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Do You Want To Live Forever?

Science|22 Nov, 2012|86 Comments |
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Channel 4 Documentary following the revolutionary life extension and immortality ideas of this somewhat eccentric scientist, Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

This show is about the radical ideas of a Cambridge biomedical gerontologist called Aubrey de Grey, who believes that within the next 20-30 years, which could prolong life indefinitely by addressing seven major factors in the process aging.

He describes his work as Strategies for Engineering Negligible aging (SENS).

The theory describes SENS “seven deadly things” that erode the youth of the body at the cellular level, eventually leading to death from old age.

Aubrey de Grey means to implement the exercise, gene therapy, stem cells, and other methods yet to be discovered of medicine to counteract each of these devices advancing age:

1. Cell death and atrophy: can be treated with exercise, stem cells and chemicals that stimulate cell division.

2. Cancer cells: Theoretically it can be treated with a type of gene therapy are being developed, called whole-body interdiction of lengthening of telomeres (Wilt).

3. Mutant mitochondria: DNA mutated mitochondria causes a number of diseases. These can be avoided by moving the mitochondrial DNA in the cell nucleus, where the rest of the DNA resides.

4. Cellular senescence (unwanted cells): The fat cells and there are things that are unwanted can be removed surgically or by stimulating the immune system to attack the unwanted cells.

5. Extracellular crosslinks (loss of elasticity): Certain proteins, such as those of the cells that form the arteries become too rigid over time because it linked. These bonds can be broken with certain chemicals (some in clinical trials even today).

6 extracellular junk, “Plate”, which contains between cells can be eliminated by stimulating the immune system, and / or through the use of peptides called “beta-breakers”.

7. Intracellular Garbage: Garbage molecular certain cells can avoid overwhelming the introduction of enzymes that are known to be effective against these molecules.

Do You Want To Live Forever?, 3.6 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. maxgunn555 says:

    i dont’ what you’re referring to by transaction of the spinal cord. but spinal cord.. that made me realise spinal cord is connected to the brain and is also connected to the spine and the spine is outside the body so that alone proves it. memory is obviously mainly about the brain but small fragments of the components of it probably go about your general cells. im just quoting experts like aubrey de grey even said technicalities of it being in your body.

  2. xm1332 says:

    It’s simple really…only brain damage causes memory loss…also complete transaction of the spinal cord should have rendered a person unable to access the memory stored outside the head…unless u suggest memory circulates in blood

  3. spaceteapot says:

    please, go back to the crazy part of youtube.

  4. VeryCh33zy says:

    There is a forum you could look at. I will not post it here. Your comment has great meaning, but have you thought about what you said? To think that this may already be happening would be a bit out of this world to the normal person, but if you think it can happen in the future, why couldn’t it have happened in the past? Because technology wasn’t as advanced? There may be more ways than 1 to achieve immortality, and we may not need advanced technology to actually achieve it.

  5. this would be fucked. Rich people would hoard the technology and keep it at a high price. Therefore, only rich people would live forever and they would continue to gain money exponentially, creating a self-perpetuating, selective kingdom of wealth and conspiracy.

  6. Theophagous says:

    terraform other planets (Mars for example), even reprogram our bodies to live in harsher conditions (like outer space), etc.All in all, we can’t know what lies there unless we try, and we always have the option of not using those remedies (once they’re ready) if we don’t want to..

  7. Theophagous says:

    I’m not sure people will actually want to have children once they can live young for a very long time.. or at least they’ll probably delay it for very long in order to enjoy their lives freely.. not to mention that 1/ if we really have a problem of overpopulation we can simply set laws to restrict birth rate 2/ technological development in other areas may allow us to gain more space for habitat on Earth (build cities under water or on the surface of it), use resources from other planets,

  8. Oh right extremely narrow…considering how many people have written entire books on this very subject, your the one with the extremely narrow view. Overpopulation is a real concern are you totally oblivious of this? Resources such as water are not as easy to get as you seem to think, but i forgot that you can read the future. India is a prime example of this where clean water is scarce, same with Africa.

  9. David S says:

    You seem to hold this extremely narrow view that we’ll stumble upon some magical pill that’ll make us immortal and the rest of the world will stay the same.I suspect that immortality is more like 100 years away rather than 20-30, but by then we’ll have so much technology that the concept of “overpopulation” wont make sense.We have more than enough space, more than enough clean resources and so why is it a problem?

  10. David S says:

    It’s not really about making rich people live longer, but only when the technology for that is available will it spread to other countries.Just the cellphone even a hobo owns today is cheaper and more powerful than something only the elite had access to just a decade ago.

  11. Look it up, it’s what scientists have purposed heres we really need to focus the starving nations of the world and the staggering deaths they have. Not making rich people live longer, because that’s who will be getting these drugs. Just like how there is never enough medical care poorer countries. Making the rich live longer doesn’t benefit the world only the individual.

  12. i dont understand your math, since the statistics aren’t telling so, but anyway i dont think that a overpopulated nation that in a theoretical situation developed such an advanced nanotechnology which defeats aging will not be smart enough to at least minimize lack of resources and many other problems once the benefits of it aren’t only applied for medical care

  13. Even with people having less children and the Rates decreasing it wont be enough, it will slow down the population but it will still grow and grow as time goes on. The population by 2050 is expected to be about 10.5, now if you include this with a MIRACLE DRUG the population will be ridiculous people wont die. IMAGINE the amount of people that die daily….for every 2 people that die 3 are born. Take the former out and the population will explode…we wont be able to SUSTAIN ourselves.

  14. 2-3 kids HERE is enough to mantain the population and not increase but it was only an example of a 3rd world country where the birth rate is aggressively dropping over the decades. this is happening all over the world ofc in CERTAIN places is increasing just like in CERTAIN places of my country is increasing too but OVERALL is decreasing and the tedence is the decrease even more, it wont stop the growth now but after the peak will do

  15. Birthrates are slowing in CERTAIN countries others not at all, Even if people had 2-3 kids a family that would still increase the population a lot. The actual decline as far as “RATES” may be down but the population will always be increasing unless some type of disease happens. And if you throw a wonder drug in the mix populations would be ridiculous…

  16. its all a matter of time and i see 2 reasons for that: population growth is getting slower and birth rate never were so low, where i live for exemple is a third world country (brazil) and in the past people used to raise 10-7 child now it dropped to 2-3. as for dictators if they live only 100 years i will gratz them hahahaha the world has changed they all will fail just like any kind of totalitarianism

  17. I know people wont be immortal thats why i said 1000. I dont see anything stopping the rate of population at all, why would it stop? there is no reason for it to. It isn’t decreasing in America, Japan is decreasing because they have 1 child on average whereas in Africa people have 5 or more children. And your notion only the very wealthy in 1st world nations will live to 1000s, imagine the stranglehold those people would have on the would if horrible dictators and billionaires lived that long.

  18. it’s a peak and will decrease in the next decades (already started on developed countries) also no one will be immortal, as for me I live in a violent country I can get killed or smashed by a car etc, etc… we will just survive to aging and other diseases just like today we dont die to influenza anymore

  19. No not really. They spoke about that, we need to make room for the next generation. As the one guy said Science evolves at funerals, its true. We don’t need dinosaurs controlling everything. Could you imagine a corrupt political figure or billionaire living for 1000 years. Or a horrible dictator like Hitler that would literally reign for 1000s years or more. That would be a total nightmare.

  20. philpotamkin says:

    if body matured but never aged after, then i would want to live forever. But just like everything, things are finite. So living forever would be useless from being human. We live and die, have finite time, so we can experience everything with time. Without time and death, life would be boring and systimetic.

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