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This category delves deep into the mysterious world of conspiracy. According to the Oxford English dictionary, a conspiracy is a secret plan to commit crime or do harm. It is often accompanied by the plan to cover up the committed misdeed. Throughout history there have been an incredible number of conspiracies and the impact of their accomplishment often echoed through time with a number of consequences.

The most impressive of these conspiracies gave out the impression of a series of random misfortunate evens. Only a number of insightful individuals were ever able to uncover the truth behind certain events, but often unwilling or unable to share their discoveries with the others.

The content of this category is for those of you with an open mind and the skeptical view of various peculiar occurrences worldwide. Learn about different conspiracies made to change the world order of things, shield the truth from the eyes of the public and gain control over the governing structures around the world.

Find out about the plans to gain control over the population of Earth, and how the war campaigns waged by the U.S. army were connected to the Central Bank of America. Learn about the rise and fall of one of the most powerful groups in the world, the Knights Templar.

The ever burning question of are we alone in the universe might already have an answer that is deliberately being hidden from the majority of the population. See the leaked U.S. government documents and bare witness the gravity of the implications that they have. Discover the truth about the light bulb conspiracy and see if the everyday products that you use have an intentionally shortened life span.

Have you ever wondered if the pharmaceutical companies are hiding the truth about the cure for cancer and how is cannabis connected with the cure. Watch the documentaries provided for you and bring your own conclusion.

We have given you just some of the examples of the documentaries and video materials concerning the conspiracies that you were probably unaware of. This category could prove to be a real eye opener for you.

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