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Capitalism Is the Crisis

Political|18 Sep, 2012|85 Comments |
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Capitalism Is The Crisis: Extreme Politics in the Age of Austerity scrutinizes the ideological origins of the austerity agenda and recommends revolutionary paths out of the current crisis.

The picture features original dialogues with Chris Hedges, Derrick Jensen, Michael Hardt, Peter Gelderloos, Leo Panitch, David McNally, Richard J.F. Day, Imre Szeman, Wayne Price, and several more!

The 2008 economic crunch in the United States was a systemic deceit in which the affluent investment capitalists pilfered trillions of public cash. No one was imprisoned for this wrongdoing, the biggest embezzlement of public currency in history.

In its place, the wealthy imposed laboring people across the world to pay for their predicament through retaliatory austerity programs that devastated public services and rescinded workers’ rights.

This documentary describes the character of commercial crisis, visits the demonstrations anti austerity methods, and endorses radical pathways for the future.

Extraordinary consideration is dedicated to the calamity in Greece, the 2010 G20 Summit dispute in Toronto, Canada, and the extraordinary swell of cohesion in Madison, Wisconsin.

Capitalism Is the Crisis, 2.5 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
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  1. kag6 says:

    @CapitalismCrisis lol what makes you think any of these guys have ‘all the answers’? I think I’d ask an economist about the economy before I’d ask Max Haiven, professor of “critical studies” at Nova Scotia college of art and design about the economy.

  2. Educated people know there is no such thing as democracy, You live in 1984 World, They cant educate the citizens because then you would become independent thinkers, the system cannot have you making your own decisions, you are pavlov’s dog, you are not a human if you start and stop work with a bell, Lincoln didnt free the slaves, he made everyone a slave.

  3. glower125 says:

    look how obama laughs at americans when he talk about the banks. look how the two pigs sitting behind him are laughing and joking while they talk about bailing out the banks. In my opinion americans and their government live in totally different worlds.

  4. X2T2X says:

    @GabrielZamoraMoreno I’m not “gloryfying the crisis”. I simply say it’s an unavoidable part of the reality. Do you really think that people who are ill want to deny they’re actually sick so they might never be sick again? That’s what you say. Knowledge of history is not useless, lest you fall into the traps of twisted ideologies AGAIN. You need KNOWLEDGE of your disease, in order to cure it. Humans are weird animals, give them all and they still want more, it’s in our nature to suffer.

  5. @X2T2X Has humanity learned from it’s past mistakes? With half the world currently living below the poverty line and with 1 billion going to sleep every night with an empty stomach? It has not. – Hence knowledge is useless. Also consider that if you were the one actually expereincing the suffering side of the crisis – you would not glorify crisis, which is equal to justifying suffering and bloodshed

  6. Engines of “corporatism” he said, in the first line. Corporatism is opposite of capitalism. Multinational corporate business is not possible under capitalism. These are only possible under corporatism or fascism. Sorry, but there are no decent arguments in this video. Historically, the only thing that has lifted up the people of the world is liberty through actual FREE trade. This means a complete separation of state and trade between the people. This means total, laissez faire capitalism.

  7. It is definitely vital to create an economic system that discontinue capitalism — resistance and protesting is not the answer though. Only by taking responsibility for the systems that is here, can we change. Only by a global mobilization, can we change the world. We cannot fight our way out of the mess we are in – only a system that is based on Global Equality where we all stand responsible is a sustainable solution. Investigate the Equal Money System.

  8. metazoam says:

    @X2T2X The crisis is an outflow of an ill-functioning system. It does not cure anything if we don’t change the system from the ground up. The crisis is at best an opportunity to see that we are trapped & that to continue with corporatism and consumerism is self annihilation. What we need is a system where money operates as life support, a tool to manage goods and services & all decisions are made so they are best for all equally – Equal Money can do that.

