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Download: The True Story of the Internet

Science|29 Aug, 2012|44 Comments |
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This documentary is about the technological, cultural, commercial and social revolution that has drastically and fundamentally changed our lives forever; this is a story in which 20-year-olds become overnight billionaires, create, destroy and re-create an immense amount of wealth in a mere ten years. The men and women who made it possible come forward to speak on the subject in this documentary.

The founders of eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape, Google and many others tell amazing stories of how, in ten short years, the Internet took over our lives. These extraordinary men and women tell us how they went from being computer obsessed nerds to being 21st-century visionaries in merely a decade. And, also how they made untold billions along the way!

The style of the story-telling is very anecdotal and personal. With first-hand testimony from the people that matter, a story is told that has all the excitement of a thriller — full of battles and back-stabbing, moments of genius and moments of sheer hilarity.

Download is hosted by technology journalist John Heileman, whose edgy and combative style enthralls and captivates the audience changing their outlook towards internet forever!

Download: The True Story of the Internet, 2.2 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. Do some research, it’s not open to discussion. #3 was a nuclear detonation, even lying colluding Tepco admits it . Just as Tepco finally admitted what millions already know:: All three cores exited their containments Months ago.

  2. puncheex says:

    Please demonstrate how solar, water, and wind can replace coal as a base-load supplier. Remember, an aluminum mill runs 24 hours around the clock, and cannot be stopped without ruining the plant. So I’ll be anxious to hear how you will guarantee power for them in the middle of winter, and what it will cost.

  3. puncheex says:

    Well, the essence of the fact that bombs require specially enriched fuel makes a mockery of you “nuclear detonation” statement. No such thing happened; if it could, Iran wouldn’t have to enrich uranium beyond a low level.

  4. puncheex says:

    Almost all industrial accidents result from a string of low-probability events which happen to catch up and happen in a string. At Chernobyl it was a reactor design with several flaws, a wind-down test that failed and had to be re-run, which fell to a third shift less well trained operator force with a particularly strained manager, ignoring test specifications, ignoring other warnings, shutting the SKALA computer out of control, erroneously withdrawing most of the control rods, and so on.

  5. puncheex says:

    Well, we certainly have no place if we’re confusing fission (from bombs, and nuclear power up to now) with fusion, which is still “20 years away”, and has been for 40 years. Do you see why we who do know some science discount your whining? If you’d had your way when the industrial revolution started, we’d still be revolving.

  6. Do you know the life span of the nuclear chemicals that have already been created? What would you have us do with them? The Soviet RBMK reactors were built without following the proper safety standards. That’s what helped cause the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident. And for the record, Uranium and Plutonium, two radioactive properties used in the creation of nuclear cores, are natural resources! Know your facts!

  7. I notice you only see 2 options. Coal, oil, etc…and nuclear power. But there are other natural resources in endless supply: solar, water and wind power…and they don’t run the risk of poisoning millions of people and polluting whole sections of the earth for 200,000 plus years (plutonium).

  8. Not entirely true. The control rods were tipped with a metal that created a surge of energy when they were placed into the reactor to try to slow down the overheating. Also, the entire reactor was built in haste, so it had design flaws, such as, the roof of the building, which should have been built with fire-resistant material was built with combustible material. Also, if it was human error, we DO have to assume it WILL happen again. If humans are running it, there will be human errors!

  9. KorieHayai says:

    It’s a shame that we can’t stop messing with nuclear stuff but people will continue to use it as it’s an extremely efficient source of energy, in terms of using up resources is concerned. It’s an equivalent exchange though in the dangers of using it..the better the reward, the greater the trial. In this case, if you mess up it does not end well. Their intentions are good, but things like this throw the true colors of our world on what we wish could be a perfect source of energy.

  10. KorieHayai says:

    This disaster reminds me of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. That was caused, too, by human error. Again, a design flaw that superiors overlooked for one reason or another caused a disaster that could have been completely avoided if everyone was informed/put safety first. It’s kind of eerie when you see such similarities, especially on opposite sides of the world.

  11. KorieHayai says:

    Nuclear power is ridiculously efficient in producing energy. Compared to relying on natural resources which we are quickly drying up on. The Human population is growing and the demand for energy grows with it. Things such as coal, oil ect…will run out, extremely quickly at the rate we are consuming them. They will not be able to reproduce quickly enough to accommodate us. The energy content of a kilogram of uranium equivalent to about 3.5 million kilograms of coal when used for energy.

  12. musiktube420 says:

    This documentary along with all the other nuclear related videos are visual evidence that people have no place messing with nuclear fusion. We should put a stop to it worldwide we are the majority of course not the governments or currupt evil people that do these things without human regard. We should do it to them and the people they know and love without asking them and see if they like there lives in our hands. :)

  13. tomcatt3733 says:

    Its human error, Soviet Nuclear Engineers had little understanding on the equipment and a made mistake in human error, the equipment was not at fault at all. You don’t have to worry about another tragedy like this ever again. If you talk about Fukushima that was because of a Tsunami, equipment was bever a problem in both cases.

  14. koppellhinex says:


  15. @1337chsacker You are completely wrong. Mark one refers to first generation Westinghouse reactors. Some of the original designers resigned from the Fukushima projuect, they were so unsafe. Chernobyl was graphite had has Nothing to do with the subject. Keep learning. I would go to Arnold Gunderson’s channel he speaks on them at some length.

  16. @1337chsacker Find Arnold Gunderson and Christopher Buzby on YT. Gunderson has :”Fairewinds” on YT. Both will say what I’ve typed here, Fuku’ is so far past Chernobyl there is no comparison. reactor 3 was a nuclear detonation and spewed over 600,000 plutonium pellets up to 2 miles away.”Breath deep, breath in the air, don’t be afraid to care…” MsMilkeytheclown has videos of both of them and lots of other current bad news.I didn’t say Chernobyl was a Mark 1,I said the USA has Mark 1 reactors

  17. @1337chsacker Arnold Gunderson disagrees with you and I’ll go with him. I think he says some 20 reactors are Mark 1 design. Now, go back into your fantasy land cave of “It can’t happen here”. Frank Zappa proved in 1967, you’re an idiot, wake up. It can happen here. And it will. Ft Calhoun, Taos, and the East Coast Earthquake are trying to tell you something. “AwakenFinland” has interviews with Arto Lauri, another nuke expert who disagrees with you.

  18. @1337chsacker All the Mark 1 reactors are flawed in design. Hence the 3 complete meltdowns at Fukushima. And the USA has many Mark 1′s, some 20, I think. Also, there are over 300% more spent fuel rods in storage than designed for. In part because there is nowhere to store them. There are issues with the placement of reactors, like Ft Calhoun, which was under some 8ft of water. In case of an external power failure, backup power for USA reactors is Less than at Fukushima. So, we’re fuku’d

  19. ivanvajar says:

    @1337chsacker USA plants are NOT safe. Reactors are built and run in the assumption that nothing serious will happen, such as human error or natural catastrophe. American reactors were built and sold all over the world under this presumption. Nothing can contain the kind of power that nuclear reactors have once they go out of control. There are different and better ways to use nuclear energy for the same purpose of generating electricity and scientists know about them, but nobody else cares.

  20. we believed and beloved in blind for the government…. that was our problem……… and ye have same problem till that day… :) no government cares on individual..the sooner you understand that people the better… irw

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