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Free Rein to the Soul-towards physical immortality

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Brimming with surprising thoughts and fascinating solutions, this movie exposes Big Money’s takeover of the health care system. Based on an interview with Ghis, it explains how a soulless materialistic medicine was born, bringing in its wake deaths, accidents, new illnesses, and skyrocketing costs.

Ex-doctor, ex-owner of several medical clinics, and the author of the bestselling book The Medical Mafia, Ghis goes to the root of the problem by asking the most pressing question now facing each human being on the planet: “Who am I?” Her answer is categorical: “The supreme creatrix herself!” The divine is found inside each person’s soul, where there is no illness, suffering, aging, or death.

As Ghis explains, the old world of illusion is now mouldering away, along with its absurd systems. It is high time to leave the agonizing human species and surrender to our souls. In reality, we live in a world of vibrations, and the only true power is internal. Let us give free rein to our souls!

Both poignant and exhilarating, Ghis’ words leave no one indifferent. Avant-gardist, genuine, and sincere, she initiates us to a consciousness of truth that exists beyond mind. She leads the viewer onto the path of the new species, physically immortal, omnipotent, and omniscient.

Free Rein to the Soul-towards physical immortality, 2.8 out of 5 based on 15 ratings
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  1. f says:

    How can she blame chemotherapy and vaccinations for sickness on the one hand and claim the soul is responsible for good health on the other? I wonder if she would be willing to put her faith to the test by exposing her “physical body” to some smallpox or polio and having her soul’s vibrations keep her safe.
    They used to perform amputations without anesthetic or sterilization but no one is suggesting we go back to that- homeopathic medicine is no different- unfounded mumbo jumbo (natural remedies which are demonstrated to work such as salicin are no longer to be regarded as homeopathic remedies- even a broken clock is right twice a day)

  2. noblumoon says:

    exactly, it sounds very wonderful, and some of it is very wise, but some of her words are misleading and false re: immortality, our physical bodies are not immortal…not at this time, if ever– that our souls are immortal, yes, that is believable.

  3. gdrlmn1 says:

    very good documentary and naration, but don’t know if I like style of speaking or energy of Ghis. Do not sense realization behind her words; too much in the cloud/astral world, not very grounded.

  4. anseuz says:

    Nice Video Bro!, I want to see and know more!

  5. EstherLanda says:

    Brave to the point where you reach the point beyond and know that everything is exacly moving where it is supposed to move…towards the light!

  6. Look at the fear programming, it is so obvious!

  7. Sandy Becker says:

    What an AWESOME video! This X-doctor (who gave it up because she could not stand the corruptness of the Medical system created by BIG-Pharma) speaks to taking back our individual power at the soul level. It also talks about the collapse of the banks, government, and the medical system. A MUST watch by everyone!

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