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Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain

History, Religion|09 Oct, 2012|533 Comments |
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Over a thousand years ago, the sun-washed land of southern Spain was home to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, living together and flourishing. Their culture and beliefs intertwined, and the knowledge of the ancients was gathered and reborn. Here were the very seeds of the Renaissance. But it changed. What happened and why is for you to discover!


Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain, 3.6 out of 5 based on 16 ratings
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  1. So? It’s in the past! Why must muslims go on and on about this? Spain is no longer controlled by the muslims, it’s a free democratic nation and part of the European Union. Most Spaniards don’t know or care about this part of history, it was a long time ago! The same thing goes for the rest of Europe. Stop trying to bring back the past! Besides, the Arab world back then was very different that it is now…it was enlightened! Today, the middle east is backward and people are living in poverty!

  2. @tigerrc221 And Hispania before the muslims had been home to Tartessos, one of the most prosperous Roman provinces, the heart of Carthage’s power for a time and home to important Phoenician and Greek colonies between other things.What were the muslims in the west before Al-Andalus?No muslim land in the western mediterranean or the whole of Africa has ever come close to being what muslim Spain was. In a few centuries, it gave more to Islam (and the world) than most muslims lands it milennia.

  3. @tigerrc221 The ‘muslims’ ruled with “peace & prosperity”? How? By waging war even on other muslims? By burning books? By punishing women who didn’t wear the veil or everybody who drank alcohol? All of that and much worse was done by the Almoravids and Almohads for example, and they were muslims.Why did christians, jews and even muslims fled to the northern christian kingdoms?Spain had good and bad periods under muslim rule. And the same under christian rule. Things are not just black & white.

  4. @Awayagher030 People today are not more intelligent than at that time, especially muslims.Islamic Spain was the peak of muslim civilization (along with Damascus and Baghdad at their prime). Since then the Christian world has evolved. The Islamic world however has devolved. Sad but true.

  5. tigerrc221 says:

    @AlizeCiz Whether you like it or not, historical rationality always speaks: Adolf Hitler was a devout “Christian, born a Christian and from a Christian country.” So why don’t you grab the Bible and a copy of Mein Kampf, put it side by side and start comparing? The reason Mein Kampf has been banned in Christian countries for countless decades is simply because this book justifies his true religion and his motivation that influenced him to murder 6 million Jews. Hitler also praised Martin Luther.

  6. tigerrc221 says:

    @AlizeCiz Muslims ruled Spain for about 850 years and during this time they lived with Jews and Christians in a spirit of tolerance and cooperation. But the moment Christians took over and the Muslims became the weaker segment of the population, the hate in the Christian hearts came out with a vengeance. Muslims and Jews were either killed, converted, or forced to leave Spain & their heritage was destroyed. So what conquest was “truly” humane? The Muslim Conquest? Or the Christian Reconquest?

  7. Awayagher030 says:

    It’s really sad that, we now are way more intelligent, then we used to be, at that time. And still we can’t live together, like they did, while they were less intelligent. We would kill each other yust becaus we differ, while they shared knowledge from both sides; Islamic and Christian. Sad it is…

  8. @1nopoint Who killed Martin Luther king Jr, and denounced him as unpatriotic? The “so-called Christian Nation”. Who murdered Latin American bishop Oscar Romero? The ‘so-called Christians” “Verily, verily I say unto you, that whatever you done to the least of these, you also done to me!” Jesus. West was never Christian. It may have wore christian clothes and mask, but it never had a Christian spirit, or soul for that matter! Kind of like American democracy! Attacks on OWS, Civil rights groups!

  9. @1nopoint Not entirely true, because Jesus was technically a Jew, all Apostles were Jews, and St Paul was also a Jew! Also in the gospels it says that when Jesus was crucified on the cross, he said “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing!”. Anti-semitism is not part of Christianity, it is cultural prejudice, inherited for the Greeks and passed as Christian ideology. Also Christians murdered Jesus more times than Jews ever did!

  10. heresywar says:

    @joeusa007 “Moor” is just an umbrella term for used for, primarily, Berber people who lived in Mauritania and along the Atlas. They are featured from the start of this documentary, shown when the Umayyad Caliphate invades Iberia. Tariq ibn Ziyad was a “Moor”. The term “Moor” isn’t explicitely used because it’s very unspecific and inaccurate, and frankly outdated. For someone who is criticising this documentary, you are woefully uninformed.

