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Tsunami: Caught On Camera

Disaster | 05 Feb, 2013 | 1 Comment

The Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 was the most devastating natural disaster in recorded history - almost 230,000 people were killed. And as the catastrophe unfolded, remarkable amateur video footage emerged. It was shot by people from all around the vast impact area and depicted the terror and chaos they experienced as the massive waves[...]

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From Dust

Disaster, Political | 23 Nov, 2012 | No Comments

From Dust is a cinematic expose of one Government's response to a natural disaster. Filmed in Sri Lanka after the devastating tsunami, it reveals the motives behind a new law that prevented survivors from rebuilding their homes along the island's coastline. Told through the stories of 2 survivors and an aid worker, this observational documentary[...]

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AA Flight 587 - SFD Documentary

Aviation, Disaster | 08 Nov, 2012 | 83 Comments

Only weeks following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York, AA Flight 587 plummets straight into a a quiet residential area in Queens —home to many already deeply affected by the terrorist attacks. At first, they thought another terrorist attack had taken place... but this was not the case. The real reason changed the aviation[...]

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Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy

A disgruntled citizen angered at the US state department (Tim McVeigh), sets off a bomb at the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma. The bomb destroys his van and due to the volume of explosives, ruptures the support columns of the building causing it to collapse in on top of itself. Or was it the[...]

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The Chernobyl Disaster - SFD Documentary

Disaster | 29 Oct, 2012 | 26 Comments

While running a non routine test on Reactor No. 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in Ukraine, a chain reaction (no pun in tended) of serious mistakes cause the core to ultimately meltdown, explode and spill radioactive debris into the surrounding area. Watch this documentary to find out how exactly the core reached it's critical[...]

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Why in the World are they Spraying

This documentary takes an in depth look at the phenomena of releasing chemicals into the atmosphere in order to in some way alter the weather on the planet. Although widely refute by politicians around the world there is a growing body of evidence that this is indeed happening. Furthermore it is having a catastrophic affect upon the rest of the[...]

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An Inconvenient Truth – Another View

This very short video documents a differing view from the one presented by Al Gore in "An Inconvenient Truth". This may not be the large scale production of the Al Gore one but the narrator does present his differing view in an interesting way. He believes that this documentary is a case of[...]

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An Inconvenient Truth .. almost

This is a short video which is not quite aligned with the documentary by Al Gore found here.... but it does merit a quick look just to lighten you up!! It is a wry look at the way advancements in technology have dramatically transformed the video gaming revolution. It's light and has been really[...]

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Why Titanic’s Story Still Resonates 100 Years On

This is a documentary "short" covering the fateful tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic and the interest this event still holds for many people. It is a century since the Titanic sunk with the loss of so many lives and despite it being a terrible occasion and still on the maiden voyage...the technological mastery of the[...]

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9-11 Best Documentary

This is possibly the best documentary review of the events of the fateful day 9/11 2001 when the Trade Towers in New York were completely destroyed by what is believed to be a shocking terrorist attack. You cannot fail to be moved by this documentary and after more than a decade the message is still as poignant as ever and[...]

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9/11 The Falling Man

This is the story of an historic and most photographed and filmed event..9/11 World Trade Centre, New York, terrorist attack. Everyone can remember what they were doing on this fateful day. There was one specific photograph of a man falling from the World Trade Centre which was considered to distasteful to be continued showing but[...]

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Deadly Crossroads – Flight 2937 – Mayday

Aviation, Disaster | 21 Oct, 2012 | 2 Comments

Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 is flying with 69 people on board from Russia including 45 school children. The aircraft collides with DHL Flight 611, with the two pilots on board. The collision happens over the Bodensee between Germany and Switzerland and the wreckage ends up in Uberlingen, Germany. 71 people are killed in the disaster.[...]

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RAY NDE 2011 Judo Throw

This documentary film is an episode of The Biography Channel’s “I Survived - Beyond and Back” series which outlines a profound childhood Near Death Experience. As a result of a martial arts demonstration which went horribly wrong, Raymond Kinman, (a very devout Catholic boy) suffered a traumatic head injury in which he was rendered unconscious - without heartbeat[...]

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Air Transat Flight 236 Disaster - Mayday

Aviation, Disaster | 03 Oct, 2012 | 46 Comments

Air Transat Flight 236 made a miraculous escape from what could have been a massive tragedy and disaster, this documentary describes what happened on this night. Faulty maintenance on fuel pumps causes incorrect readings on cockpit equipment and dials. Pilots do not believe readings until it is almost too late. A transatlantic flight nearly ends[...]

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