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How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?

Social|26 Nov, 2012|112 Comments |
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In a particular horizon, the naturalist Sir David Attenborough investigates whether the world is heading for a crisis of the population.

In his long career, Sir David has seen the human population, more than double the $ 2.5 million in 1950 to nearly seven million dollars. Think about the profound effects of this rapid growth, both in humans and the environment.

Although much of the projected growth of the human population is likely to come from developing countries, is the lifestyle enjoyed by many in the West that has the greatest impact on the planet. Some experts say that in the UK consumers using up to two and half times its fair share of Earth’s resources.

Sir David examines whether it is the duty of individuals to commit not only to smaller families, but to change the way they live for the sake of humanity and the planet Earth.

How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?, 3.8 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. This all doom and gloom and doesn’t take real life experiences into consideration. What about all the farmers that are paid to not grow their crops or reduce their harvest? What about diary farmers that are paid by the government to dump their milk because there is too much supply and it affects the market. This all happens in real life. I could give several more examples. There is plenty of food we just have to learn how to not waste it.

  2. it’s only the Chinese who are doing anything about the population problem at the moment. Perhaps you should have to pay in to an insurance policy on behalf of your unborn that helps towards home and education for the child and that responsibility is given to the male which means adequate contraception for the male in pill or injection.

  3. The problem isn’t overpopulation or lack of resources, it is those at the top (usually behind the scenes) who pull all the strings on what happens on this planet. If they would release suppressed information on “free energy”, get all the toxins (and GMO’s) out of the environment and stop purposely collapsing the monetary system, this can all be turned around. All people need to do is research this information. Watch the documentary “THRIVE” for free here on YouTube.

  4. omnisc253 says:

    Oh how depressing, scrolling down after watching this to see a group of overpopulation deniers spreading their misinformed drivel which will only contribute to our demise! Much of the Earth is uninhabited? OF COURSE it is, most of it is uninhabitable! Most of the rest is used for agriculture. People who are unquestioningly anti GM should be made to watch this and realise compromises need to be made.

  5. biffy18 says:

    you are so right…i wrote a comment that is wait for approval saying the exact same thing…Google Alan Watt..New world order on Youtube…he is not a conspiracy theorist like Alex (the fear Mongering ) Jones….He know his stuff…Just like you and i do….We are not part of the Sheeple.We are the Awaken….

  6. biffy18 says:

    please please Google Alan Watt (New world Order…this man knows as i always have that this documentry is just another brainwasing propaganda tool to make you believe that you are an enemy to the earth,when in reality you are an enemy to the master minded Elite who have created the system in which you thrive.the only over population is in Cities where humans are condensed to live in large numbers in a small geographical size..they want you to believe what they believe(you are a useless eater)

  7. Syfodyas1 says:

    Of course there is overpopulation. The rich “and” poor both have the basic needs of food, water & energy. The world is almost at the maximum possible output of food production. Unless birthrates are reduced, there will be both a food “and” water shortage for all who inhabit the planet (especially beyond 2050)

  8. Syfodyas1 says:

    That’s because much of it is unable to be inhabited for a start. Secondly (and more importanty) habitable land mass has little to do with it. The fact is, that the world cannot produce much more FOOD than it currently does. The issue is Food & Water supply, not where you can you cram people on the face of the globe!

  9. Syfodyas1 says:

    Moron! That’s because much of it is unable to be inhabited for a start. Secondly (and more importanty) habitable land mass has little to do with it. The fact is, that the world cannot produce much more FOOD than it currently does. The issue is Food & Water supply, not where you can you cram people on the face of the globe!

  10. purple0wnzx says:

    i just googled and was surprised that the projected population rate in canada will be 10 million so we will have around 44million give or take 5 million so no higher then 49 million by the year 2050… i expected us to be at like 60 million at least =/

  11. LegHit says:

    To the person thinking about having their fourth or fifth kid : There are people who willingly choose to not reproduce to give your child a better chance. People who woud want to have this joy of children, but choose to restrain to give your offsprings a better life. After reading this, ask yourself are you doing the right or the selfish thing, and after concluding to have a new kid regardless, ask yourself will this person who chose not to have kids come to the aid of your children after that.

  12. If we’re in agreement here that overpopulation is such a big issue, then Sir Attenborough needs to get over the fact that people will only stop breeding if we force them to. It’s that, or we ALL die. I, for one, am not in favor of using force, but my sensibilities have no sway on the reality of our situation.

  13. Ilive4pie says:

    A good idea for African governments would be to invest in condom/counterception companies and sell it for a fair price. I think the governments could get a lot of money from that and use the money to improve education and hospitals or other concerning things.

  14. I think this closely relates to the food chain. predatory species (man) hunts for food, adapts to environment and becomes adept at getting food from animals and plants. as time progresses, the species becomes dominant eating everything in sight. lack of challenge from other predatory species and ready availability of food leads to longer lives and increased population…until the things mankind eats become extinct or unavailable. success as a species comes with a price.

  15. gameyguru says:

    @josefstuchlik1 very well, but the consumption per capitat is far higher in the western world than anywhere else with our excessive living and such. thats the biggest problem- the stress created on a planet that cannot sustain it because of population growth

  16. Peer189 says:

    We all can be part of the”earthour” if you like on31.03.2012, Saturday, from 20.30 – 21:30 Uhr.Turn out the light for one hour. ;-) watch?v=FovYv8vf5_Eor search on youtube with “Earthhour 2012″…Let us show our sympathy for planet earth.♥ for this wonderful planet… ;-)

  17. TOABman says:

    @josefstuchlik1 have you even seen the documentary?It’s not only about how many children you have, it’s also about the food and the water we waste…The white countries (as you call them) are the most educated ones, it’s normal that they have fewer kids, but they’re more educated, and they could think about the consequences, and act… By not spilling water, by eating differently, by educating people who didn’t had a good educationPlease, wake up yourself

  18. ronandunlea says:

    Very informative video. My only gripe is that being a BBC production I find it unacceptable that they include the Republic of Ireland as part of the “UK” when they are talking about predicted population growth. For such an educational video, it is disappointing that the makers of this programme failed to recognise the sovereignty of their closest neighbour.

  19. peoj says:

    YES! This totally confirms my general opinion about the world which dominates all statements in every discussion I have. All problems, everything anyone ever complains about relates to this. I try so hard to plead about it, I’m glad it’s finally brought in a clear, structural, understandable way by someone who is taken seriously by many people. The way you put it really matters when you try to communicate something. Many thanks for uploading, and thanks for making, David! MOAR VIEWZ!!!

  20. I am not racist, but i think this: every white modern civilization have max 2 kids per mother, because simply they dont want more, as they cant afford it. every brown NOT very modern civilization have about 5-10 kids per mother. Now tell me where the problem is.. Most of white countries dealing with massive problem how to not die out, just because there new generation does not have enough kids, but most of brown imigrants have 5-10 per mother… WAKE UP

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