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Extreme Universe

Science|04 Nov, 2012|35 Comments |
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Ever wondered what would happen if you were absorbed by a black hole? Or, if wormholes could make time travel a reality?
And life could survive on Earth a meteor as big as the one that took the dinosaurs?

Now you can find in this captivating series. Join experts as the most amazing unravel the mysteries of the cosmos, with the latest scientific theories, while dramatic sequences and everyday examples of the incredible forces.

1. Is anyone out there? Exploring our own planet in search of clues about what alien life might look like, discover how scientists are looking for foreigners and what might happen if they ever to make contact.

2. Collision Course. Meet the scientists working to defend against a catastrophic accident, before exploring deep space collisions on a colossal scale.

3. Space storms. The proof of the implacable power of the worst weather on Earth, before traveling through the universe to find the 17,500 km / h winds and storms of methane from space.

4. Edge of space. Delve into the unknown on a journey into the deep ocean and deep space, while seeking the answers to some of the more unfathomable questions of humanity.

5. Time Bombs. Planets, moons and stars can tackle riots at any time. Is it possible to predict when Mother Nature seems?

6. Star Gates. Throughout history, humans have been fascinated by the stars. Discover how astronomy played a crucial role in the earliest civilizations.

Extreme Universe , 1.8 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. Mukesh Kumar says:

    have u seen the whole can u say it is fantastic and beautiful. first see it completely dear n then comment ….

  2. mukeshmahr says:

    have u seen the whole can u say it is fantastic and beautiful. first see it completely dear n then comment ….

  3. Despite all our discoveries, we still haven’t found intelligent beings other than ourselves in this massive universe!

  4. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ PROOF OF ALIENS BE READY 4 WHAT YOU WILL C “E.N.J.O.Y”★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

  5. this is the best comment on this video

  6. puncheex says:

    My 2 centes: Soome of the gas is heated, and some is not. If it is hot enough to ionize, then, indeed, it is a plasma. If not it is a gas, or perhaps even dust. Of course, the latter aren’t as visible, but they are still there, and are by far the lion’s share of the non-stellar non-dark mass stuff.

  7. puncheex says:

    @okuma0kuma: No. Fermi follows up on the Compton Observatory, mainly, though there have been a bunch of others measuring gamma rays. There is not a direct follow-on to Hubble, though the Webb telescope (2011) will do most of the same work it has been doing.

  8. puncheex says:

    @striderg3: Yeah, about 1/2 of 1% of it. The federal education budget is about 18 times larger, and that is probably as it should be.

  9. okuma0kuma says:

    dont follow telescopes much so farmi is going to take hubbles title as the big eye when it go off line ?

  10. 1kayakbruce says:

    very nice…good job dude

  11. 1RadicalOne says:

    This guy looks familiar…

  12. R4shM4n says:

    like, 0.02% of it, about 50% goes to millitary fnding, i think thsi is more important tbh

  13. Ivan Lynn says:

    made me laugh but that is about it

  14. Ivan Lynn says:

    great to listen watch

  15. let’s hope so for our future’s sake.

  16. striderg3 says:

    is this where the tax money is going =S ??

  17. levo75 says:

    It can play crysis with 50 fps on MAX settings.

  18. Kenzofeis says:

    Does it play BlueRay too?

  19. and how do u know that? x)plz be more specific about how u analyze one’s reply and correlate it with one’s psychological age? thanks

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