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Detox or Die

Drugs|01 Oct, 2013|7 Comments |
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Detox or Die is a unique perspective on addiction and the need to cleanse yourself in any way possible. From a very personal view, film maker David Scott takes us on a journey from his addiction to opiates for over 20 years to testing out an unlicensed ‘miracle’ drug that puts you in a terrible hallucinatory state for 36 hours then supposedly cleanses you of the addiction. Is this new drug the cure for addiction, or is it something that could kill him instead? Follow David through his thoughts on all this.


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Iboga: The Visionary Root of African Shamanism (Paperback)

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Shows how African shamans have used ibogaine for hundreds of years to communicate with ancestral spirits

• Includes an interview with shaman Mallendi, initiation-master of the sacred root

• Shows that the iboga plant, and its derivative ibogaine, is an anti-addictive agent, especially for heroin

• Reveals how ibogaine has been suppressed by the DEA, the FDA, and Christian ministries

Iboga, spiritual ally of African shamans since antiquity, yields ibogaine, a powerful psychotropic substance. It is used mainly in Gabon and Cameroon in a secret, initiatory tradition called bwiti-nganza, in which physical and psychological illnesses can be rooted out and cured. Intense psychological conditioning that includes the rites of confession, contacting and honoring one’s ancestors, and construction of an in-depth psychological inventory are all part of the initiate’s encounter with this sacred root.

Like many visionary and initiatory plants, iboga is a key that gives access to other modes of being and consciousness. Despite its suppression by the FDA since the 1960s, and more recently by the DEA, researchers have shown that ibogaine provides a powerful adjunct to psychology due to its miraculous ability to break addictions--most notably to heroin. To the followers of the Bwiti religion, ibogaine is the indispensable means by which humans can truly communicate with the deepest reaches of their soul and with the spirits of their ancestors. This book details the traditions and techniques of iboga’s use by African shamans and the essential role it occupies in that community in order both to preserve this knowledge and to show how ibogaine may have an important role to play in our modern world.
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Detox or Die, 5.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. Thorn of Girl

    Very good information and facts can be observed on this web weblog.

  2. Mama Lu says:

    day 10 detoxing myself at home from Methadone 40 mgs/day….Detox refused me until I piss tested clean for a 10 day period. I went thru hell with cold turkey quitting & major withdrawals. So, today Detox refuses to take me because my blood pressure was elevated & called me a liability. I am now trying to find an inpatient treatment center to take me. I have been an addict for 7 years. I am a 44 year old wife, mother of 7 & a new Grama. My husband misses his wife & my children miss their Mama. But what I wouldn’t give for the emotional & physical pain to go away…just 1 more dose…but no…my family is worth all this torture & suffering I am enduring.

  3. pepperjack says:

    Try full blown Cold Turkey detox of a cocktail of the Maximum Legally Prescribed Dosages of Dilaudid, Methadone, Valium & Ambien while in a Mountain Village in Guatemala when the authorities realized what was being shipped in there was a Devils Brew! I Wonder how much they got for all that shit that kept me in a Comatose State for Years and Years! Now after a few attempts at ending it all I’m finally free, but now I’m also Lost!

  4. m. mclean says:

    MY comment is; How the heck does a person obtain a 500 ml. at 20 mls. per day dose, and is then free to take as much as he wants because he gets the full bottle to take home! Man, no wunder people miss understand methadone. I am Scottish decent 90 % but my addiction tells me I shouldn’t live there, but I would take the opportunity. wow ! that much carries of it.

    • David Graham Scott says:

      Good point my friend and well done for spotting that. After several years of stability on my methadone script (prescription from NHS doctor) I was trusted to take away larger amounts. I did have to go through the torment of daily pickups too but did get the larger dose amounts eventually after proving I could be trusted.
      Sometimes I did use more but then I made it up by cutting down on other days. Crazy but it did work for me. There are not that many folks who get large amounts to take away over here to be honest.

  5. Khalid A. Muhammad says:

    Sign me up now!

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