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Giants: The Mystery and the Myth

History, Nature, Strange|26 Oct, 2012|59 Comments |
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Giants have been in multiple cultures mythology. But did they really exist? New scientific evidence shows proof that giants could have lived on earth.

This is the full length version of this documentary and explores new and recent evidence and attempts to cross refer to mentions of Giants in the Bible and other ancient manuscripts.

Giants: The Mystery and the Myth, 3.7 out of 5 based on 14 ratings
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  1. some reason i thought this is ancient aliens and it wasnt which is GOOD

  2. well he destroyed the world at one point so. . . .yes.

  3. mrbubetube says:

    “I checked the owner’s manual that came with my brain, and, uh, NOWHERE, even in the small print does it say that all dreaming will be between the hours of 11pm and 8am! Generally speaking, it is, but what we know is the brain can generate extremely vivid images and extremely real and lifelike things, uh, that are hallucinations.”Dr. B.L. BeyersteinPsychologist, Simon Fraser University

  4. edo523 says:

    God is a mass murderer ?

  5. MyBelowme says:

    anyway…the y chromosome is different than the x…and they behave like all dom and recessive mixed genes…the 0 blood type is different than the other 3 earth human blood types…and the lack of rh protein expresses in the 0 blood most yet they express many other dominant genes they should not suggesting they are inbreeding to increase odds of this rh- factor not to perfect any family that is purely type 0+ you will notice how weak and unhealthy your bros/cousins are who end up 0-.

  6. MyBelowme says:

    recessive genetics all ways reappear in time simce dominant genetic phenotypes of people (blacks brown eyes ect) all can carry light traits recessively in their dna and pass it on to offspring …light skinned or eyed people cant carry recessive genes.giants are a recessive trait (sex linked to males cuz y is the recessive chromosome) and this dominant giant gene needs to be inbred along a dominant female xx chromosomal line (BRITTISH ROYALS)type 0 families know they’re different than humans

  7. mjb0072012 says:

    How could Goliath pick up the ARK, if no one else could touch it??/ Then it starts killing everyone in his town until its returned to Israel???? How does this make any sense???

  8. mjb0072012 says:

    Fallen angles, perhaps our ancestors though they were fallen angles, how could holy angles fall in the first place??? There sure seems to be more evidence of DNA tampering on earth, than angles.

  9. crazy77iii says:

    “Aliens in the Bible”? Ah, no. Key Phrase is: “Those whom From HEAVEN To Earth, Came.” These are the Anceint Fallen Angels that the Word of God Speaks of!

  10. joetmml says:

    For my link to my web site God, Nibiru, and the future of Christianity located on my you tube channel under Comments section. We are in the times of Revelations. I back up what I say with scripture. I am not religious. What I say is not meant to destroy religion although it will give them a headache. The bottom line of my book is that whatever the govt reveals very soon to us do not lose our Faith. Jesus is real and powerful. My final word is a secret to some but the coming truth to many.

  11. dokshakata says:

    Legitimate photos and records, how can one access these? Yeah old photography iz pretty basic and a child could recognize retouching, which I used to do with an airbrush which they didn’t hav bak in da day. Klaus Dona haz the coolest shit doesn’t he. L8erz

  12. This man’s theory is a bit wonky: 23:29Then why aren’t we all giants? LOL I don’t see how conditions would be right for ‘some’ to grow to that height, but not the rest? These giants were something special; maybe even something different. I doubt they were related to the occasional cases of giant-ism we see today.

  13. Some people are afraid to believe. It shatters their perception of reality. Remember when archeologists found the ‘hobbit’ race some years back? It turned the world upside down and inside out. Up until then, people believed that hobbits only existed in the Lord of the Rings. My, my — is ignorance bliss!

  14. I agree! There are records and photos proving those remains existed. It’s not like those people could have used Photoshop! It was during the 1800′s! LOL

  15. Remember when they found the ‘hobbit’ race some years back? We once believed that hobbits were a work of fiction from Lord of the Rings.

  16. (Continued) gold diggers looking for gold, sold off to collectors, or collected and studied but kept from the public. But newspaper clippings, photos, and even scientific studies of the bones and mummies did occur, so yes — they were real at some point. And since it happened during the 1800′s, it’s not like they had technology like computers and Photoshop to ‘fake’ their findings.

  17. The remains of those giant people were not found by scientists or real archeologists. They were found during the ‘gold rush’ of the 1800′s, so gold diggers, thieves, etc., were the ones who found them. Like the show speculates here: 7:40 There were over 60 skeletons excavated from a cave. There are legitimate records and photos proving these giants existed. Again, this happened during the 1800′s. Archeologists speculate the remains were either destroyed by careless (more)

  18. facesonmars says:

    Ok….the world was once flat….it was not possible for humans to fly….we couldnt break the speed of sound…there are hundreds of ‘absolutes’ that were proven wrong. Everyone says ‘i want proof’….just like the popple said in the past false beliefs. Only dreamers and visionaries change the status quo. The rest are sheep.

  19. 210daved1 says:

    to the skeptic at 41:58.. show me your proof of your theory…if no proof i do not believe anything about your theory. .its easy to say what something isn`t, well prove that it isn`t . just as you want proof that it is..until then all skeptics should produce evidence to support themselves if not then be quiet..

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