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Eye of the Illuminati

Conspiracy|05 Mar, 2013|4 Comments |
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Created by Mark Howitt, the Eye of the Illuminati is a long documentary that looks into conspiracies involving governments and power-hungry leaders to keep control over the population of earth. Going in-depth into ideas like how the elite control us, why people are starving in Africa even though the rest of the world has the power to help them, and even why James Bond was used in the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic games.

Secret practices, occults, secret societies and more are diagnosed and expanded upon, showing how we are slaves to a small group of people, and not reaching our fullest potential. The history of the Illuminati, originating from Bavaria, is also explained.

Eye of the Illuminati, 3.6 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Gregory Kenny says:

    A call to arms for all humans to connect to a new reality for survival or stay
    complacent and not accept a new paradigm and accept that we live on a dying planet.

  2. Emiliano says:

    Basically an essay with some images, patronising, sensationalist and boring

  3. roger says:

    whee is doc!

  4. Neil Paleja says:

    Interesting !!!

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