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Clash of the Dinosaurs

Science|18 Nov, 2012|47 Comments |
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This show is all about dinosaurs inside and out to reveal their structures, lives and the way they lived.

Extreme Survivors:  Dinosaur bodies got better adapted to their environment than any mammal today due to 120 million years of evolution. Latest science shows us how the anatomical secrets made them such incredible survivors.

Perfect Predators: The Cretaceous Period spawned walking death machines with razor-sharp implements, savage combination of speed, brainpower, and eyesight. The anatomical secrets of these bloodthirsty carnivores are also revealed by latest science.

The Defenders:  Cretaceous are not dominated by Predators, however the plant eaters are. And their bodies are built in such a way that they can take a beating. Through latest science we also come to know about the anatomical secrets that made the world’s largest vegetarians such successful survivors in a world of claws and teeth.

Generations: It took more than a million generations for dinosaurs to get adapted to a changing planet. But each successful generation boils down to a single encounter between two like-minded reptiles. Anatomical secrets to life and love among dinosaurs are revealed by the latest science.

Clash of the Dinosaurs, 3.5 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Junketh71 says:

    Very impressive! Thanks for uploading this!

  2. Very good i enjoyed that!

  3. I will if i can findt it anywhere.

  4. WOW! Thanks for uploading it!


  6. PaleoZino says:

    Will you upload Primeval: New World then? I don’t have any access to it.

  7. YES I WILL! ROAR! ლ(ಠoಠლ)

  8. PaleoZino says:

    You shall upload everything!

  9. ProjectLDV says:

    @dan240393 I’d be inclined to agree, I’d say it’s possible that Rex may have been the most powerful overall due to its body structure as well. However in the most general terms, at least 3 carnivorous dinos are larger in height, weight and length.

  10. dan240393 says:

    @DragonxXxShadow Spinosaurus was likely more inclined towards fish eating than direct predation of large animals (hence the crocodilian jaw, conical teeth, raised nostrils and pressure sensors on its snout) and despite the fact that Giganotosaurus was bigger (and Carcharodontosaurus was even bigger than that) neither was anywhere near as widespread or successful as Tyrannosaurus. So Id still say that T-rex was the greatest (if no the biggest) of the theropod dinosaurs.

  11. KaoGreenStar says:

    If you say T-rex, I think of gentleness. I think of superb motherhood and I struggle to raise one’s chicks.QAQ This part really got me all teary. *sniff sniff* It’s just beautiful the way the dude says it and the background music that plays. XD And hey, it’s true. Mess with that momma and well…let’s just say all hell will break lose if she catches you in the act.

  12. @DragonxXxShadow If by “I think for a while now T-rex’s title has been given to giganotasaurus and spinosaurus” you meant being the biggest theropod then I hope you are aware giga is only slightly larger by a small sum and spino was actually around 55ft which is why they say it was ALMOST 60ft(most claim it was less)17-21 ft tall, Rex was around 46ft long and 18-20ft tall(that’s not towering nor double the size)However Tyrant Lizard King is still held by rex undeniable(smarter, stronger)

  13. lifeform106 says:

    @youngestdragon no spinosaurus teeth were hollow and would break it they bite on to thick scales like t-rex! and t-rex has a lot more powerful bite and if it spinosaurus it would crush size does not matter at all when your a meat eater

  14. grimslider76 says:

    humans were not made to fight but to adapt to watever situation and be resourceful as well, this is y we have additional weapons such as knives(melee) or our guns (ranged) without this we are prime targets for predators but of coarse we have none bcuz we adapt to it or use what is available.

  15. psuedo10able says:

    even though i watch, read or heard a story about the dinosaurs i cant stop asking myself that do they really exist ? why did they become extinct? why the asteroid? why where here? where the humans came from? do we really evolve from the monkeys? omg! why I’m saying that. but seriously i know nothing.

  16. Catia says:

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