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Glut: The Untold Story of Punjab

Drugs|20 Oct, 2012|53 Comments |
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73.5 % of Punjab’s young is in love with narcotics. A multi million illegal drug nexus running under the noses of the Perimeter Security Force, The Board of directors of Tax revenue Intelligence agency, The Narcotics Control condition Federal agency and the Intelligence agency Office, leaving alone them as simple bystanders to Punjab’s wearing. The annual usage of intoxicant in Punjab is extending to 29 Corer bottlefuls making it one of the highest per capita consumers of alcoholic drink from world!

The scenario in Punjab is getting worse by the day, which specialists have already begun to position an expiration particular date about the province.

This docudrama takes an emphasis on the upcoming menace of narcotic mania in Punjab. It researches in detail how the pill is trafficked in Punjab from Republic of India West Pakistan delimitation and this network scatters through the state.

Recounted by Rahul Bose and referred by many as significant names. However now and then it does seek to progress pathos to get the fellows feeling of the spectator, but mostly it rests rather bluff. It’s really an eye opener.

Glut: The Untold Story of Punjab, 3.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. अगर कोई सिख एक गाए काटेगा तो हम हिन्दू पांच सिख काटेंगे , ये जो सिखों दुआरा गाए काटने की साजिश की गई है एक फैकटरी चलाई गयी है ,इतनी जल्दी भूल गए कैसे दिल्ली में काटे थे अभी तक तो तुमने पहिली यादगार भी नहीं बनाई दूसरी बार फिर से मरना है क्याजय शिव शंकर

  2. eh sab government de kam har roz news dekkh de aa eni drug pakdi gayi je woo ajj tak kise ne puchea kithe jandi aa fad k.. main purpose of drugs in punjab is to finish jawani punjab di jawani khatam khalistan di mang khatam hope ppl get the point jawani hi ni rehni punjab layi kon ladu ga thts the prpose of indian government

  3. Upunnu says:

    Badal Sarkar and Congress man Amrinder are so corrupt. One side Gujurat CM bringing more and more companies to generate jobs in Gujrat,,Other Side our Badal Sahib demanding more money from companies to start it. Many offers were refused by corrupt Badal sarkar and those companies are opened in Haryana and gujurat. Shame on Punjab Govt.

  4. past is past.. sabh akaal purakh di khed hai… ess zindigi da vich there is distractions.. a good friend from Tarna Dal told me that everything is a distraction.. and is maya manifested in the form of this stuff.. and its distracting u from ur goal.. and from realising akal purakh.. raab rakha

  5. coolheartrob says:

    I am not a Govt. Supporter. But we cant blame Govt. for everything. No body is forcefully putting drugs in our mouth. Its people will and lust that attract them towards drugs. We all need to say No to drugs before blaming Govt.

  6. please stop blaming hindus.. government is corrupt against everyone they use religion to get votes and create divide and rule.. They are the modern day mughals, even when Dasve Patshah was fighting mughals he never seeked to make own kingdom.. Government is run by a “sikh” badal… he is a sikh and he is ruining punjab so why dont u bring tht up? akali dal is the most corrupt, so is rss, bjp.. if Shiromani Panth Akali Buddha Dal was at akal takht they would kick punjab into sidda path..

  7. citi24 says:

    hindu govy dosnt care, after 1984 their plan was to start b.s. about terrorist n kill sikhs in 90′s now the new way due to social media being available they cant openly kill sikhs, so they r filling punjab with drugs. fuk india fuk hindus

  8. weed plants can be found openly in punjab … its produced and grown domestically all over punjab.. the open up a cigarette and fill it up with dry rubbed weed … more than the cross border exchange of drugs .. the plantation of weed should be banned and all such illegal growth must be destroyed .. the maharashtra govt has banned weed plantation … when will punjab wake up ???

  9. not only in Punjab but also in whole country. It is spreading like contagious disease in youths due to westernization. Punjab is the most affected one due to the poor Indian govt. making no efforts to resort these problems and we punjabis are just living under a fake royalty nowadays which is visible in our own marriages.

  10. Very shocking. Truth is said to be bitter but this is horrifying. These are the testing times for not only people of Punjab but for every citizen of India. Its a sad state of affairs when we have to take up responsibilities, on our own, for which we elected the government. I sympathize with the families who have lost their loved ones to this man-made epidemic or who are still suffering from it painfully. Its a fight in which we all have to stand together, with support as our weapon against it.

  11. The Indians Govt does not care about Indians which includes Punjabi’s. More then 2/3rd of the country is in a situation akin to a civil war. Scams and corruption scandals, prostitution rings, child slavery are illegal but even legal avenue are screwing the common man over. If you are an Indian living in India, you are the only one responsible for yourself and your family and on your own to face any problems.

  12. blkscreen15 says:

    TO THE ALL THE VIEWERS: if you think this issue is blown up, you would be absolutely wrong. The growing drug problem arose out of nowhere in the last 4-5 years and If you go to ANY village in punjab, you would realize the extreme extent of the problem. The government of Punjab (SAD) has done absolutely nothing and most likely has a hand in this situation. Punjab is not the old punjab anymore.

  13. gagworks says:

    this is a bad documentary too emotional and sensitized and offers very few facts. The background score itself is like from a Hindi TV serial. Who can throw anything a kilometer away? If the deliveries happen in the dead of night then how is it daytime/early morning in the dramatized beginning? Too emotionally charged to be a proper documentary.

  14. cupcake12ps says:

    @smaran you should’ve made this movie in punjabi or hindi b/c if u want to get the message out b/c ordinary people don’t understand english and drug addiction is a problem in the rural parts of punjab. the average punjabi is not going to understand this film at all.

  15. cupcake12ps says:

    shareef se shareef bache bhi nashe karte hain. i think parents need to check their entire home, every corner and every small thing to see if there are any drugs. they should also go and check their hostel rooms. parents should also monitor their children.

  16. ramnik207 says:

    aj di youth hi punjab de dushman te gaddar ne jo hmesha lokan te ungal chakde ne te apne wal nhin dekhde nashian vich apni jindgi labde ne koi sharab di bottle khole te sare wah wah karde ne te jeker guru ji de amrit di gl kriye te sare bhajde ne . ASIN OH KAUM HAAN JO APNI BARBADIAN NU VEKHDE HAAN UHNU SUPPORT KARDE HAAN TE APNIAN BARBADIAN TE HASDE HAAN. God BLESS PUNJAB GOD BLESS ALL HUMAN

  17. punjat16 says:

    @kurri5aban i think govt think why not put drugs in punjab and then the youth will sell their land and buy the drugs once big companies and govt got the land they can build factories and malls, india doesnt care bout punjab only punjabies do, the ones that dont live there

  18. punjat16 says:

    @smaran i hope people learn something from this movie, hope they wake up. ur did a good job with a movie but it looks like one politican is blaming another for the problem. this can be solved if everyone do their part, like the youth congress leader said people need to do something about the guys who they know sell drugs in their town….

  19. In my opinion… Schools need to step up and educate harmful causes of drug abuse… A child should be aware of the consequences at young age… Should be taught all side effect of drugs before they start abusing …. And it’s not hard… They can have projection system or make a movie or have something different kids would find interesting and pay attention to… Good luck. :)

  20. 100saa001 says:

    I’m confused by the opening statistic. Rahul Bose claims that “73.5% of the entire youth population of Punjab is ADDICTED to drugs.” Not 1 minute later the narrator tells us that 1 in 3 male youths and 1 in 10 female youths have consumed drugs at least ONCE. This is not the same thing. No doubt there is a problem here but the magnitude is of question.

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