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Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe

Comedy|13 Apr, 2012|29 Comments |
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Charlie Brooker puts his acrid sights on computer game. Anticipate astringent remark as he looks at the various genres, how it has altered since their initial concept you bet the media presents online games and gamers. Features talks with Dara OBriain, sitcom scriber Graham Linehan and Rab and Ryan from Consolevania.

The one-off grandiose was very a little like its forerunners, in this Brooker, along through the camera as well as other online games consoles, reexamined and previewed computer game from same fashion as Screenwipe.

Brooker alleged that it did aim to demonstrate that computer game may be even as engaging as TV and even as dumb. He said to Anticipate pixels, joypads, some of a typical worlds weirdest online games, celeb cameos and the periodic sound effect.

Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe, 2.5 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Urmean15 says:


  2. “That’s Christmas fucked for your kids”

  3. Andri says:

    I have a few observations after reiadng this post:1) You and your husband are both extremely attractive. I am specifically referring to your beautiful skin sans makeup.2) Your husband is a smart man. Always order the lobster in an all-inclusive situation and avoid the papaya (ick).

  4. ZeLilFish says:

    10:41… does anyone know the name of that song? Thanks.

  5. Nindella says:

    PCB is beautiful… and one of the easier games… ;_;

  6. he should also do Spec ops the line as even Yahtzee said it was brill!

  7. calumlittle2 says:

    beat her to death with a baseball bat you say? I wasn’t going to get it but that just sealed the deal!!

  8. Chareater says:

    yeah maybe he should ignore ME3…

  9. yep and just like many tv shows, books and films the last one is a crappy, rushed and “artistic” (which is a by-word for fuck you) conclusion.

  10. I met Big Boy Barry. Im not joking. He works for MadCatz now and I got to interview him

  11. RHCPfan458 says:

    Trust me I know how to use Youtube, that wasn’t there when I watched this.

  12. It’s right there, man. Look to the right using your eyes.

  13. RHCPfan458 says:

    Christ related video on youtube are pathetically irrelevant bullshit these days. Why is there no part 2 in the related videos? Always used to be the case.

  14. 30Ciaran says:

    that meant to be a smart comment?

  15. Ampex101 says:

    Says the ”CoD” player….

  16. Yeh I saw the review on the Culture Show a while back. Personally, I thought the game was good up to a point and then it got boringly repetitive and the climax was very unsatisfying.

  17. He liked L.A Noire apparently.

  18. 30Ciaran says:

    Tiny Toon Adventures, I bought that game at 17 for £60, a weeks wages. Believe me I regretted it, even now 18 years later I want that £60 back. So I can buy CoD! Also any current adult gamers reading this who get shit from kids on MMOs, send them the link to this show and tell them to watch it while you’re shagging their mam and their dad. Pathetic I know but you’ve got to sink to their addled level at some time, how better than a show dedicated to the history of gaming.

  19. redfan369 says:

    If Charlie ever does another Gameswipe I hope he mentions the Mass Effect series. That is a game series that disproves the idea that videogames can’t be as emotionally involving and evocative as books, TV or other media.

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