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Gamer Revolution

Social|06 Oct, 2012|28 Comments |
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Computer games are a global phenomenon and $ 25 billion a year industry. Over 800 million people worldwide are regular players. Gamer Revolution looks beyond advertising, paranoia and excitement of exploring the real stories behind the computer game revolution.

Gamer Revolution explores how computer games are not only changing the world, but gives rise to a new version of life itself. The line between the real and the virtual world is disappearing. Millions of people feel they have a life inside these games and it’s better than real life.

Gamer Revolution takes viewers around the world from Asia to the heart of the Middle East for most of the amazing history of the vanguard of the revolution of the game. It also includes interviews with players and game developers like Will Wright, creator of the game of popular life simulation, The Sims.

How widespread has become a game? The U.S. Army used video games to train new recruits and to simulate real combat situations in preparation for combat. In Korea, computer nerds are the sex symbols of the 21st century. In Syria, a developer has designed a very popular shooting game where the player has to kill Israeli soldiers.

Each year, the largest companies in the industry of trying to outdo the others in an effort to make noise for their games. It is a high risk business. The cost of developing a new game has almost trebled in a decade. Eighty percent of the games to fail in the first year, but for those who succeed, the reward is huge.

Gamer Revolution , 2.4 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. MrPtrlix says:


  2. hwh0626 says:

    I used to get addicted to games and I was fucking good at it. My friends sees me as a type of role model which they wish they were as good as me.Now, I’m addicted to business and I’m quite good. But am trying to be fucking good at it too. Commonly, people sees me as an inspiration and supports what I’m doing.To be honest, I feel much better now than before. But I still love playing games! It’s in my blood now!

  3. since when is sims the most popular game ?

  4. I and my friends are forming a MASS gaming community! FOR SOPHISTICATED GAMERS ONLY, 18 and up, XB360 mostly but we may support PS3 soon. ARCADIAN INTERACTIVE THEATER go to: rkdn then dot guildlaunch then dot com of course. Sorry, can’t just write it out! I watched the video and figured this was the best way to meet more gamers! We want to change how you see games.

  5. hakim0744 says:

    seriously to be a great gamer it takes a real talent a to be really really smart

  6. siththomas says:

    Gamers in America are looked at as losers. Fuck America sometimes and I’m proud to be an American. haha

  7. Doninating your opponents (as in “OWNING THEM”) is rewarding!

  8. Ryan Cinch says:

    Your Right. As a born and raised American, I find it amuzing because here in America, my people that want to become pro gamers or go to school to become game developers are looked at as losers who will never get to have sex with the opposite sex. While in your home of Korea, Women can’t keep there hands off of the geeks. I say this because I am an art/animation student and I hope to create a hit videogame that I designed someday. I think my fellow Americans need to think outside of the box.

  9. hannahskm says:

    wow.. I feel so out of touch with society after watching this doco

  10. heypeople123 says:

    well aren’t the korean boys lucky to get the girls eh? lol

  11. whats the game at 0:24- 0:25??

  12. whats that game in which u cn hav sex n stuff cald?? lol

  13. martinxlive5 says:

    the sims most popular game OHHHHHH give me a freaking BREAK! Ever hear of world of war craft or blizzard entertianment?!? do those ring any bells? gezzzzz

  14. NightkeeperC says:


  15. Once im done playing COD4 I’m so going to go find a gun and kill everyone I see at my school

  16. yer it is i dont no why tho it sucks

  17. lol gamer girls can be the hottest fucking girls ever even more so if there Japanese XD

  18. yeah, but i think they’re talking specifically about computer games, and The Sims is indeed the best-selling PC game ever.

  19. ccrstarpanda says:

    yeah computer nerds are the sex symbol?about time, they’ve been working up and now jock are out !

  20. azntlyu says:

    Yeah i agreebut in saying that, dont u think the reason America is considered the most athletic in football, which i’m guessing NOT soccer but NFL and didn’t America make NFL? So AMerica in a way SHOULD be good at it… Just saying…

  21. Aida says:

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