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Girt By Beards

Comedy|02 Sep, 2012|27 Comments |
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The World Beard and Moustache Championships is actually a bi-annual event that was founded in 1990. Contenders anywhere from the planet earth contend in what is named the Olympic Games of professional beard growing.

The Beards absolutely are a South Aussie circle that alone compose and do songs about the significance of having a beard.

In 2009, The Beards (and two gentleman bearded Aussies) travel to Anchorage, Alaska, for cash at and contend in the World Beard and Moustache Championships as the first-ever Australian squad.

A fun-spirited docudrama is about one of the world’s most unknown bands at one of the world’s most unsung events. As they observe everything bearded, locate an odd metropolis and do in front of their pipe dream audience. It takes a satisfying look at the genuine characters behind the band, The Beards.

Girt By Beards, 2.4 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. hugeackman says:

    having a beard is your responsibility from God.having a beard signals that you can do manly things – things like wrestle a dinosaur, or build a train to the moon.

  2. obviously there are 2 people here who don’t have a beard…im sure they’ve got two mums too! beardless bastards!SHAVING IS FOR THE WEAK!

  3. I find it quite outrageous, that such outward display of lifestyle goes completely un-taxed!Sumptuary laws (regulation and taxes over lifestyle habits) were quite common, dating back to the Renaissance period i.e ‘beard taxes’. If you wore a beard during the time of Peter the Great in Russia, or Henry VIII in England, you paid a tax to the government for the privilegeBeards beware, first it was carbon…next Julia will be after this luxurious bearded lifestyle :)

  4. alaskas in america ….

  5. Bardock772 says:

    guys check out this guy he made his beard in to a bird cage back in 91 i think it was … best beard/watch?v=081dHOYY6IE

  6. HugeRedChops says:

    Shit, I’m in this!

  7. Ethen Wolf says:

    it just means your mum has something to hold onto.

  8. damn, i wish u guys would come to the states

  9. clip calhoon says:

    i wanna cool gimmick

  10. clipcalhoon says:

    i wanna cool gimmick

  11. opTIKbrown says:

    Hey guys cool video. But where s part 2? Thanks

  12. Coty Lewis says:

    yes and i am very okay with that

  13. Coty Lewis says:

    those beards….. so beautiful. i hope to one day be a part of the compitition

  14. you know who has an epic beard?that guy from system of a down ^^

  15. doublehanded says:


  16. what happens when your mum has a beard? does that mean you got two bearded dads?

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