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Demons and Gods From the Ancient World

Religion|09 Apr, 2013|4 Comments |
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The story of a number of Ancient Demons and Gods including beezlebub, djinn, lamia, baal, satan, witchcraft, and more ancient mythology from around the world

Though slightly bias, from a Christian view, this film alludes that ancient gods were real, but may have been demons and not the true God.

This documentary also looks at the history of contacting spirits, what those possessed ‘demons’ go through, and how people on earth have used demons and Gods to win wars.

Demons and Gods From the Ancient World, 2.2 out of 5 based on 14 ratings
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  1. Cindy S says:

    This is the worst kind of mock intellectual garbage masquerading as a documentary. A barrage of images repeat and replay throughout the film, often having nothing to do with subject being discussed. There is much use of illustrations from the Vedas with no explanation what those images mean or where they are from. These are offered up as to say: “see, these dudes are blue so they must be demons!”

    Also this film contains very little dialogue and what there is of it is delivered in a Steven Hawkingesque voice. It uses long excerpts from the EXCORSITS and CONSTANTINE as if they are depicting real life events instead of just fictional films.

  2. Marj says:

    I dont approve or appreciate them including witchcraft into this. I of course know there are dark practitioners out there as well but no smart witch does harm for it comes back on you 3 fold. blessed be.. Im wiccan and a witch so i know..

  3. david says:


  4. Rohtas Chawdhary says:

    I am fond of documentaries. If any on meditation

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