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Children Of The Secret State Documentary

Asia, Featured|18 Sep, 2011|2 Comments |
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A shocking look at the current state of the very secretive North Korea and the abuses the children suffer. Dictatorship has left the country in ruins with all food aid going where it is least needed. Shocking footage shot by refugees from North Korea risking torture and execution if they are caught.

Children Of The Secret State Documentary, 2.8 out of 5 based on 24 ratings
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  1. polygamous1 says:

    what kind of a country is u can’t even explore the city let alone the millions of hungry in the ghettos n countryside MANY MANY THX FOR THIS EXCELLENT DOCUMENTARY dear Leader prepair yourself for soon u be meeting your buddy staling hitler n others like u lot in HELL

  2. polygamous1 says:

    heart breaking the sick world we all live in n the Brutal wanker rulling N Korea its got millions for himself n croonioes Mi9l;lions to spend on nukes but no money for food even for his own country’s children This is where the so called BS UN humanitarian interventions should take place But hey they got no oil for the elitist to be worth interveening no wonder this brutal dictator was chosen by stalin to be the same shit as himself

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