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Future Life On Earth

Science|28 Nov, 2012|8 Comments |
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What will our future? Floating cities, with flights to working and traveling in vehicles capable of operating underwater? And how will advance the technology to make use of our natural resources to feed our growing population in areas such as food, water and electricity?

The fog was filled skies will be more, because fewer of us will be driving cars. It is not the use of cars and roads so we’ll be driving personal vehicles to the environment between the cities and in the seas. And never be lost again thanks to GPS-based virtual mapping. Moreover, with teleportation not have to travel at all.

And best of all, we all have more time to enjoy the amazing advances in our near future, because we’ll all live longer. A little more. Find out what you can expect to see in the future well-produced documentary. 

Future Life On Earth, 2.9 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. xssuplado says:

    ….all requiring more and more and more energy. more spending on renewable energy, solar, tidal, atmospheric, geothermal first before any of the future can happen. fossil fuel has ran out. too much automation is not good, one glitch can destroy everything. too much connection is dangerous.

  2. That’s because our world is still poor and facing challenges like discrimination, war, poverty… 80% of world’s resource are being used by the west, still people can’t afford “business” class connections for their personal usage.

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  4. hemoglobbin says:

    I believe they were trying to present the technologies of the future that are actually available (or possible) today, which still isn’t the case with the fusion. Perhaps with other parts they go little further into future, this part sucks…

  5. MrDanielnol says:

    Guys i would hate for all that to happen I want to life on the real earth full of nature and not get rid of every single living thing and turn it into technology I want to see the grass and trees and animals and plants not robots they r ruining life on earth

  6. gamepro94z says:

    live to 150? so why cant we live longer if we live to 150 im 20 now so 130 years form now its going to be the year 2118 why couldn’t i live longer with the technology of that time which will be wayyyyy beyond our imagination. i would be able to regrow my brain and change bodies

  7. @cheadessolupa Just what I was thinking, we need to have a birth control that can be dispersed around the world to bring down the population, because people are too greedy self indulgent nuts, that don’t see the truth of their own lives. Then live in a more self-sustaining way, not abandoning technology, knowing that it can be useful, fun exciting & etc. but not a real peace giving force for good.

  8. I’ve heaed that currently there are some shallow water self-contained habitats in operation, but I think they are only for scientiffic research only.. would be pretty cool to add that to a floating city, it would increse the space ;)

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