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BBC - Eat, Fast And Live Longer (Jedz, pôsti sa a ži dlhšie) from Jozef on Vimeo.

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Eat, Fast and Live Longer: BBC Horizon 2012

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Eat, Fast and Live Longer explores the recently accepted concept that fasting is key to longevity in the human being. Here science takes the lead to discover what can be done to change the way we live. No pills, no medicines simply fasting.

This revolutionary insight looks at a 101 year old Indian man who runs marathons; here we see him running in the London marathon and is happy that the secret lies in what and how much he eats. Mr Singh is remarkable and has never had surgery and never takes medicine…his diet is a simple diet of fresh food and eats normally only a childs type portion.

A scientific theory has been existent for as long as Mr Singh has been alive … it is this theory that Michael Moseley examines in this documentary.

It isn’t just what we eat but how and when we eat it…following from the Great Depression 1929 – 1033 remarkably, life expectancy rose by 6 years. What is the link between calorie restriction and longevity? Professor Luigi Fontana has conducted studies of many people who have restricted their diets.

Meet the CRONIs  (Calorie Restrictor on Optimal Nutrition) who eat bucket loads of fruit…and in many instances they eat just the skins and not the main part of the fruit!! 1900 cals per day v 2300 cals per day and this is the basis of a challenge between one of the CRONIs and Michael when they head to a fitness centre to be assessed.  Body fat 11% in the CRONI V 27.1% in Michael. The results are very damning and quite conclusive from these tests. The thought is that these results can be reversed by a year on the new diet.

We try now to see if the benefits of this diet can be replicated in a way which avoids the necessity to embark on this extreme diet. In the lab there are genetically engineered mice which demonstrate a fantastic difference in life expectancy. A look at a certain population within Ecuador demonstrates that none of them have died of cancer or diabetes but they are small, dwarf-like persons. IGF1 is a growth hormone which has a considerable affect upon certain people…but is there a link?

Protein is a link…which pushes us to drive forward instead of slowing us down. How do we lower IGF1…fasting… 3 days and 4 nights of fasting can show very impressive results….water, black tea and one 50 cal cuppa soup… Sitting in a Korean restaurant having eaten nothing all day is not a fantastic thought.

Hunger does not build and build but comes in waves which pass…glucose stores are depleted and you then start burning fat deposits and the liver produces less IGF1; or that is the theory on test here….has it been worthwhile?  The IGF_1 dropped by a half and reduces changes of cancer. This is an incredible discovery.

Along with a change in diet, fasting will need to be once every couple of months to maintain this dramatic change…but is there anything better which is less difficult to achieve? On to another study in Chicago where the research seems easier….alternate day restrictions. Fast day..feed day…fast day…feed day. Animal and human trials seem to indicate this is a much more palatable mechanism to achieve results.

Eat whatever you want on the feed day…then eat controlled food on the fast day.

Finally, Baltimore and the affects of ageing on the brain. Another mouse takes centre stage and these mice put on the feed/fast diet against standard diet and the results are incredible. Sporadic bouts of hunger actually trigger new neurons to grow…possibly in terms of evolutionary terms it assists survival…fasting does seem to make you sharper!!

Simple conclusion: Alternate day fasting is definitely better than continual calorie restriction.

Micheal is going to embark upon a 5 days normal and 2 days fasting diet….then test and describe the results after 5 weeks on the diet.

His Initial Results:

  • Lost over a stone (14 lbs)
  • Body fat down from 27% to 20%
  • IGF-1 dropped by 50%
  • Diabetic glucose  back to normal
  • Cholesterol great improvement.

Find out more about the 5:2 Fasting Diet.

Or try this book!

Eat, Fast and Live Longer: BBC Horizon 2012, 4.3 out of 5 based on 152 ratings
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  1. JKU says:

    What a phenomenal documentary! My roommate, my parents, and myself are two days into the fasting. Our energy levels have increased, and I have already lost 4 pounds!

  2. Karrie barron says:

    Over weight , 60+ and worried about what my future holds I can’t wait to give this a trial! Inspirational documentary ! Thanks

  3. les taylor says:

    i have just heard of this way of life, after watching the programme and reading lots on the inter-net, i have decided to give it a try, i’m well over weight by at least 6 stone, i work hard during the day but my weight stays the same, over the years i think i have tried most diets but i get bored with them, then the yoyo starts and i seem to put it all back and some more, i like the idea of this fasting counting calories bores me to death, i will have porridge first thing a cup of soup and a small meal in the evening which will be under the 600 calories on fas days. i know i have the will power to start with and i hope it will become a way of life, or i’m sure i will die early if i carry on the way i’m going.

  4. Now i don’t have the highs and lows of sugar i am able to concentrate a whole lot better. Constipation i get no more! This is easily resolved by eating avocado’s anyway. Liver and bone problems? I would argue that sugar causes those (diabetes from insulin resistance). There is the the matter of kidney stones but its unlikely if you do not over do the protein (-200g). Poor nutrition, yeah i look like i am.

  5. I don’t agree. Been following the diet for a year. First time i ever have had a well defined six pack in my 30 years of life. Increased disease risk? Who told you that? Doctors with taught knowledge or people with first hand experience (Eskimo’s, various tribes). Bad breath? Yes but we have chewing gum and the breath is hardly noticeable. Fatigue and brain fog only occur during induction, i have never had this since and in fact i would argue that you have it the wrong way round!

  6. oc00011 says:

    true, and i’m sure you’d agree that it is at least as moral to help look after other’s health too (if it doesn’t jeopardise your own health). so if not eating meat results in you being healthier, which is scientifically proven, and eating meat is resulting in you giving ‘supply&demand’ to animals living unhealthy (&torture-filled) lives, and then being killed, then it would logically follow that not eating meat is the moral action (or non-action) to take.

