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Halloween – A Cut Above the Rest

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This documentary is a look into the phenomena of budget production horror movies and in particular those centred around Halloween. With all the box office hits including the series of Halloween movies starting in 1978 this documentary looks at why these have proven to be so popular and indeed profitable for the film industry.

What are the key characteristics and the elements required to produce a money making horror film with the popularity to allow sequel after sequel to capture this annual Halloween event? The following are some of the keys in “Halloween”:

  • Boogyman
  • Spooky characters
  • pretty teenagers
  • babysitters
  • shot in a fast pace
  • Kids vulnerable to superstition – enter Halloween
  • Haunted house
  • Blood and suspense
  • Classic suspense music
  • Correct casting

Amazingly the title Halloween had never been used in any other film name!! This became a characteristic movie for the now renowned John Carpenter who worked with Debra Hill on the script and final production of this all time best selling series.  Jamie Lee Curtis was cast as the star of  the movie very low budget film…the film was produced for only a $120K budget but has grossed millions.




Halloween - A Cut Above the Rest , 3.2 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. NYtoTexas says:

    This is fascinating…and I never noticed the palm trees.

  2. Thanks for uploading this. brilliant

  3. Rene Angeili says:

    i love john Carpenter and Wes Craven:) best directors in the WORLD

  4. Utter brilliance CAN be created from very little. RIp Debra Hill. Very sad to have died so young

  5. John McClane says:

    You know, I would really, reeeallyyy like to know who were those snobs asking that and see if they ever did anything with their film making carrer. I want to see if they made it or if they end up as cable installers (not saying it’s a bad job, just that some ppl are just pretentious with no authority or right at all).If just one of them helped to create, I don’t know, pixar or Tom Hanks’ movies then i’ll say “ok”. If not I want Carpenter’s permission to spit on those guys.

  6. nomora06 says:

    1:03:54-1:05:20Just pisses me off at how snobby film students are. Dealt with them all throughout college. Thinking that every movie has to be an “arthouse” type of film and if it’s not it’s trash. Pretentious bastards. If they truly knew anything about filmmaking and what Carpenter was trying to do with Halloween, than they certainly would’ve been more appreciative and supportive.

  7. kingv911 says:

    Hope ya’ll got a chance to catch Halloween’s re-release in theaters last month. I saw it twice and it was great to see it on the big screen.

  8. Kikrokos says:

    No dislikes? That is absolutely incredible!

  9. Comment Removed By Michael Myers

  10. Disney Bought this.

  11. MegaPsycho84 says:

    No dislikes? Awesome,I guess Michael Myers is behind this

  12. RIP Debra Hill, seems like a lovely woman

  13. I like how Carpenter said what they wanted to to do was make something stylish. I always really, really liked this film, but never saw it as something stylish. But now I see how it was, still is, stylish in that regard. Many of the shots are very crisp and artistic much like how well known paintings are that way.

  14. Zeke0000 says:

    At this point, I just pretend that Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis died at the end of Halloween 2 – the way it should be. Halloween 3 wasn’t even that bad if it weren’t attached to the franchise. I refuse to watch the sequels now.

  15. iamcasihart says:

    Oh and random mention- Jamie Lee Curtis just keeps getting more frickin’ gorgeous! I mean it. Even now that her hair is totally salt & pepper, she looks incredible. I could only dream of look one half as good as her when I’m her age.

  16. iamcasihart says:

    Actually, I love Pt. 2 equally as much as Pt. 1. Granted, NOTHING comes close to the mood & vibe of the first, but the second has it’s own very special thing going on. I also enjoy Parts 4, 5 and 6. Still, the original and sequel are in my top 10 favorite films of all time!

  17. MrPst2341 says:

    Halloween is The Beatles of horror genre and John Carpenter is the Brian Epstein, that genre was never the same after this movie and it started a whole force of the masked serial killer who never dies that still plays on today

  18. MDR173 says:

    in my opinion the first and second one were the best. the others were either good, okay, or just not worth watching anymore. honestly the first remake done by rob zombie 2007 was actually pretty good but his 2009 sequel was unwatchable. john carpenter all the way

  19. max stone says:

    me too i always saw the censored version. you know where they cut out two or three scenes. and im finally gonna get the chance to see it. in my opinion this should have been the only halloween film. it would have been much scarier that way.

  20. killafreek says:

    What yall have to understand is Zombie’s halloween is just that Zombie’s thw whole fact was to be different from the original,not to carbon copy it like most remakes do,which is why i love it,he had the basic outline that was already there and made the rest his own. Most ppl compare the remakes to the originals and no wonder they get disappointed because they don’t leave their mind open they just expect it to be just like the original.

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