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Dimensions: A Walk Through Mathematics

Science|06 Nov, 2012|114 Comments |
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A film for all audiences! Nine chapters, two hours of math, which will lead gradually to the fourth dimension. Mathematical vertigo guaranteed!

Two dimensions – Hipparchus shows how to describe the position of any point on Earth with two numbers … and explains the stereographic projection: how to draw a map of the world.

In three dimensions – MC Escher talks about the adventures of two-dimensional creatures trying to imagine what they seem three-dimensional objects.

The Fourth Dimension – Ludwig mathematical objects Schläfli talks about living in the fourth dimension … and shows a parade of four-dimensional polytopes, strange objects, with 24, 120 and even 600 faces!
Complex numbers – Adrien Douady explains the mathematical complex numbers. The square root of negative numbers is easy! The transformation of the plane, deforming pictures, creating fractal images …
Fibration – The mathematician Heinz Hopf explains his “fibration”. The use of complex numbers that builds pretty patterns of circles in space. Circles, bulls … everything that goes in the space of four dimensions.

Test – Mathematician Bernhard Riemann explains the importance of math tests. We show a theorem on stereographic projection.

Dimensions: A Walk Through Mathematics, 3.3 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. pinball1970 says:

    “but then I do wonder what about people like Schindler? He helped the jews without expecting any rewards.”That is not how it works. Schindler was born without knowing he had his altruistic genes just as he was unaware of his gene coding for alcohol dehydrogenaseWe act altruistically without knowing why. You see a child crying and the impulse is to act even if there is no relationThe answer is we all used to be neighbours and the you scratch my back gene was more relevant

  2. R.Dawkins ist der Capitän Francesco Schettino des Wissenschaftsbetriebs, der das Schiff der exakten Naturwissenschaften in die Havarie der atheistischen Halbwissenschaften zusteuert. Mit seinem waghalsigen Manöver eines Hasardeurs wird er unzählige Passagiere der “Costa Scienza” in die unmoralische Vernunftlosigkeit kentern und die Wissenschaften in die Propaganda der antiwissenschaftlichen Gehirnwäsche stürzen.

  3. jazzx251 says:

    er — that doesn’t explain how insects behave in a selfless manner.Corporate Capitalism is where the one takes the riches of the many. That’s inevitably where it ends up. Where it MUST end up. And that’s what we see today – as banks don’t lend to small business, instead shoring up their dealings with the multinationals, who in turn will go to the wall one by one until there’s only one left.

  4. aaronsdavis says:

    Agreed. Co-operation exists because it can aid in SURVIVAL, the most important word in the english language when it comes to the study of organisms. Religion itself exists because it can aid survival! Otherwise, it would have been weeded out centuries ago.

  5. dedbusted says:

    Well, you should read Rand more thoroughly. Your rather hasty generalization and attack on capitalists are not justified. Use some reasoning rather than being emotional and unreasonable. You are merely showing your lack of logic by saying capitalists starve people and to “take my Atlas-Shrugged mentality elsewhere.” You lack understanding of Rand and capitalism and have attached yourself to the emotional, irrational thinking used by far-left socialists. Debate me using logic rather than emotion.

  6. Modern capitalism gives freedom to those born with power and lets the rest starve. Freedom can only exist where there is opportunity. Take your Atlas Shrugged-loving mentality elsewhere. Dawkins is no simpleton, he is a man that deserves as much respect and I dare say more than Rand. Just my opinion though, from a humble reader of Rand and Dawkins.

  7. oknowish says:

    Natural systems of existence do not compute neatly to political or economic systems. Justifying your “artificial” system with evidence of how nature works is a twisted way of thinking. It just strikes me as putting human “logic” where it really does not belong. Do you really think any system we create will last for hundreds of millions of years or even thousands? Our hubris is bloated beyond imagination.

  8. br006DL says:

    Pure altruism is not what makes a human moral. What makes a human moral is the balance between selfishness and altruism. If you are purely altruistic, you will be taken advantage of. If you are purely selfish, no one would want to help you. If you balance, people will help you and you won’t be taken advantage of.

  9. jake180289 says:

    That’s what the program proved not to be the case. If altruism does not prove advantageous in an evolutionary sense, doesn’t that mean nice guys DO exist because they are truly altruistic as opposed to being nice for their own ends?

  10. FarhanC99 says:

    in the prisoners choice, id choose D ever single timeif u choose C the minimum u can get is 1, and maximum u can get is 3but if u choose D, the minimum is 2 and maximum is 4all round d is the only reasonable option if its a true gamble

  11. jake180289 says:

    You guess what is the reality of our nature? I think you are commenting on something else. The whole point of the exercise at the end is that an initial level of altruism leads to success. And rather than doubting people’s motives we should be accepting charity no matter what.

  12. vertigo0331 says:

    Not that it was the point of the example, but it just struck as such a beautiful example of how we are all truly just trying to get by for ourselves and our loved ones. Its precisely that love and the fear that accompanies it which allow politicians and religious leaders to coerce us into doing horrible things from slaughtering jews in death camps, to suspending civil rights, to invading sovereign nations as a ‘precaution’.

  13. vertigo0331 says:

    Having been through the worst fighting Iraq could offer in ’05,’06, and ’07, the story of mutual cooperation in WWI was so beautiful and so frustrating at the same time. The kinds of violent devastation war wreaks on minds and bodies of men is not the natural desire of men. While we obviously have severe disagreements and violent altercations happen between individuals and small groups, the kind of extended combat modern man (last 10,000 years) has devised is contrary to the nature humanity.

  14. nuttykanuck says:

    The prisoner’s dilemma exercise is not optimally played. The administrators of the experiment should not be in the room, and when you hear the big felt markers, you can hear the difference between C and D. So it’s just a game of chicken, not prisoner’s dilemma. All you have to do is to wait for the second felt marker stroke to decide between C and D.

  15. MoLovatt says:

    You’re right. I would rather watch old episodes on youtube than the new episodes that appear on my iplayer and which are about mundane things like exercise and weight gain. Just finished watching this and an old episode about Andrew Wiles / Fermat’s last theorem. Horizon used to be about raising our, well, horizons!

  16. I agree. Lot’s of religions and philosophies have advocated the tit-for-tat concept (at least within the tribal group), shown here. Treat others as you would like to be treated, is an example. But this is simply a manifestation of what a society needs to survive and thrive, turned into dogma.

  17. MentalForIt says:

    Its this point that i think is most valuable against religion. Morality doesn’t come from religion, its origins are effectively described here. I am sick of people telling me morality is objective. No, morality is subjective to the most productive tactic, which happens to be a nice one.

  18. CrackersForKwakers says:

    Selfish bloody Pakis, the Paki girl didn”t even wait for the “ready steadt go” and claimed her winnings..The white girl heard the curry muncher had drawn a “D” so she drew one but probably didnt plan to (she let the paki in our country didnt she).They come here with their selfish way of life and take our way of lif as well – What do you call a Paki doing charity work for British people? Asif. Why do pakis have big noses? Air is free. Is that a Paki superhero? No he just wont pay for a haircut.

  19. @therealnetgrazer Ignorance isn’t an excuse to break the law. If i went to a movie theater and video taped an entire movie and put it on youtube i can’t just randomly say i’m doing to educational purposes and call it fair use. Fair use is not for uploading an entire work that is copyrighted. Don’t get me wrong, i’m glad you posted it, it’s a good video and everything. It’s just that it’s still against the law.

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