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Garbage Warrior

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This enthralling documentary is not simply about the fascinating subject of Garbage recycling and bio-diversity along with the architechtural designs associated with biotechture but as much to do with the struggle against the massively obstructive US Government legislature in order to explore different mechanisms to survive against the global warming in the world.

Architect Michael Reynolds strives against the odds to develop techniques and diversity to provide self sustainability for many.

He maps the progress of his many “Earthship” communities and how each have come into being. Using solar energy and utilising garbage in his buildings (Beer bottles, plastic bottles etc) he has over the years built special buildings in New Mexico which are totally “Off-grid” using no gas, electric or water.

Reynolds shows how these remarkable buildings require no heat even in the height of winter when it can get to minus 35 degrees.

This starts as a fantastic evolutionary “Grand Design” type documentary but you then begin to be drawn into the complex and TOTALLY frustrating regime of legislating which seeks to prevent any degree of change; often to solely protect other carbon inefficient industries! The documentary is a rollercoaster of excitement for the enthusiastic followed by real dips when dealing with the politics.

It took Reynolds to take his team to a Tsunami area and build some structures there before some of the self motivated , agenda focused, politicians to grant him the opportunity to develop his radical thinking and development.

The documentary addresses:

  • Thermal mass
  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Rammed earth
  • Garbage utilisation & recycling
  • Water harvesting
  • Renewable energy
  • Temperature stabilization

This allows you to understand the benefits of having no mortgage, no utility bills etc….brilliant.

Read more at Garbage Warrior.

Garbage Warrior, 3.4 out of 5 based on 16 ratings
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  1. Soukkhy Sone says:

    the earth lots of pollution

  2. nuclearskull says:

    You cant kill an IDEA : )

  3. 64jcl says:

    Unfortunately he is driving a pickup which probably is a nasty gas-guzzler and no doubt part of the whole problem of our consuming world. After all that trouble in sustainable living he could have picked a more energy efficient transportation device imo. Otherwise very nice to see a select few people devoting their life to experimenting in a way that we really should have tons of scientists doing for us now.

  4. dkempstone says:

    Humans are infinite possibility machines. We who are not satisfied with the status quo must strive to improve, tweak, discover better ways to do anything. This is a creative process which is self perpetuating only when given the environment to grow. If you are a complacent one who strives to maintain the status quo– we creative ones invite you to step aside and allow us to do what brings us closer to creation without you. Seeing an idea like Earthship spread makes me smile inside.

  5. how can i go and live there?

  6. cochise county arizona allows this type of buildin

  7. cochise county arizona allows this type of buildin

  8. I’m gonna share this on my facebook.

  9. I’m glad I clicked on this. This way of living,won’t be embraced until all the SHTF. That’s a shame.

  10. avary says:

    Michael Reynolds is a hero.

  11. 2ten2times says:

    The absence of foresight shown by those in authority is breathtaking, i feel Michael Reynolds pain..Fully enjoyed that, thank you for posting friend..

  12. mrhnm says:

    Fuck the State. Cut out the fucking cancer. at 45:00 he goes to his masters to beg for permission to do with HIS property what HE wants. Fuck the State enough of this horse shit. The State is such bullshit, how can people put up with this shit. This man’s ability to put up with their horse shit is about the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m literally pulling out my beard as I type. Anarchy Capitalism in other words liberty.

  13. bezel101 says:

    Thank you for posting this. What this man has faced during his journey is a glowing example of many things wrong with the U.S. today. I am a little surprised, though, that he didn’t look abroad sooner to continue his work.

  14. pamphish says:

    I love this man’s mind.

  15. RoyAl4truth says:

    awesome doco we must awaken to this info b4 its too late, thanx for sharing !

  16. ivan2275 says:

    he is the phonix burn and rose from the ashes

  17. ivan2275 says:

    wowi want to meet this guy

  18. Mad Miner says:

    he is the phonix burn and rose from the ashes

  19. Mad Miner says:

    wowi want to meet this guy

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