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EndGame – Blueprint For Global Enslavement

Political|02 Nov, 2012|5 Comments |
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Another astonishing look at the almost complete “new world order”. Endgame, Blueprint For A New World Order explorers the elitist government behind the unification of Europe, The US and Asia. This documentary is a disturbing look at how the federal reserve and world bankers (the elite) have an almost 100% control over the governments of the entire world. Disturbing to say the least.

EndGame - Blueprint For Global Enslavement, 2.5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. Adrien says:

    Scary,yes but who knows if its true. But at the same time we are all so busy with our lives and what we belive. That it might just be happening maybe we all should ask questions to find the truth for ourselves. Just because we think it won’t happen or can’t happen dosen’t mean it is not going on right now. Do you trust everony who trys to feed you something that smells good?

  2. Jason says:

    Many interesting points are made here, but there are too many assumptions and stringing together way too many sources to develop the evidence. Lots of room for error in it’s findings.

    If everything is true, than it is even more frightening then everyone thinks, cause those spear heading this investigation are very behind in combating the supposedly conspiracy of world domination. Realize that if this organization exists as portrayed here and that organization will back every side of every conflict for profit and power, then there are many consistency backups to correct or minimize unfavorable results and unwanted exposure.

    Elitists think out side the box, in logical terms of implementing their plans and prepare to minimize failure when they occur. That’s what makes them so dangerous, especially the ones that built up their power instead of inherently it.

    But still this one makes you think hard about many of the events that have happened lately and the implications out side general knowledge. Hmmmmmm……….

  3. ruby*may says:

    I find it hard to see a motive.
    Eventualy maybe to a have a small society to enjoy the worlds resources however in the mean time to retain such power is all consuming and has always been.
    How can they not see this is not and will not allow them or anyone happiness.
    Wont, evntually their population grow?
    It seems they suffer from their own ideological hegemony.
    Also the talk of nationalism and soveireignty (‘i’m proud of being Canadian’), is it not ownership and territory (divide and conquer) that enables control?

  4. Peace says:

    Any sensible world citizen should be aware of what is happening. Just look at the stock markets and world financial system today. Somebody somewhere controls over your having job or not. Just look at the power of the banks. They create money out of nothing and make us work for that money. In turn we pay them taxes. Think deep and you will find several other reasons. But hope, evil never lasts!

  5. Luke says:

    Very informative and well documented indeed.

    I have read about the Bilderberg group over the last year or so and what its been said here by Mr Jones totally coincides with what I knew from my private research.

    The other part of the documentary on how the banking groups of the world have controlled every major war since the early 19th century, has been researched and documented extensively by Antony Sutton whose work is becoming more and more popular since his death.

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