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Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine

Sport|25 Oct, 2012|36 Comments |
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This intriguing documentary showcases the events around the much celebrated Chess match between Garry Kasparov, the greatest chess player who has ever lived and Deep Blue, IBM’s computer, in 1997.

Though Kasparov lost the match and this film focuses on highlighting the incidents from Kasparov’s point of view. The film is very engaging as it includes interviews with Kasparov, who comes across as very charming and IBM’s team who were very open and friendly. The movie illustrates both the good and the bad side of Kasparov as he struggles to maintain his dignity while his temper rises and tries to confront his paranoia. The IBM Company is shown in a slightly negative light as they publicize this event to gain advertising revenue.

The movie keeps claiming that it was the victory of machine’s artificial intelligence over the mortal human being, but subjectively, it can be said that taking every psychological and technical advantage that was available, hordes of computer geniuses and chess grandmasters can definitely put years of efforts into a computer program that beats human beings but that does not undermine the greatness of Kasparov.

Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine, 2.8 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. Crosttaman says:

    What’s all that mess with the whispering? What’s the problem? I found it a very good introduction, congrats to the mavie authors.

  2. Fiends4 says:

    I’m talking about the same person you insolent dolt.

  3. Pablo Pena says:

    It’s the narrator I’m talking about. Go away stupid troll.

  4. Fiends4 says:

    You do know it’s a live interview at a large chess championship right? Fucking retard.

  5. trouzerpants says:

    Computers do nowt but number-crunch 0′s and 1′s (Binary), nothing more. Modern computers do this amazingly quickly, and without fatigue, thus concentration is not an issue however, they do not (can ever?) possess human qualities such as intuition, guile, cunning, deception etc..If (when..?!) at some point in the future computers do become sentient, we’re all in BIG trouble..

  6. Ian20100 says:

    I saw the comments about the whispering before I started the video, including the one that it’s made by pros and the whispering is arranged so you feel you are being told a secret. That may be the case, but it’s incredibly annoying, and I must close out of this horribly done video on a potentially fascinating subject in the first 5 minutes. Sorry guys, bad job.

  7. 1:08:09Thumbs up if you want to punch this guy in the face.

  8. This film was made by professional film makers. The whispering was used deliberately to make you believe that you’re being told a secret.

  9. LOOPY PATZER says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Carlsen play against a machine like Kasparov did but over a longer series of games, perhaps 11. What I think shouldn’t happen anymore s the developers to play mind games with the opponent to get an advantage, that isn’t necessary and it is some form of cheating.

  10. This documentary states clearly that Kasparov was cheated!?

  11. poopdog007 says:

    4:40 We occupied the center of the room :P

  12. nexxogen says:

    50:29 The worst argument I have ever heard and a totally false comparison!

  13. this is lesson for Rybka and Houdini to not talk about politics and racism.

  14. Klopstix says:

    I’m with Kasparov on this one.It makes no sense not to take the pawn and then throw away the advantage by castling on the wrong side.

  15. Klopstix says:

    Take away the opening book and endgame database and see how well Deep Blue does.

  16. srp111 says:

    What was touted to be the battle between Man and Machine actually turned out to be a battle between Man and a Business Corporation. And as usual the business corporation sucked the blood out of the man.

  17. This was a bizarre documentary..

  18. The whispering makes me want to find the narrator wherever he is in the world right now and shove a sock down his throat. What a major, major annoyance. I literally shouted at my TV when watching this today. I did a search on the internet just to find a place to rant. Is this a good place? Shhhhhh, don’t respond too loudly.

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