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FIFA’s Dirty Secrets

Sport|05 Nov, 2012|51 Comments |
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This documentary, hosted by Andrew Jenninngs, an investigative journalist, takes a closer look at some of the very serious allegations against FIFA, the world’s governing body of association football.

Three members of FIFA’s executive committee, Nicolas Leoz, Issa Hayatou and Ricardo Teixeira were alleged to have taken bribes by International Sports and Leisure, a marketing partner of FIFA, for broadcasting rights, while a fourth official was facing ticket touting allegations. Sepp Blatter, the President of FIFA apparently did not investigate the matter properly.

There were also claims about scams involved in the bidding process for hosting the FIFA World Cups in 2018 and 2022. Russia won the right to host the FIFA World Cup in 2018, while Qatar won it for the 2022 tournament; but because the documentary was broadcast just 3 days before the bidding, many people believed that England lost its chance because of it and the documentary includes thoughts and opinions of several prominent industry people after the results were declared.

There was a huge outcry after this fiasco and BBC received a lot of backlash from angry viewers alleging BBC to be unpatriotic and inaccurate. Hayatou, the vice-president of FIFA, denied all accusations of involvement in the scheme and asserted that money was in fact paid to the Confederation of African Football (CAF). He even threatened to sue the BBC for the making of the documentary.

Official BBC One, Panorama Page – Fifa’s Dirty Secrets

FIFA’s Dirty Secrets, 3.1 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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  1. 98raza20 says:

    2011: Man Utd v Barca 2010:Bayern v Inter 2009: Man v Barca 2008: Man U v Chelsea 2007: Milan v Liverpool 2006: Barca v Arsenal 2005: Liverpool v Milan. Last 6 years only 1 final where they weren’t an english team in it, in last 6 years 4 times there wasn’t an Italian team in it. Just look at the UEFA coefficients. 1) England 2) Spain 3) Germany 4) Italy 5) France.

  2. MrNonintendo says:

    I’m not saying Serie A is the best league, or better then the english one. But you make it sound like it’s a crappy league, when it’s not.

  3. MrNonintendo says:

    Inter won 2 years ago and in the last 10 years italy won 3 and england won 3 uefa championships. So where is the proff that english football is better than italy’s?

  4. 98raza20 says:

    ….because we wanted to delay the election until a non corrupt candidate appeared but the corrupt bastards didn’t like that so they call English arrogant. There are countries that are more arrogant about their football like Italy, Brazil and Argentina who think they are still the World’s best team, talk to any Italian fan, they will insist Serie A is the world’s best league despite nearly losing their 4th champ league spot 2 germany and despite the best players been in England and Spain.

  5. 98raza20 says:

    the modern game was invented in the UK, it’s like saying because some one through around a pigs head they invented rugby, it’s nonsense. FIFA is corrupt, BBC exposes that, and the English are arrogant, WTF, the world need to look in the mirror if they think that. If the BBC had released this after the vote and it was a bad result for England which it was it would look mighty suspicious, we damaged our own bid to prove they were corrupt and got tons of anti English insults thrown at us..

  6. TheRealDusky says:

    FIFA is corrupt and Sepp blatter is a moron. Englands FA were laughed at and mocked by the other FA’s because england wanted the election postponed until another candidate could be found. Most of them were small federations that have never even been in a world cup (this is because blatter had promised them huge grants for their countries “football”)England are often called arogant – i think it’s about time the world looked in the mirror…

  7. TheRealDusky says:

    are you fucking kidding me?You think FIFA are not corrupt? You do realise Sepp Blatter “retained” his role through an “election” in which he was the only candidate right? HOW CAN THERE BE AN ELECTION IF THERE’S ONLY 1 FUCKING CANDIDATE!The other guy was corrupt just as much as blatter is, if blatter wasn’t corrupt he would have postpoined the election and the only FA’s to oppose this “election” were England, Scotland and Germany. The rest were just spineless

  8. Eaglesfanmd says:

    i dont understand what he is exposing? he is saying that they took bribes but hasnt said once what the companies got back in return

  9. vxnxcxus says:

    These guys truly believe they are untouchable.They are a bunch a mobsters.

  10. vxnxcxus says:

    I’ve just read a huge article from a brazilian magazine. It sort of draws Teixeira’s profile. The journalist who wrote it spent a whole day with him in Zurich and even attended a meeting along with members of the south american confederations and their families. It describes a joke made by Teixeira asking Leoz where was his crown, referring to the claims that he required a title in order to vote for England, then Leoz gesticulates with the hands above his head like if he was being crowned.

  11. hamknight says:

    Gratefull to live in the netherlands ^^, ill be waiting for for better future… i hope …

  12. mayonueve says:

    Im talking about the style of it… what is a communist? are they still around in America?

  13. mayonueve says:

    This is so like Michael Moore documentaries…

  14. johmarsch says:

    Amazing documentary. Really disgusting the FIFA mafia.Countries should stop bidding for the dishonour of holding the FIFA world cup.

  15. lancerhnj says:

    this was shown before the bid you prick, tell me why they would show this before the bid if they thought it likely to increase their chances GTFO

  16. this came out 3 days before the bid, fool.

  17. fbh2011 says:

    As has been reluctantly reported in the British (BBC) media, Blatter has retained his role in FIFA! Good for him – shame on the British media! I am glad that there are some intelligent people out there who saw right through the British media’s propagandist machine! The Guardian has published an online article, ‘English Lies’ that puts everything in order! Shame on the FA – you know football will never come home now – then again, football was invented in China anyway!

  18. These documents came to light before the faile d Englandf bid, I wrote FOUL! in 2006 and made several earlier BBC flims. So Omar, it is you talking ignorant bullshit. Andrew Jennings.

  19. OmarDammam03 says:

    This is bullshit.You have to accept the defeat.I mean why suddenly all these documents and charges came up after England lost the bid?And why only British media is talking about it?It’s just pathetic British mentality .. You can take these documents and charges to the court and let’s see who’s corrupt?

  20. Amazing documentary. Corruptors politicians of the Football deserve jail. Say no to any Mafia. Yes, we can have meritocracy.Congratulations Andrew jennings and BBC.

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