  9. TheOzomahtli says:

    The world is not undergoing another capitalist crisis, it is undergoing a civilizatory crisis. The destruction of life supporting environmental networks, the destruction of traditional communities, the permanent Global War are not capitalist crisis, they stem from a civilizatory failure. The radical universalizing principle that propels the west and its Myth of Progress (in its capitalist or socialist form) is opposed to life, community, tradition and to nature. This is the demise of the West.

  10. koppellhinex says:


  11. @13lackLight What makes you think economists have all the answers? Or even some? Or any? Anyway, most economists cling to either Keynesianism or neocon austerity, and the film explains why those are bad/false choices. If you really need an economist’s perspective on austerity, read Richard Wolff’s work.

  12. X2T2X says:

    @CapitalismCrisis Crisis is good. Stagnation is bad. Actually the crisis is a solution to all the problems of the past (derivatives, housing bubble, etc.) and every system who preaches having no shortcomings and no crisis is utopian. You can easily check out if a system or party is socialist or not: does it increase the number of workers in our society as a %? If the answer is yes, that system and / or party is a socialist one. Fight for more farmers and peasants, not for more workers.

  13. Buckeye43207 says:

    @Duongy94 No all those systems have been tried and failed. You really think in this age of scientific discovery and technological advances that this is the best we can do? With a clean slate using social networking we could come with a new system.

  14. koppellhinex says:

    CAPITALISM & COMMUNISM SUCKS..!!!human beings still not equal specially in any form of government interference. No Politicians. No Bankers. No Drug Lords. No lawyers. No Gambling Lords. No Anarchist. No to rebel Politicians. No to Dictators. No Opportunist Lazy People. No King. No Emperor. No Sultanate. No Rulers. No Royal Families. No Criminals. No Elite Evil Minded People. etc. etc.We humans need more freedom. We dont need any government anymore.. we are all free.!!!

  15. MenOfLetters says:

    @lamaddussa Hedges never attacked atheism about which he’s spoken charitably. He dynamited the pro-war imbecility of some atheists like Hitch and Harris. He is right. Their support for the war on terror and American militarism is antithetical to the anti-war tradition of classic atheists like Bertrand Russell and Carl Sagan who warred on nationalism. Give me Hedges over neocons like that.

  16. Capitalism is more evil than Feudalism, as a matter of fact, I can’t tell a difference. Come on trolls, tell me the difference? What has changed? Even if you do take a piece of the mythical “American Dream” and open a small business, You are still under the submission of larger corporations.

  17. ScottMcK9 says:

    @fudedordebuceta1 Well you’re not gaining an education off this guy, why? Because the only ism in history proven to work is Capitalism.Socialism fact, is a proven failure in history. Socialism is the path to Communism. That is what this guy teaches, corruption.

  18. @Duongy94 Well first of all, a lite answer you might accept is, a different capitalism. One that is highly regulated. Put IMO id say democratic socialism is the way to go. Btw capitalism loves extremism, dictatorship and totalitarianism. And hate democracy.

  19. ghsty9 says:

    @CapitalismCrisis i keep discovering more and more of the truth for myself. and it is so stressful and makes me feel hopeless. i hate this BS! what can i do, what can we all do to make this better!? Occupy wall street was a good idea with poor execution, but i think even with the right leadership the news outlets would slam it just as hard. damnit!damnit!damnit!

  20. Conspiracy2Riot says:

    Feel like I should be buying this DVD and showing every person I know, but specifically the youth with whom I have contact. This will be their war, their revolution. Their very lives will depend upon the outcome and how successfully they reshape this culture. And they need to use every tool in the box, forget this power structure going quietly into the night. It’s going to take more than a Ghandi style movement to win this battle.

    And on that note I gotta say, I DO love the way the Greeks set their cops on fire. Good stuff, that.

  21. Nirmal says:

    Uh, how does that make YOU aa0failadure? Surely you don’t think that bureauadcratic sysadtems are withadout their glhceits, gremadlins, and gobadbledyadgook? You should witadness Dick’s interadminable phone conadveradsaadtions with Medicare! Go back to “Conadtext” and move foradward. Make phone calls, ask quesadtions, persist.

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