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Face to Face with Annie Machon

Political|23 Nov, 2012|127 Comments |
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Annie Machon is a preceding British Security Service (MI5) intelligence officer who departed the Service at the matching time as David Shayler, her colleague at the time, to aid him expose’ about misconduct in the intelligence agencies.

By doing this, they had to relinquish their vocations, escape across Europe, hide in fear for a year, and finally spend the next two years in banishment in Paris. They, and several of their acquaintances, family, followers and reporters, were intimidated, detained, and prosecuted.

In 1996, She and Shayler reconciled to expose on a series of misdeeds perpetrated by the secret agents. These include: MI5 files held on regime ministers, unlawful MI5 phone taps, lying to authorities, IRA bombs that could and should have been thwarted, the 1994 attacking of the Israeli embassy in London, when two blameless people were wrongly condemned; the failed, unlawful MI6 slaying of Colonel Gadaffi of Libya.

Pulling on her diverse experiences, She is now an intelligence expert, writer, reporter, international trip and affair organizer, politically aware crusader, media instructor, and a PR specialist. She is also a renowned international public lecturer on a diversity of intelligence-related and civil liberties matters. She is a part of the 9/11 Truth movement and accept as true that the September 11 attacks were organized by the US government to make available a fabrication for war. She also appeals for a new inquiry into 9/11.

Face to Face with Annie Machon, 3.3 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. rothwelljcf says:

    What makes you say there is no such thing as an ex-spy? What do you think they do when they finish service? Curl up and die immediately? The organization kills them? Surely nobody would become a spy if that was the case. She got herself into the public eye quickly so that she couldn’t be assasinated. Is that so hard to believe? Also, she doesn’t say Al Qaeda isn’t real.

  2. 11kungfu11 says:

    No such thing as an Ex-spy, sorry. Also rich of her to sugest al-qaeda is even real, hasnt that been exposed as being the name of the americans sending money to fight off the russians years ago? Its all the same group of people and they have been around for hundreds of years now., the league of nations who are interconnected with such things as club of rome, CFR, council of 300, illuminati, and have worked themselfs into every other secret society. Its a huge head ache of a problem, its our move

  3. TheDjtreak says:

    excellent documetary – highly recommended that every1 watches. this woman is a true war hero & should be commended for her bravery in bringing the truth to the people.1 can only imagine what kind of society we would be living in if only more intelligence agents were as honest & brave as the machon & shaylers of this world!

  4. gogogeedus says:

    @muckletoon May be she is being supported by people that want another view on events in the world,like do you really thing it is exactly as the media tells us and is it just a coincidence that all these bad guys have the resources that the wasteful hungry machine wants,to me it is just as likely that it is no coincidence and we need brave people like Annie to come forward and tell there story,she is doing Briton and the world Proud for being so courageous.

  5. gogogeedus says:

    @muckletoon I find it hard to believe that people in this world could use such crude language when referring to a lady I think you sir or madam are a bad influence on young people and I don’t think foul mouthed people like you should be contributing to you-tubes comments.I don’t have an opinion yet on what she is saying but I do have an opinion of you,your bad mouth shoes the whole world the type of person you are!

  6. muckletoon says:

    @keshsor Annie should shut her pie hole for good, she’s one of the most odious shills I’ve had the misfortune to meet, only reason she gets all this publicity is because MI5 are still writing her scripts and controlling these fake truther networks which publicise her disinfo. The whore’s panto tranny boyfriend David Shiller and love child Charles Veitch are serious clowns out to undermine and peddle subterfuge. None have done a days work their entire existence despite their lives of luxury.

  7. Ozakurooster says:

    She just cancelled herself out: her ex-husband was David Shayler, another ‘Ex-MI5 whistleblower.’ And why interview in Canada? The attack on American on September 11, 2001 originated out of Britain and came through the Canadian military. This isn’t ‘whistle blowing’; any good investigative journalist could dig this stuff out – and have.

  8. keshsor says:

    @muckletoon Annie had little saving may be or living life of poor women but thinking there are homeless people lot more worse condition than i am? Or she thinking killing innocents in name of what? I am not serving my country or people so why the hell i continue and continue to kill women and children in name of one f??????? job?

