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Hoop Dreams

Sport|20 Oct, 2012|66 Comments |
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‘Hoop dreams’ is a much hyped and well known documentary from 1994, which Steve James directed and co-wrote with Frederick Marx.

This particular film traces the lives of William Gates and Arthur Agee, two young Chicago basketball players over the span of 5 years, highlighting the prominent highs and the significant lows that are characteristics of a sporting life.

Though this film ended up being unsuccessful in receiving an Academy Award nomination in the Document category, it is probably the finest films that treaded into the unchartered territory of checking out the triumphant and heart-aching downs of dreams simultaneously.

The film starts with their preparation to enter Saint. Joseph’s, the predominantly white Catholic high school graduation that helped shape NBA tale Isiah Thomas. The pressures and the incredibly long odds experienced by the athletes, have been critically investigated by James balancing the particular triumphs and suspense with pathos — including Arthur Agee’s return to a high school in the inner city.

Although there’s ample thrilling basketball footage, the most dramatic moments of the particular film are captured in Gates and Agee’s off-the-court ordeals.

Hoop Dreams, 2.4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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  1. MNxAssassin says:

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  3. umaildme says:

    Back then we all had hoop dreams in the Chi…mainly cus of this great film!!! Bring back a lotta ol’ memories… Thanx a mil for uploading it.

  4. CodySwerve says:

    william gates kids go to my school now. hoopers

  5. tonedef11 says:

    You both did your parents proud and should be proud of the things you’ve accomplished. Great film.

  6. Girlshine says:

    I know nothing about basketball [I'm from the UK] but I found the documentary inspiring, insightful and very interesting. My best wishes to both boys. They deserve it.

  7. jr lopez says:

    Damn i was only 3 yrs old but its funny now that 21 shit i feel like where these guys were at im like that now trying to get of the projects into a better life by going to school this gives encouragement every time i see it even when i know life screws u over n u say why isnt life fair but i get back up and think cant give up gotta succeed or die in the projects this movie always keep my head up thanks for uploading it

  8. read that Agee’s father was killed in a bad drug deal on the streets, and Gates big bro died also.. R.I.P to both

  9. MissDeeCole says:

    What is game who got game

  10. TyliaLobfy says:

    r.i.p. too Arthur’s dad and to Williams older brother great documentary it don’t get no real than this

  11. huffleandre says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never watched this

  12. EMRAHsays says:

    my favorite movie

  13. dodgecity985 says:

    This could be the greatest Basketball documentary ever made

  14. drelive4 says:

    man this movie touch da soul. ny favorite hands down

  15. alicia Gates (Wm Gates, Sr.) must be 23 by now. they are only 16 years apart. William was born in 1971 and I think the lil girl was born in 1989 or 1990.

  16. Drake Bell says:

    thumbs up if the number of times you’ve watched this movie is greater than the number of years of life you’ve lived

  17. Furthermore, how many of these six figure income athletes (or more) actually GIVE BACK and re-invest in the black community??? NOT ALOT!! That’s why I really don’t have a lot of respect for sports figures anyway. They’re just a bunch of puppets running up and down a field with a damn ball! At the end of the day most of them end up broke anyway!

  18. Does anybody have a documentary chronicling the story of 2 African American businessmen trying to become professional basketball franchise OWNERS?????? Or any OTHER sport for that matter? We’re the best at sports anyway, I say it’s time for black folks to step our game up from the courts and fields, to the offices!!!!!

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