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Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point

Science|03 Dec, 2012|17 Comments |
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We live in a vast sea of ​​energy. Everything, every atom, every subatomic particle in constant motion, spinning forever. Even in the dark and cold absolute vacuum of empty space, there is what is calling the new physics of quantum vacuum flow, it is the ether of the ancients, the vital energy of metaphysics, are the random fluctuations of this vast field of possibilities which space and time are embedded. Now, theoretically and mathematically proven, the question is no longer “Is this zero-point energy exist?”, But rather, infinite resource we can use this unlimited free energy and demonstrate new technologies that are low cost and environmentally safe.

One thing is certain, if we continue in the course of the rapid burning of fossil fuels and relying on nuclear fission, the future of our civilization is in grave danger. We are at a critical point where the ravages of industrial pollution and radioactive waste have exceeded the carrying capacity of mother earth. Our finite reserves of oil and gas will be completely exhausted in 2025 at the current rate of consumption. Large corporate and government interests to ignore this crisis outstanding auto and resist changing the status quo. The question to ask: “Is this the kind of world we bequeath to future generations?

Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point , 3.2 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
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  1. Tom says:

    If somebody makes this dumb of a statement, how can you listen to anything they say!

    Our finite reserves of oil and gas will be completely exhausted in 2025 at the current rate of consumption

  2. neddyladdy says:

    I*’m ignorant ? Because I don’t fall for either obvious con jobs or deluded head in the clouds people? Think again, if you can.

  3. MRxxllOllxx says:

    Good thought, then we can keep enslaving you as a sheeple and charge you every dollar to your electric bills.Your mind are just stupid enough to decline this cutting-edge technology.

  4. MRxxllOllxx says:

    it is a rubbish, but only for the ignorant idiots like YOU.

  5. MRxxllOllxx says:

    holy shit. you are just fucking stupid. Go reading more books and come back to comment. idiot

  6. tiredDTD says:

    1:05:32 ‘Dis is duh nu proter type! It’s got these Big’OL magnets in here that jerk like….Ugghhhhgg!’

  7. neddyladdy says:

    pseudoscientific rbbish

  8. neddyladdy says:

    Can you imagine the kudos a pesident would get if he/she were able to supply free energy? So, it’s all bullshit.

  9. nightowl5306 says:

    that is true, but it needs funding to be developed and why would the people who have money invest in something unless, as j.p. morgan inferred, it can be metered. some humanitarian billionaire really needs to step in.

  10. asdffdsa9 says:

    Water is free, and hydrogen is a fuel.

  11. asdffdsa9 says:

    The Illumined Ones have always been at the eye of the pyramid.

  12. Check out EnergyFabricator. He has a Longitudinal device that produces wireless electricity. Pretty cool stuff. Reinventing Tesla’s work.

  13. TheProxiBox says:

    you only bang your head cause you didn’t do what you said you would

  14. umrhmd says:

    Greed Strikes Again….

  15. dannydoo says:

    Imagine free limitless energy from thin air!? make a giant electric motor to fuel ur car or boat,plane,etc…it would be awsome. 25% $ of your moneys goes into energy at least.

  16. bungaroosh says:

    It certainly does work.That’s why Tesla had his funding pulled by the oil barons in government.

  17. see ppl dont need money for way living free power fuck oil

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