  9. keshsor says:

    Annie you are true Solder and true Worrior of all time. What you doing is great. The hardship you talked about, what they put you through is the pain they gave you for being honest and straight with your life. At the end it came out great help to whole society because what you done. People like you make this world safer because at list low life politicians do fear a liitle just in case Annie is around?

  10. muckletoon says:

    @masonfreeparty Mahon’s lies about Lockerbie and 911TVFakery demonstrate she is still a govt stooge, along with the fact she hasn’t worked or earned a penny for herself in ten years. Obviously MI5 are still buying her food, paying her rent and writing her scripts. David Shayler was a controlled demolition and Rodriguez is also hideous CIA imposter. I remember JimmyWalters event at Manchester townhall too, looking back it was like an A to Z of the most disgusting 9/11 shills.

  11. terrybeaton says:

    @olympiafc I never suggested that she was lying about anything. In fact, I stated that I thought she was telling the truth. My suspicion was that she was ‘hiding something’ in regards to her story. Which throws doubt on her ‘motives’, not her honesty. As for the facts she presents, she’s hardly throwing a light on anything of real substance. People already think worse things about MI5 as it is. But I see what you’re saying about her nervouness, and you may have a point.

  12. olympiafc says:

    @terrybeaton Annie is speaking freely about the truth This will make many bad people angry with her. Put yourself in her shoes, she must feel nervous talking about this, of course her body language / tone of voice will be very similar to that of a liar, but she seems nervous, of course anyone would revealing this sort of information. Much respect to her. God bless you Annie

  13. liketanyanot says:

    @masonfreeparty If someone asked me when I was appearing next (I do lots of radio shows, etc) I would say “I need to check my calendar. I haven’t got a clue.” I think the only agenda here is the one she needed to check to see where she was next speaking. A “back room team”? You mean like a PR person and a booking agent? Sometimes people are human and space out and forget.

  14. madelena1234 says:

    David’s research does not stop at Lizard People. It goes a lot, lot deeper. Everyone has a right to remain skeptical. Yet, everything David said way back in the nineties, has now manifested, i.e. an attack on a major US city, and global financial melt down. Check that info out if you don’t believe me. It has taken me years to verify David. And I was mocking him with others in the nineties. I have changed my views since then.

  15. muslimah871 says:

    @madelena1234 david icke has absolutely no proof of his claims, i believe the elite do have a bizarre secret religion and they worship weird creatures such as the devil, but that they actually are not human and from another planet seems far fetched, he should keep his luny beliefs to himself so that we can tackle the real issues at hand.

  16. terrybeaton says:

    @madelena1234 Here’s an idea. I’m just putting it out there. Is there a possibility that our so called ex-spy is now a well placed informer to the ‘activists’ that you speak of. Wait, no, don’t even entertain such a notion. It’s crazy!

  17. look there are many other things that make me suspicious…like the first big 911 conference held in manchester in 2005 where all the names/ emails of the people attending mysteriously got lost ..the filming of the event was also bungled…shayler and machon were involved in the organising…later machon did a tour with william rodriguez who publically slated dr judy wood on Radio 5 in an interview..

  18. madelena1234 says:

    @masonfreeparty I respect your opinion, but a glitch in the works when it comes to an appearance at the next venue does not prove she is not a sincere whistle blower, I do not see the connection.I used to tour giving workshops, sometimes I got confused. She might be have been blunt and offended you. But why let your personal issues tarnish woman’s overall reputation?

  19. @madelena1234 i’ve met Annie face to face several times and i know she is following an agenda..i caught her out once at a derby 911 meeting…i asked her where she was appearing next and she hadnt got a clue despite her being booked at a leeds meeting the next thursday so either she lied or has a back room team pulling her strings

  20. madelena1234 says:

    @muslimah871 David was lampooned, scorned and lost his career because of his claims, just like Annie. Easy to judge others who stand against the herd mentality. Few r capable of such courage, and have not done enough research either. U R not listenng to her.Try losing yr job because U speak the truth. Believe it or not, there are good people, who believe in their cause. Cynics cannot see this!

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