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Derren Brown: The System

Social|16 Oct, 2012|95 Comments |
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The system, a special channel 4 in which Brown shared his method 100 percent guaranteed to win at the horses.

The show is based on the idea that a system could be developed to ensure a winning horse racing. Cameras followed an audience member, Khadisha, as Brown sent anonymously correct predictions of five races in a row, before his place to encourage as much money as he could in the sixth race.

To demonstrate the system to the viewer, Brown threw a coin that shows ten heads in a row to prove that it was impossible, but highly unlikely.

After Brown had placed a bet of £ 4,000 Khadisha money on a horse in the final race, he explained that the system actually did not exist.

Brown said that the principle behind the system (basically the confirmation bias or survival bias) is what is behind the belief in spiritualism or homeopathic medicine and alternative

Derren Brown: The System, 2.7 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. h2olacky says:

    Well although we can’t assume anything he says is true, he said that she was the very last one. If that is true, there are no other contenders for that last race. However either way it doesn’t really matter. What I am curious about is the pay out rates. He must’ve had to calculate what she would’ve won with her bet, and then deduced how much to bet on each horse in order for it to payout the same amount she would’ve won with her given horse. Otherwise the payout could’ve been quite mediocre.

  2. JoeT001 says:

    response to “Median333″ well said, DB expressed through action, that if you bet on all of the horse, like he flipped the dime times in a row, it that nobody witnessed him flip that dime,over ten thousand some times, get the dime to flip ten-in a row

  3. Jedi Angel says:

    The first step to becoming successful is to turn off the TV, or internet, get out of your chair, and start doing something. Then, you get an idea. Then, you pursue the idea. Then, you notice things in your daily life that pertain that idea, then you come up with some sort of goal. People with similar ideas are attracted because you are talking about it. ….and it goes on. All you have to do is make the first move and the universe starts to come to you. It is not easy, but it is simple.

  4. CarlosCMTF says:

    And we never seem to hear from the people who never achieve anything – because, obviously, they never amounted to anything worth transmitting to others! And these represent the great majority. You can’t possibly believe that there are more rich and successful people than poor and unsuccessful.The 99% vs 1% and the motivational speech were just symbolic references, just to make my point easy to understand (it failed it seems) and it was not to be interpreted directly!

  5. CarlosCMTF says:

    Forget the motivational speeches! That was not the point!You completely misunderstood my point – again!!My point is that we only tend to hear the successful stories of life – these are the one that are actively transmitted to people, giving the impression that its very common and very easy to be successful. But those cases are actually very rare (it’s the expression called “cherry-picking”).

  6. zackhanscom says:

    and by what rubric are you putting these motivational speakers into the 1 percent? material possession? cause that’s not true. motivational speakers are usually athletes and business people who are in the middle to upper middle seem to have taken a relatively simple idea and ran it to a convoluted, nonsensical conclusion. step back, curb your enthusiasm and think this all through objectively.

  7. CarlosCMTF says:

    The problem is that your choice doesn’t matter!Of course everyone (100%) will prefer to be in the 1% group – my point was that only a very small percentage from all those who try to be succssful will actually achieve true success – the 1%.The great majority will fail miserably whether they try very hard or not.Choice has no importance here.You misunderstood my original point- this i not a question of choice.Statistically it’s impossible for all of us to be successful

  8. RagdeAvez says:

    tell me, In wich group do you want to be in? So you better listen to that 1% cuz they hav very good speeches for you to be rich. Actually I think that if there are just 1% of successful people It’s beacuse the other 99% believe that there is only 1% of successful ones and think that they do not belong to that group (or that is imposble to achieve). It’ your choice. In wich group are you in?

  9. CarlosCMTF says:

    (Cont.)We never really hear anything from the 99% of the “losers”, because they “failed” in their dreams (so to speak of course)We only get motivation speeches from those 1% of the luckiest – (which 99% of the people will never be)

  10. CarlosCMTF says:

    This makes me think of those successful people who give those pointless motivational speeches saying that it’s very easy being successful and rich, and that you just have to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. – In other words, they make it appear easy for everyone in the word to become rich and successful.Unfortunately those successful people are forgetting that they are just representing 1% (or even less) of all the people who tried to be successful and failed miserably.

  11. nejtilsvampe says:

    I figured it out in less than 2 minutes in the video… But I’m sort of confused by the ending.. Did he really have 5 or 6 more contesters, where he only showed the black lady, and compensated for the others? Because assuming they bet the same amount, that’s 20,000 out of the window, not to mention the other 8,000 random people he had to compensate for.. Does Derren really have this amount of money??!!

  12. The coin thing is easy enough, you need to practice it. If you stare at a coin someone has flipped you can 9/10 see it as they catch it in their hand and flip or close their hand. If you’re flipping the coin yourself you just need to practice the flip, make sure it starts on the same heads or tails, average how many flips it’ll do and lastly how it lands in the bowl (never in the middle but on the side so it slides in).

  13. Derren Brown just rewarded a stupid decision. But, to be fair, he did tricked her into betting BEFORE telling her the truth about the system. In the end, the lesson is: don’t believe something is true just because it feels so, from your perspective and the good ol’ “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”

  14. The system is larger than just a horse race. There is deeper truth to the fact that there is “always A winner” . Think about what is inversely true. On the side, there’s the effect of Television(or virtuallity in general) which allows every loser to tap into feelings of winning without winning much at all.

  15. Mengster13 says:

    @mickycheese27 The 6th horse at the end Derren couldn’t predict, he most pobably bet 4000 on all horses and somehow through the race, switch tickets with the lady. I THINK. If they had money to give a refund to all the people who lost, they must have money to bet on 4 horses.

  16. Mengster13 says:

    The 6th horse at the end Derren couldn’t predict, he most pobably bet 4000 on all horses and somehow through the race, switch tickets with the lady. I THINK. If they had money to give a refund on all the people who lost, they must have money to bet on 4 horses.

  17. shreder89 says:

    @mickycheese27 there is a reason why derren placed the last bet. Did you noticed that? did you noticed that he didin´t let the woman place the lat bet, and also that they didin´t showed him placing the bet? that´s because he placed a 4k bet on all horses, gave her a ticket and at the end he did a slight of hadns and gave her the winning ticket, tipical DB stuff, not magicall but nevertheless interesting

  18. Median333 says:

    For those saying this show is a waste of time, i have to tell you this is as good as it gets. It shows that there isn’t anything that hasn’t a rational explanation. If DB didnt explain how he did this trick, you would feel like he had some kind of extraordinary power, after all, how would he simply guess 6 times in a row what horse would win?But most of all, it shows that there is no such thing as a system, so that people can stop believing crap once and for all.

  19. NekkidMuddy says:

    @Devoti Brown’s system is a metaphor for the idea on homeopathic and alternative medicine. It use is overall useless but there will always be that 1 person that find it working thus making rumor or word of mouth about the product or idea.

  20. borntexan22 says:

    Darren is a sweetheart- it’s obvious he switched her ticket when she wasn’t looking. He must have just picked the neediest person out of the final group of people, told her to bet all her money and then matched it with each horse and let her keep the winnings for the winning one

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