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Ecstasy Rising

Crime, Drugs|12 May, 2012|5 Comments |
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In this Peter Jennings special, we see a expose of the most popular illicit drug, next to Cannabis, MDMA, or Ecstasy.  Peter interviews the proponents as well as the opponents of this mind altering drug. We also see how the DEA responded to the new epidemic and how a new culture has been developed around it.

Ecstasy Rising , 4.5 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Andy says:

    I’ve used E once, and yes it was amazing. but it took approximately 1 week to recovery from depression, anxiety , and a sense of detachment. I do think it’s a good drug for the clinically depressed if taken at a reasonable dosage. peace

  2. tca says:

    there is no logical point in comparing any drugs to alcohol or cigarettes. it doesnt make it alright that you have formed this opinion that its less ‘destructive’ than alcohol. the point is, its a man made substance with a brain altering chemical make up. its dangerous. beer is not dangerous nor is liquor for social drinking. the ‘destruction’ of alcohol is far less than weedheads perceive it to be because 70% of america drinks. this “destruction” is alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

    its similar analogy to say potatoes are causing more destruction than ecstacy and point to heart attacks, fat people, etc as the evidence. sure, they did get destroyed but that was an addiction.

    rambling okay peace

  3. Alberto (Madrid, Spain) says:

    I was using drugs and alcohol for 15 years (I´ve been clean and sober for 12 years) and I can tell you that a non-addictive / harmless drug simply doesn´t exist. Any mood altering substance (including alcohol) is potencially addictive. Some doctors seem to cientifically racionalize the use of drugs without considering their addictive risks. Of course, they have never gone through the hell of it. Some other people (we can see some of them in the documentary) have a clear interest in making everybody know how wonderful this drug is.

  4. dangerous dave says:

    I’ve taken lots of ecstasy, as much as 15 pills in one night, or 3-4 grams of MDMA. I do a lot of drugs… not so much any more. But the media hype and downright lies about drugs, not just E are just a propaganda campaign, plain and simple…

    This doc was a great inspiration though, for the Callide DnB tune of the same name, absolute banger!

  5. mike says:

    ive used this stuff lots of times in my life i wont exzagurate when i say 300 pills.
    altho u will be moody and probably exhausted from frequent use.
    if u keep this in check and save it for weekends or moments that allow it and it wont interfere with youre normal life.
    i think this drug is pretty much harmless, ofc the criminals that are involved and the stupid people dancing 3 nights in a row without food and sleep give this stuff a lot of bad name.

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