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Fundamentalist Christianity – Louis Theroux

Religion, Social|03 Oct, 2012|7 Comments |
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This is a video that is about Fundamentalist Christianity by Louis Theroux. It provides some insight into the nature of the religion, beliefs, morals, reasons, etc.

Fundamentalist Christianity - Louis Theroux, 4.0 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. olive says:

    Jesus Christ…. Allah !!! I have had the unfortunate experience of being surrounded by fundamentalist christians a year ago, and it was the most terrifying and eyeopening experience of my life !!! I have never EVER met a christian who follows the rules and fairytales of their book, the bible? They are hatful, judgmental and incredibly narcissistic and delusional ?? I look forward to the day religion is banned…..and believe me, it will happen while i’m alive!! Christians are so terrified with your own mortality, its sad to see so much mental illness is one big melting pot!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    The name of the BBC TV “show” is weird weekends, I believe. There’ a list on Wiki that details other shows he did over the next year or -every week.
    Most of the weird weekends appear to have been documented in the United States. In many ways, the show is really about experiencing different cultures (English speaking-and “tongue” speaking cultures) on their ‘turf’ with a willing stranger and his camera crew along. The commentary of his reaction to the strange cultures is often unspoken with the cameras focusing on his face for an expression that more or less says it all.

    I live in Canada and even here, the culture of Texas seems very strange although we have many churches or assemblies that are pentecostal or “oneness” congregations-”word of faith” etc.,
    We even have a nation-wide TV ministry that looks and feels remarkably the same as the Lambs TV station.
    I am not a pentecostal and never have been. I perceive many problems with this group that in time, I suspect will prove fatal to the movement. It’s led by people who in all their actions are seen to *really* worship money and follow the god of materialism. If a pentecostal were to give everything they owned, away to the poor and devoted their live to one of poverty for the sake of Christ-they could REALLY change the world. But I’m not aware of any of them doing that being subject to a false gospel involving prosperity in material goods-the more, the better.

  3. Ben says:

    The thing I love about Louis is that it’s obvious he doesn’t believe it but he isn’t belittling them. A lot of atheists tend to be very smug and he doesn’t come off that way. Richard Dawkins although a brilliant man, has a lesson he could learn from Louis in people skills.

    • stick says:

      Louis is a documentary maker and tends to be in different crowds though..
      I get your point but I think it’s hard not to be a tad critical in debates/discussions on the subject of for instance the origin of the universe.

  4. bruce says:

    These people are stuck in cloud cuckoo land with no return ticket – and Marcus Lamb has something sinister about him. I get the feeling he is like an evil cult leader leading his flock of sheep. I’m glad Louis Theroux comes from a secular background. I would have no respect for him otherwise.

  5. Danny Round says:

    The reason he has underlying sarcasm in the way he documents it, is basically because these people are literally insane!. I think he does an amazing job of not laughing his arse off the whole time. Angels on your body people, angels on your body. hahaha.

  6. Liam Ream says:

    Lovely attempt at understanding fundamental Christianity. However, Theroux’s amenable personality seems to me laced with an undercurrent of sarcasm, popular idolatry and generational elitism (an amused contempt for the so-called uneducated or easy followers). Yet, is not that a belief many young Brits follow? True conversion is levels beyond the speaking of words and the shaking of bodies (even if shaken by angels : ). This realm of the higher heart was being opened to Louis yet his heart was not being open to it. He’d give a new drug a try, no? Yet, he had not the courage to even try an altar call…hmmm, must have scared him. Curious, if it has that power, then it has substance, no?

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