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Famous in 31 Days

Social|19 Sep, 2012|27 Comments |
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Rating: 3.8/5 (8 votes cast)

Feeling unhappy at work and experience a midlife crisis, without prejudice to the movie leave your job and try to become a recognizable national in a month.

John Gerard, quits his job, takes in everything he has, hop in your car (decorated with huge letters announcing their purpose, and the title of the movie) and goes on a journey of 31 days across the country, hoping to create as much publicity in the way it will end up a guest of Jay Leno and became an instant celebrity.

Gerard did not achieve his dream? Well, it’s so fascinating to see what this film attempts, done professionally and occasionally touching the end result does not matter.

Famous in 31 Days, 3.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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  1. what the hell wAS THAT

  2. Stupid movie don’t watch it.

  3. imuteu says:

    you will never get any of your time back…

  4. imuteu says:

    you will never get any of your time back…

  5. OLDERBLUE says:

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who doesn’t appreciate this extravagant experience in Hope, has absolutely no perception of Depth.

  6. grc606 says:

    this is very very bad

  7. neil182sr says:

    Kudos to the guy, at least his life will be full of oh well’s rather than what ifs?

  8. skiczn says:

    Simply awful. There was so much potential for this. But wanting to be a celebrity because you don’t like yourself? See a therapist. Then see a astrophysicist because I want my hour and 20 back. I cant believe that this was all about wanting to mean something. Really…. A grown man that believes being popular fixes things. I am glad you failed because you didnt deserve to succeed.

  9. zakstone123 says:

    Brilliant Film!!! Very inspiring…. Better to have a film like this under your belt John, Than 99% of so called famous people movies that are out there could ever hope to achieve….the fuckin truth about so called famous people who in effect are shallower than saucer full of bat piss!! Im a singer Entertainer from England and i feel where your coming from John…Im going to make a similar journey….Its not the destination its the journey thats so important,

  10. jackmeowf says:

    did you beat off threw the credits and three mins after? i mean the video was only 1 hour and 17 mins long so u watched the credits and the what did you do for the other three mins?

  11. trekleader says:

    Where do we get to see more of Karen Clement?

  12. CUMBICA1970 says:

    Hey usually you are supposed to be a celebrity by excelling in something. I mean look at Snooki, she excels in stupidity. LOL

  13. Inediblehulk says:

    At about 26:00, when he starts talking about his ex, his voice significantly shifts to Kirk van Houten mode. Coincidence? Though he’ll never be as famous, he has the same spirit. I’ll try to remember him for it, but no promises.

  14. Inediblehulk says:

    SPOILER ALERT!!! It was his.

  15. Lackesse says:

    Borat > this guy.

  16. Gladman says:

    I`m sorry I wanted to like this movie and John but I didn`t. John`s more annoying than likable, and the story itself was boring. Erin from Fagbug did a similar but better job.

  17. JJT1991 says:

    i will never get that hour and 20 minutes of my life back…

  18. LoLSK1 says:

    was anyone else shocked when they burst into tears and he just kept filming, i was like shit put the camera down and hug her or something

  19. 18pockadot says:

    dude i hate how it skips all the time ugg :)

  20. oldies1 says:

    I feel what this guy felt in the beginning of the movie, meaning quitting the monotonous dayjob. Same routine every day like a hamster in a wheel.The “becoming famous” drive I have not. Yes he cries ! He is a human being !

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