  7. oc00011 says:

    “if we kill them in a resonably pain free” – the idea of “killing humanely” is hilariously Absurd! all of us at some point thought its an actual thing, which means at the time (for you, its ‘now’ included) we were bordering on mental illness.a “lion” does it for survival. we don’t only survive without meat, we live longer without eating animal fat. we eat meat for ‘taste’, pleasure, that came from psychological&physical torture of a sentient being.u talk of abrahamic “god”, no morality there.

  8. mpro420o says:

    moral how animal have no rights weather ud even if u hippies would like them to there animals and dont give me the humans are animals to we are not we are made in Gods image the bible does not say the same about animals it say we where given dominion over the animals so we own then this doesnt give us the right to abuse the animals or kill them for fun but if we kill them in a resonably pain free manner then thats perfectly fine. besides we kill em humanly if a lion or sumthin gets em its brutal

  9. oc00011 says:

    if you like your diet to follow logic in this way, you would do well to consider becoming vegetarian. you still get all the nutritional benefits that meat can give you, but without consuming the NUMBER 1 CAUSE of EVERY FATAL HEART CONDITION imaginable (animal fat). look up the stats. imagine, the two top causes of death in the world, heart disease and stroke, both are caused by consuming animal fat i.e. The major factor of cholesterol, high blood pressure its the moral thing to do(!)

  10. Derek Green says:

    ThomasThe problems with a No carb diets are as follows INCREASED DISEASE RISK, BAD BREATH, KETOACIDOSIS, CONSTIPATION, FATIGUE AND BRAIN FOG, KIDNEY, LIVER AND BONE PROBLEMS PLUS POOR NUTRITION.Think I will stick to fasting, never could see the attraction of bad breath or constipation.

  11. Derek Green says:

    Muslims around the world like, Sulley Muntari began the monthlong fasting ritual of Ramadan in Aug. Abstaining from food or drink during daylight hours is challenging enough, but for the Ghana-born Muntari, a professional soccer player with Italy’s Serie A team Inter Milan, running more than six miles per game on an empty stomach might have proved to be too much. In his first match after the start of Ramadan, the midfielder was removed from the game after just half an hour of play.

  12. Derek Green says:

    Why are you trying to fast without Breakfast ? what are trying to achieve by fasting ?On the 600 or 500 two day calorie control diet as undertaken by Michael Mosley. You will lose weight and improve the possibility of other health benefits, without skipping breakfast.

  13. Derek Green says:

    I don’t often recommend taking supplements when you can find it in food. But there are two supplements I recommend and take myself every day. If you are over forty then Ubiquinol and Vitamin B12 are a must. Ubiquinol is the chemical that is released when coQ10 is broken down by the body. As you get older the body has a problem breaking it down Q10You can find higher levels of Q10 in pork/ beef liver and hart. Not everybody can or wants to eat these products. Look up Ubiquinol & B12 supplements

  14. @bdbniom yep. i know you were also thought it might be a fake promise. but i can tell you one thing, i really got shocked when i got paid a cheque of $300 for reading emails and doing surveys. lol. you can also get it from here =>

  15. xKreakenx says:

    Consider that you might just be continually breaking your fast throughout the day and not reaping [x] portion of the benefits. Fun factz you only get hungry by habit (chemically because of ghrelin spikes that I believe are tied to one’s established eating pattern)- not eating for larger than normally sanctioned lengths of time is a struggle if you mope all day about the habit your breaking, so go out and be productive while you conquer your health.

  16. In Hinduism there is atleast one occassion every month when one can fast. Very long fasts are not advocated (it leads to acidity and then ulcers as we see in lots of our muslims friends who fast for a month during Ramzan). Definitely our forefathers knew all these well enough.

  17. Derek Green says:

    AhmedmaaliIm not an atheist “One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods”. The topic was about fasting. I was pointing out that Islam is a new religion as aposed to the old religions like, Buddhism,Hinduism, Judaism, Crististanity. All these old religions talk about Fasting for health reasons. As I understand it the Quran talks about Adam, jesus and many other features surounding the Bible. If fasting was taking place when mohamed was teaching why not include them in the Quran

  18. Derek Green says:

    This was my meal patern on Monday7-00am Mug of tea with low-fat milk-29cal (in bed)8-15am porrage-98cal,plus a cup of tea-14cal11-30am Mug of coffee-29cal01-00pm 3 Callo rice cakes(chilli flavour) with sliced warm beetroot-152cals03-00pm Mug of tea-29cal06-00pm-Omelet, 3 large eggs, Asparagus, spinage,carrot (shavings),tomato and cheese, (serves 2)- 216 cals each serving. Finished off with grapes (2 or 3 cals each grape)I drink a glass of water at least 5 times during the day.

  19. Hi Derek it was difficult to start with as we didn’t have a clue about calories but Sophie has got a good book that gives clas per 100g of all sort of food stuff and that, as you say, is the key to getting a nice tasty meal that is reduced in cals.Kind Regards … Andy

  20. Hey I’m really sorry that should be 50 grams of meat NOT 500 500g is 1.1 lb 50 g of meat is just a couple of very thinly sliced small pieces ham. The quantities are what we each have, I may have a banana in the evening but Sophie wouldn’t have that, if we feel like something else we may have a bit of sliced celery and cucumber but I stay below 600 Kcals. What I’ll do is send a personal message with a typical ‘Fast days diet’ Sorry about the error.Kind regards … Andy

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