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Fast Food Baby

Health|24 Nov, 2012|233 Comments |
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Our fast foods dependency is sinking amazingly with our younger people and we are now raising a population of fast food children.
This halting docudrama uncovers infants and tots consuming a food plan of potatoes chip, hamburgers and kebabs, all washed down with bottles full of carbonated soda.

It researches the deep rooted explanations moms and dads fall back to junk food eating and follow three households while they urgently try and get back on the a right nutritious path.

From easy food games to spectacular jolts, the father and mother team up with genuine specialists who guide them through the latest strategies while they try to wean their children off fast food.

Fast Food Baby, 2.8 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. When I was little I used to beg my mom to take me to McDonalds all the time, so I grew up a short little fat kid. Around puberty I wisened up and tried to eat right, plus I put on a crazy amount of height, so that was fortunate. But other kids aren’t always so lucky, or don’t get the right information about food and health as they grow older. It’s up to parents to teach them from an early age that unhealthy foods aren’t the only good tasting ones, not just hope they’ll grow into their weight.

  2. Kids don’t usually understand what’s healthy and what’s not until they reach a certain age… up til then they just think “this tastes good, this doesn’t”, which is going to make it harder for them in the future if the only healthy foods they’re given are ones that don’t agree with them, like brussel sprouts or broccoli. Parents need to teach kids that healthy foods can taste good too, and eating them shouldn’t be a chore.

  3. Araniil says:

    or an even crazier idea. Don’t buy unhealthy food! The children look at their parents eating habits, and them saying that they have no control is ridiculous considering they are the ones bringing the foods into the home in the first place -.-’

  4. iXaff says:

    I feel so sorry for these children. If I am gonna have a child I will teach him to eat green stuff and we won’t eat hanburgers at all. Fries…. maybe one a month. These fatty things make you addicted in your brain. While the healthy food is much better for you and also tastes better.

  5. When I say “hunger get the best of him”, I mean until he gets hungry enough to eat whatever is on his plate, not let him starve. Take his traumatic past out of the situation and what do you see? A baby who controls his parents with screaming and crying over good food for chemical filled crap. Honestly, the bad food will effect him more than staying in bed for a night without dinner. You can discipline a child and love them at the same time, you know. That’s part of being a parent, I guess.

  6. While I understand the parents saw their child on his deathbed, and I understand they want to keep him happy and healthy, is that any excuse for letting the child control his parents? I was always under the impression that the parents call the shots and it’s their job to control the child. Understand: I was not trying to appear heartless, I’m trying to be practical. The fast food is full of chemicals and is only harming him, it makes more sense to give him bland food like basic grains than that.

  7. DragonFly122 says:

    “I wanted to slap that baby Michael”I want to slap someone like you for wanting to slap a BABY. The parents nearly lost a child; do you have ANY idea how traumatic that is, nearly losing a child, no…guess you don’t. Michael’s food has been kept bland for too long during that crucial stage of weaning because he was fighting for dear life-this is why Michael’s taste buds are overwhelmed by stronger flavors (like vegetables) Michael’s parents are trying to give him healthy food

  8. ttragedy1 says:

    that is child abuse. children that age dont know what that food can do to them. Why did they feed those kids that food in the first place? when theyre older thet can decide if they want to be owerweight and unhealthy but kids cant make their own decisions yet.

  9. The thing about Michael is…he was SO close to death. Do you really think you could slap your baby and shove him into bed until his hunger got the best of him after seeing him on his death bed? At least they’re trying to give him healthy things and are seeking help.

  10. No control? Did that fat dad say he has no control over what his BABY is eating? The kid is barely three feet tall, you could hide the food atop A cupboard, it’s not that hard. And I wanted to slap that baby Michael and his parents. The kid was screaming and crying about healthy food, the hell? I’d shove him into bed until his hunger got the best of him and he’d be begging for the healthy stuff. What a brat, and what awful parenting techniques

  11. lexxyng says:

    This is so eyeopening for me.From the age of 7-15 I was overweight, by far not obese but I was bordering on 150lbs at 5’1 when I was 15. From 16-18 I started feeding myself and distanced myself from my abusive parents and slowly developed a disgusting eating disorder. I was 103lbs, 5’2 at 17. I am now 18 and living on my own at a constant weight of 115. It’s so so so scary how effective parents are on our diets from the moment we are born.

  12. ByeByeBelly says:

    My kids would never have that because I dont eat factory farmed meat so I wouldnt buy it for them. Buy it for them, theyll eat it and want it! Seriously, you cant blame the kids when they have no control over what they eat! My mum couldnt afford to buy fast food very often so I grew up on normal meals, lots of vegetables. I still eat that way now

  13. This is so disgusting. When I was a young child my mother fed me spinach, broccoli, and lean meats every day, plus an abundant supply of fruits. Fast food was foreign to me, we never ever had it. Maybe once every two months we’d go to McDonald’s but that was it. The result is that I am now extremely healthy and do not enjoy fast food at all. Why do mothers feel the need to give their kids soda of all things! They need water, pure fruit juice on occasion, ugh bloody hell! These people are idiots.

  14. uching says:

    this should be a lesson to other couples, children ruin a good relation let alone an unstable stop to think before you reproduce, because that little infant will turn into a manipulative little sh#t, who will constantly scream, throw tantrums and ruin your love lives, plus you can’t return them once they are in your home. they will always be around.

  15. acting303 says:

    ok what the heck… my neighbors are Korean and their baby eats kimchi (pickled spicy cabbage that makes koreans live longer, its known to get rid of cancer and such), spicy foods, tons of veggies, fish, brown rice, basically everything good, and my kids wont eat anything but fries and chicken nuggets. my neighbors bring us food to try and i know they are secretly dissing us lol

  16. tiwidesk says:

    how can they give their baby cola?? we never had any kind of lemonade/coke etc. in the house, when we where young. me and my brother got water and different kinds of tea without sugar. it´s also extremely bad fot the teeth!

  17. What the hell is wrong with these parents? It’s not that expensive to buy a bag of apples, some oatmeal and milk or dry cereal, and some baked chicken and some frozen mixed veggies. It’s enough food for a week or 2 and half the price of all this nasty fatty food. They are shortening their children’s lives, and they act like they are the only parents who have children who don’t like to eat their veggies. All kids hate it…it’s YOUR job to help them by making it their only option!!

  18. @jewwithbill Someone needs anger management!!? Take a laxative and chill out! I’m not for too much laws and restrictions but sometimes it’s needed. I don’t see how it’s so bad to teach moms to properly feed their child and to underdstand why they should do so.How that suggestion makes me a threat to your freedom and country? Oh by the way, YOUR government is not MY government, don’t assume you’re the center of the world thank you!!

  19. You are the parent and they are the child. Don’t say you have no control. Also, if they won’t eat the healthy food you cook don’t go buy them fast food. They will eat what you have cooked once they get hungry, trust me they won’t starve themselves to death.

  20. WHO gave them KFC, kebabs, chicken nuggets and fries in the first place?? It breaks my heart, cause that’s what my mom did with me, “feed” me crap, and the consequences are still there and i’m 30! There should be a law that would force soon to be moms to take nutrition(not cooking, i’m talking about technical information here) classes.

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