  11. gammah1 says:

    @TheAntoninusPius that was exactly my point. I gave Hitler as an example to show you that we never brand an entire nation of being terrorist based on the behaviour of a few. though everyone thinks muslims arround the world are murderers and uncivilized and people call them names on a daily basis. which I think is unfair for the educated majority that work hard. the law abiding citizens who respect their wives.but the media doesn’t show these ones.only the crazy ones make it to the news

  12. shastrayana says:

    @gammah1 You are wrong, Everybody knows the christian Serbs massacred Muslims in Kosovo, Who came to the rescue of Kosovo Muslims ? NATO isn’t it?, most of the NATO allies are Christian countries. No Arab countries came for the rescue.Hitler was not motivated with any religious affiliation as some think of paganism, IT was race (Aryan Race) in his cooked up brain.If you look at history both the Muslims and Christians did the most massacre in the name of religion, Jihad-is still continues it.

  13. joeusa007 says:

    While we’re here, please do yourselves a favor, look beyond what this documentary feeds us. Even looking up a simple home made video like the following: The Dark Ages (Central Europe), although I strongly disagree with this tittle, gives us a more clear view. Shapiero’s, Nirenbergs, etc. of the world will do anything to push their agenda against real history.

  14. joeusa007 says:

    This documentary is very disturbing. It excludes too many players, plainly ignored, to be accurate. Where are the African, Muslim Moors? This is a joke, and those likes are clearly of masses of sheep, sorry for my brute honesty, who simply find this documentary visually satisfying and lifting as appose to factually stimulating. We must all learn to come to terms with facts. This Documentary is a half-fact, if that, Muslims vs Jews and everyone else…really?! PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

  15. Soft and melancholic piano music when describing Muslims/Jews, scary doomsday music when describing Christians. So much for objectivity… Muslim transgressions are ignored or hastily brushed aside, while Christian ones are dealt with in detail… And, BTW, there’s no evidence of Muslims/Moriscos among Columbus’ crew (where did you find these “experts”?)

  16. You know it is quite easy to denounce Hitler and other Christian Fanatics, but I’m yet to hear a convincing argument against Martin Luther King Jr, or Leo Tolstoy,or St. Francis! Listen I respect Islam and you as a person, but how you feel if I said that Osama Bin Laden is a Muslim, therefore Islam is bad? How would you feel about that? You would not feel very good! There are good and bad people in every religion! As I said before I deeply respect Islam!

  17. @gammah1 I believe that Islam is a great and noble religion, but so is Christianity. Also keep in mind that some of the first Christians were not Europeans. There are Arab Christians, Christians in Ethiopia, Christians in India, Nestorians in China! their history is often I feel is ignored. I want to reconcile with you and set things right, heal old wounds! we are more that Muslims or Christians, Arabs and Europeans, we are human beings! Let us live in peace!

  18. @gammah1 I do not see your point in supposedly claiming that Hitler was a Christian. He was in fact a pagan. While it is true that Hitler was born and raised as a Christian, he later abandoned Christianity for some kind pre-christian paganism, which according to him flourished in Germany, before Christianity came. My point is do not blame any religion for the way some of it’s adherents behave1

  19. gammah1 says:

    @eurofightertyphoon10 I can show you 100 of verses from the bible and the Torate that preach killing as a punishment for people’s sin ” A priest’s daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death. (Leviticus 21:9 NAB)”new testament is a man made joke.adopting the verses that suits you and ignoring the ones that doesn’t. and Hitler was a christian who killed people for being jewish…doesn’t matter in what name it was.

  20. polka23dot says:

    All Christians and Jews living in Spain were dhimmis. They had to pay enormous tax, called jizya, they could not work as managers of Muslims, they could not build, or even repair, their churches and synagogues, their testimony in court against Muslims was invalid, they had to wear distinctive clothing (like Jews in Nazi Germany) and they were abused in a variety of other ways. Some dhimmis had to sell their children to slavery in order to pay the enormous jizya tax.

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