption of marijuana for personal recreation and mood augmentation is addressed as well.

How Weed Won The West, 3.1 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Mylinda Grim says:

    Favorite this and share it as far as you can. Hell, not just this but every thing you find. We each must take it upon ourselves to overcome the ungodly amounts of false propaganda that has been force fed to us for generations. Wake up and realize that “The War on Drugs” is the Trojan Horse that is being used to deny countless numbers of people their civil liberties. Vote Johnson/Gray for President.

  2. edenooch says:

    and he dont even blaze. thats the weird part

  3. Please don’t include Alex Jones…. He’s a loon

  4. samuel lopez says:

    you have my respect <3 13:48 FTP!!!!

  5. you have my respect <3 13:48 FTP!!!!

  6. hes won tha dam cup a few times aint he?

  7. Sean Rager says:

    Thumbs up for Legalising Marijuana and Industrial Hemp

  8. he isn’t even getting a good hit! all that wasted smoke!

  9. Rizzlah1 says:

    The guy at the very start isnt “medicating” lol. I saw him show off Kaia Kush at Cannabis cup.

  10. deneco4 says:

    I didn’t hear a word she said. Alex was awesome as per usual. From Cali with love.

  11. thesixoffire says:

    slipknot <3 one of my fav bands the first and still after 5 years good movie btw!

  12. osbaldo81 says:

    legalize that shit… oh wait -.-


  14. cyberwaffles says:

    ha they would all pop positive. heck, even CIA members too.

  15. True that brother preach on lol I have seen cops kill where im from and i have never seen anyone like a citizen kill someone.

  16. darktard says:

    The power should always be left to the will of The People… We talk about how our children matters, how our children is the future but we struggle within our hypocrisy condemning our children to jail, death etc. because of DRUG PROHIBITION

  17. shameless792 says:

    its funny how so many people still are brainwashed by anslinger and his crew, if i smoke a joint with the best hashish it dosent efekt me more than 1 beer, but ofc the first time i smoked it was more like a six pack, its my drug of choice i love it, btw dont eat the joints, thats just as messed up as the swedish guy i saw drinking bongwater, ehm stop it pls cant be good for you:)cannabis=compassion=peace

  18. jekk23 says:

    Excellent work Mr. Booth. Most informative and interesting. Money, again, is the answer to 99 outta 100 questions. In my country an 8th of an ounce costs about £20-£25. When I visited Amsterdam the same amount cost a little over £5. Money is the problem

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