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Evidence of Revision

Conspiracy|08 Nov, 2012|74 Comments |
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Evidence of Revision enables the viewers to differentiate between the real history and the official history of America.

This 9 hour long documentary movie is divided into six episodes:

1. The Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald,

2. The Why of it all referenced to Viet Nam and LBJ,

3. LBJ, Hoover and Others. What So Few Know Even Today,

4. The RFK Assassination As Never Seen Before,

5. The RFK Assassination Continued, MK ULTRA and the Jonestown Massacre,

6. MLK Conspiratus.

Each of these episodes uses publicly unavailable and even suppressed historical audio, video, and film recordings largely unseen by the American public.

This film gives an unprecedented look into the truths of our post-modern era. It shows how the American Public has been deceived since a long time and that it is high time the truth be exposed.

Evidence of Revision, 3.9 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. you must feel dumb when the end part showed the names of everyone, but your a.d.d. self was trying to be all cute and clever before the end of it. winning

  2. ….when you read the threads, its fascinating to see people who are apathetic….they’ve forgotten that humanity…its as if the wars were fought, “lost” then nobody cared anymore…the powers that be successfully disengaged the public from the idea of a JFK, because the preceding presidents were so much more ridiculously corrupt, and contemptuous of life. That turn in life occurred with the Assassination of JFK – it was a crime against the future of America.

  3. …..yes, i understand that… I believe the statement ;”Satan was accustomed to say that our race lived a life of continuous and uninterrupted self-deception. It duped itself from cradle to grave with shams and delusions which it mistook for realities, and this made its entire life a sham. Of the score of fine qualities which it imagined it had and was vain of, it really possessed hardly one. It regarded itself as gold, and was only brass” Mark Twain’s the Mysterious Stranger

  4. ….the fallacy of history is that it repeats itself. the paradox of history is that it can be changed. The apathy of man indicates an illogic thought. Why would man capitulate in his effort to survive? The very idea of “resistance” is a historical fact. Castro lived, Kennedy died, several “so-called dictators” like Chavez have defied this “order”. Current events during lifetimes shape the mindset of a generation. Youre very statement seems to have “nilhist” all over it.

  5. …Your apathy and world weary sarcasm are especially comforting. Consent is their primary victory. I guess some care to fight for humanity (i.e., THEIR VERY LIVES), others choose to be steaks on the table by consent. I am studying history, Ghandi, and several figures have defined them over lifetimes, and several others will continue to do so, for their lives and the lives of their children are on the line..several nations will simply not permit themselves to be “genocided.

  6. lighterbuds says:

    Exactly, it’s not relevant to me. I will die and nothing will matter. Won’t matter who were the presidents. Won’t matter what current events happened. It’s all relative to every generation. Things just are and we are fools to think any of it matters. Through time there has been many events and happenings. A person living through those times aren’t special, they just are. We aren’t special and are alone in this universe and there is no God. Nothing matters. Enjoy the good parts.

  7. lighterbuds says:

    You can talk circles around history, but the fact of the matter is, it’s still pointless. We are going to die, all of us. That reality makes our whole lives and current events during our lifetimes meaningless. Any generation dating back 100s of years is pointless and doesn’t matter. If you think you matter to the elite and if you think you have power against them, you aren’t studying history.

  8. awfultin says:

    I agree that many parts of this series meander. However, a lot of the information gained (especially during RFK’s segments) was new to me upon the first viewing.I urge you to stick with it. Wade through the boring to get to the interesting. The interesting parts are beyond important information-wise.I’m thankful the actual creators of this series haven’t claimed copyright.

  9. …..yes because wasting time on the past is sort of like living your life as if nothing is going to happen and history is an accident. wasting your time on the past is sort of like repeating it over and over again without knowing why, then blaming a lot of people for being “trouble makers” for disturbing their “manufactured reality”. That statement was disgusting, and is why we are in wars and will always be in wars. Your consent is their victory. Thats why they win & we lose

  10. there is some crucial stuff in this doc, sadly, it didn’t happen till PART 9, i just kept skipping and skipping parts, I’m going to check out the other ones, maybe they’ll have more meat on the bone…

  11. ktmggg says:

    WOW! This whole series….yes, mindblowing. I’d like to see this continue through the 1970s and Nixon’s reign of terror. You know there has to be more than what was revealed. Look at the people he surrounded himself with, especially G. Gordon Liddy a psychopath of the first order.

  12. blkaladdin says:

    actually sir, if you read the statements from the head investigator at Scotland Yard who questioned Ray, he stated that Ray said that he had panicked when he saw the cops car by the store. He then dropped the bag by the door. Now I’m not saying that Ray wasn’t a patsy, I believe he was either paid, or going to get a bounty for killing him. He did have help on the way to Europe from Canada. I believe his brothers helped him.

  13. The rifle was found on the ground (with very convenient prints on it) where the police could not miss it – and you still believe JER did it ?!? Then you sir are a FOOL ……or a CIA internet propagandist

  14. @IngeniousGirl Yes but those who really run things for their own benefit (and control the media) will always make sure that the truth is not widely disseminated

  15. i cant believe i wasted my life watching this crap. JFK: suicide, RFK: suicide, MLK: suicide. case solved ! world is happy. my videos prove i am perfect !

  16. djmadco says:

    think they know. mind in corrosion state now. i hate to say this, … i

  17. blkaladdin says:

    What a load of rubbish…James Earl Ray killed MLK, Jr. Ends of story…But he did have help, I think it was his brothers

  18. lordsod69 says:

    Absolutely brilliant series; perhaps the best I have yet watched so far on Youtube, well done and thanks a million!! – Like Bob Marley sang: “How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?” its sad to see how many great souls have been silenced while they walked upon earth. The end of this series seems to sum it up where we see a photo of Martin Luther King reading a book of Mahatma Gandhi, another prophet of peace also gunned down; by a lone nut? it does makes you think!

  19. well my point was; 3 important political targets neutralized in the same decade and all blamed on sole assassins. Doesn’t take a very smart person to see a connection. JFK, RFK and MLK were political treaths to the system some people wanted to keep in working. Racism, classicism, poverty, drugs, organized crime, misuse of governmental power, seems like their little scheme unfolded quite nicely. They all opposed Vietnam and died for their beliefs.

  20. 3 important political killings in the 60s

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